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Single Dad, just got a job and needs assistance to pay for kids to be in childcare over winter break

I have a single Dad who lives in a rented room with his sons. He has just secured employment and is in need of childcare for his kids during winter break. We have found and secured childcare but Dad lacks the money to pay for it. The total bill until school resumes in January will be $625 for both kids. If you can consider all or part of this expense it would be greatly appreciated, Please note that I only work M-W next week so this request is a little time sensitive. Thank you so much for reading and considering support for this family.

EMERGENCY! Mom in need of some Help!

Mom of two young boys was in an accident recently which has set her behind. She has received a 3 day pay or vacate. She has just about enough to cover her rent, but she does not have enough for the extra fees they have tacked on. She is in desperate need of 380 dollars so that her and her two kiddos will not end up homeless. She appreciates the time taken to read this and she is so thankful for any help she receives. If you are able to help, any donation needs to be in the form of a money order or cashiers check, made out to G&G property management with the last name Hendrix as a note. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. You can deliver the donation to the Minnehaha Early Learning Center off of Saint Johns, or I can possibly meet you if needed. Thanks so much for your support.

Homeless Family needs assistance wtih move-in costs- $500

I have a single mother with four children who is homeless. They became homeless over the summer and have been staying in a hotel ever since. Mom works full time, but is struggling to provide for her four children. She has finally found permanent housing, but is in need of financial assistance with all the move in fees. Mom has been working so hard and would really like to have stability for her children, keep them all at their current school, and have a place to call home. She has gathered funds from multiple sources but is in need of $500. Thanks in advanced for your generosity!

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