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Single mom needs help with household items

Single mom in need of help with some household items. She works full-time but is struggling to make ends meet while taking care of her son with special needs. She is in need of towels, washcloths, sheets and bedding for a twin (9 year old boy) and queen bed (please only good condition items). They are also in desperate need of a vacuum. If you are able to help, please contact Jennifer Hoppis at or 360-604-3350. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Teen mom and extended family in need of household furniture items

I'm working with a teen mom who is due this month. She and her extended family were recently displaced from their previous residence but have secured a new apartment to live in. They are in need of the following household items:
Dining Table and Chairs, Couches, Floor Lamps, 2 Beds (double or bigger), Bedside Tables, Toddler Bed, Bedding, Dressers, and Hangers. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated by this family. Thank you!

Single Dad, just got a job and needs assistance to pay for kids to be in childcare over winter break

I have a single Dad who lives in a rented room with his sons. He has just secured employment and is in need of childcare for his kids during winter break. We have found and secured childcare but Dad lacks the money to pay for it. The total bill until school resumes in January will be $625 for both kids. If you can consider all or part of this expense it would be greatly appreciated, Please note that I only work M-W next week so this request is a little time sensitive. Thank you so much for reading and considering support for this family.

Christmas Help!

An Evergreen School District, head of household mom, recently had a huge downturn in income due to loss of job. Now working when she can but many medical conditions preventing steady income. Husband in the process of getting disabitly but won't help until after Christmas. Immediate needs are a battery and new windshield for Jeep so she can get to work OR fuel pump and passenger window for another car so she can get to work. Wifi is off so they can pay for food and high school student doesn't have Wifi - $200 to turn back on. Youngest daughter would like Barbie anythings for gifts and high school daughter would like Ulta, Hot Topic, or Walmart gift card. Please contact mom directly at (360) 721-0035 if you can donate any services or help or email

EMERGENCY! Mom in need of some Help!

Mom of two young boys was in an accident recently which has set her behind. She has received a 3 day pay or vacate. She has just about enough to cover her rent, but she does not have enough for the extra fees they have tacked on. She is in desperate need of 380 dollars so that her and her two kiddos will not end up homeless. She appreciates the time taken to read this and she is so thankful for any help she receives. If you are able to help, any donation needs to be in the form of a money order or cashiers check, made out to G&G property management with the last name Hendrix as a note. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. You can deliver the donation to the Minnehaha Early Learning Center off of Saint Johns, or I can possibly meet you if needed. Thanks so much for your support.

Homeless Family needs assistance wtih move-in costs- $500

I have a single mother with four children who is homeless. They became homeless over the summer and have been staying in a hotel ever since. Mom works full time, but is struggling to provide for her four children. She has finally found permanent housing, but is in need of financial assistance with all the move in fees. Mom has been working so hard and would really like to have stability for her children, keep them all at their current school, and have a place to call home. She has gathered funds from multiple sources but is in need of $500. Thanks in advanced for your generosity!

Homeless Family Needs Assistance with Daycare Bill $362.69

Homeless family of 7 living in a shelter and in need of help paying their daycare bill. This family got behind on their copayments and has had a lot of late pick-ups. Both parents work and daycare bill has been outstanding for several months and they have not been able to get caught up. They are being discharged from the daycare December 1, 2017, if they do not pay the bill. The children will not be allowed to attend again until it is paid in full. The total amount owed is $362.69.

Family in need of a fridge

I have a family moving into a new home with no refrigerator. This family is expecting a baby in roughly two weeks, if the baby cooperates, and they have no extra funds due to the recent move and baby on the way . We are wondering if there is anyone who would like to donate a fridge to this family. If so please contact me, and we will make a way for this family to receive such an awesome blessing! Thanks in advance for your generosity.

*** UPDATE: The manager has extended the date to pay the rent. The family needs to pay by the 15th or they will be homeless. The family still needs $406.****

Hello All, We have a son and a father who are going to be homeless if they cannot pay their rent. Dad had an accident at work and is unable to continue working. He has been receiving money through Labor and Industry since January. Due to no fault of his own, this month no check, notice or letter showed up. He went to the office and was told that he should have received a letter but it was delayed. The office people told him that he wouldn't be receiving money anymore because of a pre-existing condition. I've talked with the apartment manager and she is giving an extension for the late fee and water/sewage. The total that he needs left for rent is $406. If there is any possible way you can donate please contact me via email at or 360-604-3610 ext.1376 or Caroline Lopez at or 360-699-5106 ext 114 Any little bit can help. The checks should be made out to Nobl Park Apartments. I am at Cascade Middle School today. Thank you for any help. Laura Leadingham Evergreen School District 7th Grade Cascade School Counselor (360) 604-3610 ext. 1376

In Search of a Dresser!

This need has been met. I love this community! Thank you to those who assisted.

Hello everyone!
I am working with a single mom who is in need of a dresser for her daughter. Money is very tight, and mom cannot afford one on her own. If you or someone you know has a dresser they're trying to get rid of, please let me know.

360-604-6903 or

Take care,

Kelsey Condon

Rental Assistance Needed

Hello All,

We have a son and a father who are going to be homeless tomorrow if they cannot pay their rent. Dad had an accident at work and is unable to continue working. He has been receiving money through Labor and Industry since January. Due to no fault of his own, this month no check, notice or letter showed up. He went to the office and was told that he should have received a letter but it was delayed. The office people told him that he wouldn't be receiving money anymore because of a pre-existing condition.

I've talked with the apartment manager and she is giving an extension for the late fee and water/sewage.

The total that he needs left for rent is $406. If there is any possible way you can donate please contact me via email at or 360-604-3610 ext.1376 or Caroline Lopez at or 360-699-5106 ext 114

Any little bit can help. The checks should be made out to Nobl Park Apartments. I am at Cascade Middle School today.

Thank you for any help.

Laura Leadingham

Evergreen School District
7th Grade Cascade School Counselor
(360) 604-3610 ext. 1376

Transition Coach

I have a single mom with 5 kids that is moving out of shelter and has no household goods. She is in need of cookware, dinnerware, utensils, vacuum, microwave, waste baskets, bathroom rugs, or any other household items that you have that are available. She is starting over from scratch and any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you

Family struggling w/homeless in need of some financial support towards move in deposit.

A homeless family has been approved to move into an apartment for November. This family has worked very hard to come up with first/last months rent and is only $254 short for move in fees. My hope is even if several folks in the community are willing to help out this would help out so much.
Please contact Cindy Cooper - Fort Vancouver High School ph# 360-313-4179 or email:

Mechanic Available for Basic Car Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Hi there
I wanted to let you know that East Park Church has a volunteer who is offering free/low-cost basic car maintenance and trouble-shooting to families in east Vancouver.
If you have any families who cannot afford professional help to keep their vehicle running, please feel free to contact Doug Stacey on

Need help with electric bill

I have a family that is in need of help with their electric bill. They owe 377.67 and are scheduled to have it shut off tomorrow, 10/27. If you can help with any of this bill it would be greatly appreciated. Please email me for Clark PUD information. Thank you

Working Washer and Dryer Needed

I have a set of grandparents in Goldendale who are raising two grandkids and recently had two more grandkids dropped off on their doorstep. All four kids are 5 and under. I understand that this is outside Clark County, but my Kinship program covers as far as Klickitat County and I am in desperate need to help them out. They have several other needs that are in the process of being addressed, but this one is one I haven't been able to fulfill yet. If you have any information on a working washer and dryer, please let me know. If delivery is included, that would be a bonus; however, I will get them over there one way or another if I can get them.
Thank you for your consideration!

Looking for a stove

I have a family in transition that is having a living quarters set up in a business for them. They are in need of an electric stove that is free or reasonably priced. Please let me know if you have one available. Thank you

Electricity & Heat Assistance Needed ASAP

Family in urgent need of assistance to prevent electricity and heat from being shut off. Mom and 2 young kiddos living with grandparents. Mom is unable to find employment and actively searching. Family has come across tough financial times and were issued a 48 hr shut off notice today for the Clark PUD bill in the amount $154.34. Mom is trying to apply for assistance through PUD but application won't be processed until after the shut-off date. Family is desperate to keep heat and power on. If you have the resources or ability to help them out please reach out and I can arrange to share the account # to pay directly to Clark PUD.

Family Living in their Car, Needs Assistance with Gas

Hello everyone!
I am working with a family who is currently living in their car. Mom is working incredibly hard to find housing for her family, however she keeps running into multiple barriers, one of them being lack of gas for her vehicle.
Mom is using her vehicle to drive to apartment complexes to fill out applications, and to different appointments for herself or her son. This family is humbly asking for gas gift cards so they can keep up their hard work.

The family's resilience is absolutely remarkable, and any help is sincerely appreciated.

If you would like to help, please contact Kelsey Condon at or 360-604-6903

Single Mom of 3 needs $815 for rent ASAP

A single mother of 3 kids is in need of help with her rent as soon as possible. She was robbed and they took her rent money. Her landlord has agreed to give her through early next week to get the money to them. This is a hardworking mother who has held a full time job for over a year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Single mom needs help with Rent

Single mom of 3 kids works hard at her full time job, but because of some extraordinary circumstances last month, she had to be available to take her child to appointments and missed work for 2 weeks. She did not get paid for those 80 hours. She has very understanding landlords who are working with her and allowing her to pay her rent in installments throughout the month. She has a plan to be able to pay $1019 of her $1519 rent. If you can help with the other $500 to keep this family housed, please let me know. Thank you so much!

Single mom has electricity shut off

A single mom of two children recently had some unexpected expenses and had her electricity shut off. This mom has also just taken in her niece and nephew so there are now four children in the home. She has an appointment with Clark PUD to get some assistance for the future but needs to come up with $300.00 to get her electricity turned back on. The Endeavour FCRC will be able to give her $75.00 but she will still be $225.00 short. Any help would for this family would be greatly appreciated.

Family in need of support to pay car license renewal

Thank you for a quick response to this need! Truly, I am thankful and so deeply grateful for the support! :)

Family just out of shelter into home needs help with car registration. The vehicle needs to have the license transferred to WA. The fee is $135.25. The car also needs to pass emissions prior to licensing, which may take a few days. This family has 1 parent who works full time at minimum wage, which barely covers rent, and 4 small children at home, this is the families only vehicle. If you can help with the $135.25 please contact me. Thank you for your consideration of this need and continued interest in support for families at Orchards Elementary and our community.

Violin and Viola for 2 5th grade students and a Cello for the month of October

Do you have a small Violin, Viola or 3/4 size Cello at your house that you might be willing to loan to students at Fircrest Elementary? We have 3 5th graders who want to try Orchestra, but are financially unable to rent the instruments. The instruments will be kept at Fircrest as the music teacher has kindly offered space for them to practice here. We need a violin and a viola for the entire school year. I have found a cello we can use starting at the end of October, but Orchestra started this week, so the student would really like to start playing as soon as possible. If you can help, please contact Becky Parker, Family Outreach Coordinator at 360.604.6932. Thank you so much!

Family of 5 faces difficult time

Thank you our generous community, especially the United Methodist Foundation and Harmony Elementary, for helping this family stay in their home and have some additional needed resources!

A family with 3 children is struggling to make ends meet and keep everything as normal as possible for the children right now. The dad had a new full time over the summer but was let go after 90 days without warning because the season had slowed down. He just found a new job in Portland for a moving company that starts tomorrow. In addition, the mom is very ill with an umbilical hernia and will have surgery soon but will need to be down for six weeks. This will be very challenging with two of children having autism and a 4 year old toddler in the home. This family is desperately trying to stay in their home but will not have the $1000.00 for rent in October. Their biggest need right now is finding help to pay their rent so they can stay in their home.

I am also helping the family with food resources and clothing for the kids. One boy and one girl both wear size medium in shirts, and 7/8 in pants and size 13 or 1 in shoes. The toddler wears a 5T in tops and pants and a size 10 in shoes. If you have any of these clothing items that you would like to donate, please let me know.

Mom had her car broke into and wallet stollen

We have collected 200.00 but are still in need of 850.00 if she can't come up with the money her and her two kids will be evicted. Anything will help

Single Mom in need of first/last months rent

A single mom has been living in transition with her 3 youngest children (ages 3, 7, 9) for the past two years due to domestic violence. She was recently approved for a duplex. In order to secure the housing, she is required to pay for a deposit and first/last months rent totaling $3000. She has saved up $1100. Upon approval she has contacted many agencies and community organizations and pulled together $300 more. Mom works full time and is doing everything she can to get her family out of homelessness and provide stability for her kids. She is struggling to come up with remainder of the fees and any contributions would be greatly appreciated so this family can move forward in their healing process.

URGENT NEED!!! Family of 3 received a 3 day pay or vacate notice.....only need $345

This family is working so hard to make ends meet, it is devastating to see them struggle and lose everything over $345. Can you help this family? This amount can be paid directly to their landlord. Please contact me if you can help with this URGENT need.


I have a family of 6 that has moved from shelter into a duplex. They have only 1 mattress for the entire household furnishings. I have a family willing to donate a couch, love seat, recliner and king sized bedroom set if someone can move it. If you have a truck or trucks and a few strong backs this could be a quick move. The family donating the furniture has to move for health reasons and is unable to assist in the move. The bedroom set is upstairs and the family receiving the furniture also live upstairs. It would be AMAZING if these items could be moved this Wednesday or soon after. Please let me know ASAP and thank you for consideration of this need.

Family in need of a washer and dryer

Thank you!

I have a family that is in need of washer and dryer. Transportation is a challenge and they are struggling to get to Laundromat each time they need to do laundry.

Student would like to participate in band

A fifth grade student would like to participate in band. Unfortunately, the family has no money to buy or rent a trumpet. I would really like to be able to see this student be able to participate in band. The family is currently homeless and saving money to be able to secure housing down the road. In the meantime, band would be a wonderful activity for him to be able to participate in. If you have or would like to purchase and donate a used trumpet for this student, it would be greatly appreciated! Please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary if you would like to help. Thank you

Single mom needs help with housing deposit

A single mom of four children ages 2, 6, 10 and 16 has found housing after being homeless for several months. Mom works part time and is keeping current on her other expenses but is struggling to come up with a move in deposit of $700.00. Any small amount is appreciated and will help the family get into their home.

$250 need to avoid eviction for single mom of 4

Thank you so much for helping this family! What an amazing gift. Truly, thank you so much!

This mom has been a stay-home mom while attending school online. Her husband left her and the kids without warning and without any money. This mom is frantically job searching, continuing school and scraping up all she has to stay her apartment. She is in need of $250 to pay be able to pay her Sept. rent. She is working to get a job as well as get her estranged-husband to help support the kids. If you can help support this partial rental payment please let me know. The check can be given directly to the apartment complex. Thank you so much for your interest in supporting this family.

Family in need of car assistance

thank you to our generous community! This Mom has been able to get her car repaired.

I have a single Mom that is currently a full-time student working to obtain her LPN. She works part-time. Money covers the bills with no extra. Mom's car is in need of calibers, bearings and rotors. She has taken it to an auto shop and has been quoted $700 to have it repaired, she has shown me the quote. She really needs her car repaired so that she is able to get to work and school, to be able to provide for her family. If you would like to contribute any amount of funds to help this Mom get her car repaired, please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary.

Single mom needs help with utility bills

Single parent of 5 is behind on all of her utility bills for the months of July and August due to her roommate moving out unexpectedly without paying their share of the final utility bills or rent. These utilities include the power, water, gas and garbage for a total of $1,001.38. The Endeavour Family Resource Center is able to help with $250.00 but is still seeking $750.00 in additional help for this family. This family will be back on track after September as they have a new roommate ready to move in and pay half of the rent and utilities.

If you can help, please contact me directly and I have utility account numbers where donations can made directly for the family's benefit. Thank you for taking the time to consider helping this family.

Homeless Family needs tent

I'm working with a young family of four - Mom, Dad, a 6 yr. old and a new baby. They have lost housing and are sleeping in their car. They are on the wait list for shelter but have been told there are many families ahead of them. They would like to camp at a local campground and are in need of a tent big enough for all four of them. If you have a tent that you'd like to donate, please email me @ Thank you!!!

Washer Needed

Family of seven needs a washer urgently. Just spent $50 at laundromat and cannot make ends meet.

One-Time Rent Assistance Urgently Needed

I have a request for a one-time rental assistance from a parent in the middle of getting a restraining order and some other issues. I understand that she needs a total of $600 to be able to stay in the house and make the rental payment by Monday.

if you can assist with this we would be so appreciative

Two children with special needs are in search of a full bottom-twin top bunk bed

I have a family with two special need kiddos, who have no extra income, in need of new sleeping arrangements. A bunk bed is something that will greatly bless this family. Good used condition please and delivery is needed. Thanks in advance for your support.

Twin Bunk Beds Needed

Family would appreciate a set of twin bunk beds w/ bed frame. Family would prefer delivery to home. Parent can borrow a truck for evening pick-up.
Please contact: Cindy Cooper, FVHS Family Resource Coordinator

Single mom with 1 little girl needs help to move a few belongings on Sunday 6/4/17

Thank you for the responses and support to help this family! Your kindness is appreciated! :)

Can a group, club or sports team spare an hour or so on Sunday???? A single mom with 1 little girl could really use help moving their personal belongings on Sunday, 6/4/17. She is hoping around 3 pm, but can be time flexible. This mom/daughter duo has very little personal items and she believes that two pick-up truck loads would be a maximum amount to be moved. A previous Neighbor link-up alert is how she got moved into her current living situation, and they have found a room to rent and would love help to get into their "own room" and have some space to call theirs. If you can help, please respond to this alert. Thank you so much for sharing some time, strength and resources to help this family establish a more stable living space.

Mother and daughter need to set up household

Hello, I have a single mother and her 6th grade daughter that are finally able to move into their own apartment and they need everything to set up a household. They need:

2 beds
2 dressers
living room furniture
linens, blankets and towels
pots and pans
dishes, silverware and glasses

Anything at all would be helpful and appreciated.

Thank you

Unplanned move causes hardship for local family

A family of four was recently given 20 day’s notice to move out of their rental home because the home was being sold by the owner. They were able to take over another family’s lease but had to buy out the original family’s deposit of $800.00. This has left the family short of $280.00 for the month of June. This is a one-time extra expense and the family will be able to pay their rent in the future. If you can help keep this family in their new home, please contact Anne Galvas at 360 604-6879.

Tires needed!

I suggested calling Friends of the Carpenter and they just happen to have the resources to help her at this time!

Do you have gently used tires for a sedan? Single mother who must attend numerous medical appointments is in need of new tires. Her current tires are no longer safe to drive with.

If you have tires, or would like to donate for the purchase of tires please contact me.

Thank you!

Family with a disabled mother needs help with their water bill- recently turned off

Thank you Thank you to all who responded and the two that got them caught up and ahead a month. They are so grateful!

We have a student who's mother is disabled and suddenly found themselves in a situation where their water just got turned off today. There are 3 children in the household and the mom and stepfather are in a panic. They were told that The City of Vancouver already gave them an extension last April 2016 and they can only do that once every two years so they are stuck this time until their balance is paid. Their balance is $ 300.94 to restore their water and their monthly payment is usually $ about 300 every other month but will be decreasing by about $50 next month. Is there any possibility of assistance for this family who is really struggling right now? Their account # is 0121001220-09

Family of 5 in need of Storage Unit

Family of 5 is in need of a storage unit by this weekend. They are being asked to leave their apartment by the end of this month. They have furniture that they would like to keep in hopes of getting a place by July 1. We are hoping to rent out a storage unit. This will cost anywhere from $75-$100. We need your help with any amount that you can donate or if you have space to store at your location.

Volunteer Transportation Needed -- Amboy/Yacolt Area

I have been contacted by a woman who lives near Amboy, requesting assistance with transportation to travel to and from Battle Ground to go grocery shopping once a month. This woman no longer drives, and the program she relied on to go grocery shopping has had its funding reduced to where it can no longer provide assistance.

Ideally, a good volunteer would be someone who already lives in North Clark County and is currently driving into Battle Ground on a regular basis (or at least a couple of times a month). If this is something you would be able to assist with, or know someone who would be a good fit, please contact me. Thank you.

Moving out of shelter

I have a family with 5 kids (4 boys and 1 girl) from elementary to high school age. They are moving out of the Homestead shelter today into their own apartment. They have nothing but their clothes. While both parents have found employment, they are in need of virtually all household items. At this time they could use: 3 twin beds and mattress or a bunk bed, dinner table and chairs, 6 dressers, dinnerware and kitchenware, linens. Both parents are working but they do not have the resources to set up a household. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Grandmother needs furniture

Thank you to Kim Lawson for her donation of a bed

I have a student at Covington who is now living with his grandmother. While the house has a lot of love, it does not have a bed or dresser and he is currently sleeping on the floor. The grandmother is hoping to find a twin bed or bunk beds along with a dresser. She does have someone who can help pick it up. Thank you

Student in Transition Needing a Partial Scholarship for Summer School

We have a first grade boy whose family has just moved into housing after two years of homelessness. His teacher has recommended Summer School through Community Education to make sure he retains his academic learning and keep him at grade level. She is willing to sponsor him half of the cost, so we are looking for another $75 to make this happen for this family.

We would appreciate any help you feel prompted to give this child.

Newly housed family needs beds and bedding

A family of four that has been homeless for over one year has finally found housing. They are now in a one bedroom apartment and are asking for only beds and bedding. They need a twin bed for a second grade boy and a crib for an infant. A queen bed with bedding is also needed for the parents. If you have an extra bed or bedding that you are willing to give, please let me know.

Attorney recommendation?

One of the students on my homeless caseload recently lost her only parent to a violent crime. She is working to navigate probate, police reports, her mother's estate, etc. Currently, she is trying to get her mother's life insurance, so she can pay bills and be financially stable. She has been hitting road blocks with the insurance company. We connected her with a crime victim's advocate through Lutheran Community Services, who is telling her she needs to see an attorney. We contacted NW Justice Project through the CLEAR hotline (Clark County Volunteer Lawyers) but they are unable to assist with crime victims. This is a teenage girl trying to navigate complicated legal issues. We are concerned that she is vulnerable to being defrauded or overcharged if she just finds an attorney from the phone book. Is there anyone who knows an attorney that can help this student? If you have any ideas, please let me know! I'm so grateful for this amazing community and I'm sure someone out there can point us in the right direction.

Mom going through cancer treatments has power shut off.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Vancouver Methodist Foundation for paying the entire balance to get this families power turned back on! We are so thankful to have such a generous and caring community!

A single mom of 4 children had surgery for cancer last year in April of 2016. Just recently she found out that the cancer returned. Although she was able to go back to work following the surgery a year ago, she got behind on her bills. With the recent return of the cancer, she is now needing radiation treatments twice a week. While going through treatment, she is unable to work at this time. Her two twin children, who are in kindergarten, have gone to stay with relatives while she is receiving the radiation treatments but her middle school daughter and high school son are still with her in the home. The family's power was shut off one week ago and will cost $600.00 to get it turned back on. Once this is paid off, the power can be turned back on and she will be able to get back on monthly payment plan of $140.00 a month.
If you can help this family get their power turned back on with any amount, it would be greatly appreciated.

Single mom of two children, one with special needs in need of some items.

This single mom has been through so much, has been in transitional housing for 2 years, and after almost becoming homeless, has finally been able to get her own apartment. She is in need of household items of all sorts but especially a twin mattress and box spring, a queen box spring, towels, and pots and pans. She was keeping their belongings in a family's garage and the mice have destroyed most of it, which has been so frustrating for this mom as she has lost so much already. Financially mom lives very restricted so buying these items would be a challenge and delivery of any item would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for all support received.

Update** Mom with Cancer expecting a baby

I just wanted to share with the community a bright spot of good news. Mom delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl earlier this week. The family is wonderfully excited to have a new addition to love. Mom said that chemo took her beautiful hair, and baby must have gotten it all as she was born with a thick head full of hair. :) Mom's cancer is behaving very aggressively, so she is only getting a two week respite before she will go back to chemo, radiation, surgery, etc. Please keep this family close and I will let you know if/when other needs arise that we as a community may be able to help with.

Single Mom Needs Assistance to Stay Housed

Thank you so much to everyone who supported this cause! It was mom's birthday yesterday, and the only thing she wanted was to make rent!

Hello everyone,

I am working with a mom who is doing everything she can to provide for her family, but remains in a tough spot. Her family was in transition (homeless) for a while, but mom worked hard and found stable housing for herself and her two daughters. She just got a new full time job, and is working 40 hours a week (mostly nights) to provide for her family. However her rent is due this Friday and her first paycheck comes on Saturday. She cannot get an extension on the due date. She's already cut out all non-essential items out of her budget and she's tried reaching out to other community resources. She only needs $440 to remain in their apartment.

If you can help to keep this family housed, please Kelsey Condon, Outreach Coordinator at Sunset Elementary at 360-604-6903 or

Thank you so much!

Family of 4 needs support

Single Mother with 2 elementary school age kids and a preschooler, was recently injured while working. She is having major shoulder surgery and will be out of work for some months. This family needs help with gas, gorceries, toiletries, and birthday gifts for soon to be 8 year old daughter. This Mother works really hard to support her family and this injury has caused a set-back for them financially. This family is between paychecks and the workman's compensation fully kicking in which means they have not had a full paycheck in a month. In talking with this mother we identified they could use $400 to meet their needs this month. Please let me know if you are able to help at all. Thanks!

Parent with less than 6 months to live and needs housing

Thank you to everyone who has graciously sent out wonderful support to this family. Currently parent & student are able to stay with extended family. Mother is approved for a section 8 voucher and is anticipating finding long-term housing in the next 1-2 months.

A mother of a Senior student is needing much support. The mother has been told by her medical community she has less than 6 months to live. Her goal is to stay alive until her daughter moves into her dorm in Eastern WA. They are homeless, living in their car. The Council for the Homeless does not have any space available in a shelter. If anyone has resources for housing - even a trailer in a campsite would help.
Please contact: Cindy Cooper
Fort Vancouver High School Resource Coordinator
ph# 360-313-4179

Single Mom needs a new or used laptop or computer

Thank you once again to our wonderful community! We had one person donate a gently used computer and another person donate a laptop bag. Both donations were received this week and the Mom received it last night at a school family event. She expressed that she was getting behind on her school work because it was so hard for her to go places where she could access a computer. She has several assignments to work on and is eager to use the weekend to catch up on her assignments.

A single Mom that I am working with, lost her job and is currently on unemployment. She has been struggling to find a job because she does not have her high school diploma or GED. She has decided to go to Clark College and complete the GED program. She is also enrolling in a certification program, so that she will be more hirable. She would really benefit from having a laptop. She comes to our Resource Center during the day to use our computers, but she needs to be home with her children. For her to have a laptop to work on her school work, would really speed up her process of obtaining her GED and make her a more independent and successful student. She could also use a laptop carrying case that could hold the computer and her school work. If you are able to donate either of these items please contact Michelle at (360) 604-6782.

Couch surfing for years, but now in their own Home!

This family of 5 have been couch surfing for years, but recently got their own apartment and would appreciate a couch, a twin size mattress and small dresser if anyone has them to spare. Thank you in advance for your kindness.

Single mom in desperate need of help to get their belongings into a storage unit

Thank you so much for answering this need. It is hard to express what it means to my families, and to the work we do to be supported by others. I am truly, beyond words to express what it means to know that this little family will not have to face the losing their belongings when they are already in such a tough spot. Again, you have made my day and truly touched this family in a meaningful way. :)

This mom and daughter are new to the area and can no longer live in the room she was staying at with friends. She has been able to secure a storage unit and is desperate to get her belongings into the storage unit by the weekend. She could really use a couple people and a truck to get her stuff moved and safely stored. Please, consider if you and friends, a church group from or even a boy scout troop or athletic team could spare a couple hours and help this little family out in their time of great need. I really appreciate your consideration of this request. Thank you for caring for our vulnerable families at Orchards Elementary

Family lost job and needs $488 for PUD

Family with 4 year old son needs $488 to pay Clark PUD. They got 3 months behind on their bill when Dad was out on disability and Mom lost her accounting job after 10 years with the same company. They are getting a very small amount of Social Security income for Dad's disability and Mom has a couple of job interviews lined up. It will be a while before they can get caught up on their bills and are looking for whatever help they can get.

Mom needs help with PUD bill

Thank you for your amazing and rapid response to this request. What a great blessing to this family that this need has been met. Truly, thank you all for seeing this alert and caring for this family.

I have a single mom supporting her household of 6 who could use some help. This mom has a teen daughter who has a baby in Randal children's hospital with life-threatening medical issues. This mom is the only adult in her household and provides for her family on very minimal income. She needs $125.78 paid toward her electric bill. If you can help this family please contact me for the account #. This bill can be paid directly to Clark PUD either over the phone or by dropping a check off at one of their two locations. Thank you so much for your continued support of Orchards Elementary School Families. We appreciate it very much.

Family in Need

Family of five (3 children in Evergreen Public Schools) looking for help with move in expenses. Their current landlord will not renew their lease and they are being forced to move. They have found another place to live, but first/last/security totals $2900.00. They are $375.00 short. Need funds march 31st. Thank you for your consideration.

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  • 3-15-2017
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Student needs bed frame

Image student needs twin size bed frame.

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  • 3-14-2017
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Single mom with 2 children in transition finds a home!

A single mom with a first grade girl and a 5th grade boy at Endeavour have found housing after spending over one year couch surfing! Now that they have a new apartment, they are in need of a microwave, a tv, kitchen and bathroom garbage cans, and a washer and dryer. If you have any of these items that you would like to donate, please let me know.

Soccer Alert Update: Sponsor a 4th grade boy to participate in soccer

Both students have been sponsored. Thank you!

Our school has the opportunity to have after school soccer offered at no cost to students. While the soccer team is free to be a part of, the students do need some supplies. I have a student that would like to participate, but the family is financially unable to purchase the required items. The student is a fourth grade boy who needs shin guards, cleats, and soccer socks. He could also use a sports shirt and shorts (boys size XL) and soccer ball to practice with. If you would like to sponsor this student or donate any of these items please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary (360)604-6782. Soccer practice starts March 9th. Thank you for taking a moment to read this alert.

Pregnant mom fighting cancer

Thank you for your quick response to this request. At this time I am going to mark this immediate need as met. As noted in the comments, it is anticipated that this need will be on-going in nature, so if you are still interested in helping this family, I welcome your inquiries. Truly, thank you, Connect Clark County for being there for families in great need.

Orchards Elementary had a family is come to us in a great amount of crisis. The mom has a very rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, stage 3, and that circumstance is compounded due to her being 7 months pregnant. She will be living on site at OHSU due to the treatment she is undergoing and the severity of her condition. Dad will have to commute to see mom and she will be able to see the kids dependent on "germ counts" to keep her safe. She will have to deliver the baby and then wait 6-8 weeks to receive her surgery in hopes of stopping the invading cancer. Dad and the 3, soon to be 4 kids, will be living in a travel trailer owned by some friends and parked at the RV park in Vancouver. This family came from the southern tip of Oregon to get mom this treatment, and has some friends who live here and offered to help them in their time of great need. We are asking for support for this family in the form of gas cards to help with the extensive travel this family is having to undertake. Please contact me if you can contribute a gas card in any amount to help this family.

Unaccompanied teen mom needs bicycle to get to work

Oh my goodness! The generosity of our community never ceases to amaze me. Lifesavers Homeless Outreach has taken care of this need with not only a bicycle, but a helmet & light as well. Thank you to all of you who forwarded information about resources in the community!

Hi Everyone,
I'm working with a young teen mom who is on her own. She is a full time student who also works part time. She's been walking to work but it's a very long way, so I'd love to get a bicycle for her. I don't think it necessarily needs to be a new one, but I would like it to be safe, preferably with a light since she works at night. She would also need a helmet. If you have a bike that you're not using and would like to donate it to this hard-working young mom, please let me know!

Newly Single Mom in Desperate Need of Rental Assistance

Hello everyone,
I am working with a mom who was recently involved in a very messy breakup from her long term significant other. Thankfully she was able to secure housing, but she had to spend her money on move in fees and deposits. She will not be able to pay rent for March. She is currently trying to sell many of her personal belongings including her car, but to no avail.
She does have a job, but the hours are not guaranteed. She was working in my office earlier today for hours applying for new jobs so she will have a more stable income.
This mom has been working very hard through this breakup to provide for her family, and she is devestated that she doesn't have enough money to make rent this month because of the charges associated with a move.
If you can help please contact Kelsey Condon

Single dad needs travel wheelchair

There is a single dad on our caseload who lives in Battle Ground. He uses a lightweight travel wheelchair because it's easier to maneuver than a regular wheelchair. The one he has now is worn out and difficult to use. He attends medical appointments several times a week and it would be easier for him to get around if he had a wheelchair in better condition. If anyone has a travel wheelchair that is no longer needed, it would be greatly appreciated. I would be happy to pick it up. Thank you.

Single Mom of 4 children has had her water shut off

Yesterday, a single mom of 4 children in the Evergreen School District had the water shut off in their rental home. This mom recently became a single parent and is struggling to adjust to the smaller income. She currently needs to pay $193.31 to the City of Vancouver to get her water turned back on. She has $48.32 but is still short $144.99. If you can help with any amount, please let me know. Thank you!

Single Dad need help covering electric bill

Thank you to everyone who responded to this alert. This family has been taken care of!

Single dad need help covering the remaining electric bill. He covered as much as he could from his check but still needs 185.00 to pay it off. He was able to pay enough to get electricity turned back on but it completely depleted his paycheck and will be in the same situation next month. He needs help getting himself back to zero balance and he can take over from there. Was out of a job for a few months and it accumulated more than he can cover now. If you can help him get back on his feet by paying the last 185.00 that would be very helpful. Thank you. Contact Burton FCRC to get account number

Assistance with utility bill

Thank you to all of you who reached out to help this family! This has been taken care of and we no longer need donations. THANKS AGAIN!

I'm working with a family of five (mom, dad and 3 children) who has fallen behind in their utility bill. They need $500 to keep the power on. Both mom and dad work, however when we were hit with all of the snow and ice, both workplaces were closed. As a result, their paychecks were much smaller and they've fallen behind. If you can help in any way, please let me know and we can pay Clark PUD directly. Even if you can donate $5, every bit will help. This is a hardworking family and it would be great if we can keep the lights and heat on for them. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Single Mom Escaping Violence

Please consider helping a single mom with a 7 year old girl and a 4 year old son start a new life in our area. The family had to leave their home a month ago very abruptly and has been staying in a shelter for the last month. The family has found housing and the mom has already found a job but they have no household supplies or furnishings. Specifically, they are in need of 2 queen size beds and 2 two twin beds- including mattresses, sheets, pillows and pillow cases, and blankets. The family also needs any household furniture items, lamps and dishes. If you can help in any way, please contact Carmella Bender or Kelsey Dunham at

Support with three train tickets needed

This Alert has been completed. Thank you to everyone that helped support this family. They appreciate the communities support during this hard time.

This week, two young brothers Father was murdered. The boys live with their Mom here in Vancouver, Washington. The Father lived in California. Mom was notified by police that he was murdered and his body is currently being held. The two boys, the Fathers sons, are the only family that he had. The Mom would desperately like to take the boys to California to view his body and say good-bye to him. Mom does have some family in California, so they would be able to stay with family. The round trip tickets to California would cost around $425. If you would like to help these two boys say good bye to their Father, please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver star Elementary Resource center at (360) 604-6782.

Family of 3 desperate need of rental assistance to avoid eviction

I have a family if 3 that is desperate need of $312.50 to avoid eviction. This couple works multiple part-time jobs and spends a lot of what little spare time they have in my resource center searching for more and better employment. Today they anticipate a 3 day pay or vacate notice to be posted as they are short on their rent. If you have a heart to help this family, please contact me asap to help them stay in their home.

Eviction of Single Mother of 2

Thank you to all who responded to this family's need. There once again was an overwhelming response of support and financial help. It is wonderful to see our community come around a family in need. Thank you!!

This family has a 3 year old girl with Autism and a 4 year old boy. They must be out by February 28th.
This family is not being given the option to renew their lease because of noise complains against the daughter.
They were not planning on moving but are looking for a new place to live that will be a better fit for their family.
They only have about $400 saved right now but need $3,000 for a deposit on a new place.
If there is any assistance you can offer them would be greatly appreciated.

Family in need of 2 dressers and one twin bed

This family has a new infant in the home. Parents have not been able to find consistent employment and are struggling to maintain basic needs in the home. If you can help it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Family in need of twin size mattress/bed

Hello! I am currently working with a single mom who is searching for a twin size bed for her son. They moved here last month to help care for their relative who is dying. They drove here from Texas with just the clothes on their back, as many of their belongings that they could fit in their car, and very little money. This family is under a massive amount of stress and sorrow, if anyone can help it would be incredibly appreciated.

Please contact Kelsey Condon

Assistance for rental deposit

A family with 3 children is in need of rental deposit. They have been homeless for the last few months and have finally just found an apartment that they could rent. They are now needing $650.00 to help with their rental deposit.

In need of car maintenance & help with daycare copay

Thank you for the overwhelming response to this family!

Single mother has a 2001 Mazda MPV that will not start. She is unable to get her daughter to preschool and childcare without her car. Her daughter is 3 and asking to go to school and will sadly lose her spot at school if she does not return soon. The mother believes the car needs 6 spark plugs that run about $8 each and a new battery. She cannot afford to buy the parts right now. She is also at risk of losing her childcare because she has a past due amount of $180. This family had some unexpected expenses that has left them without enough money to take care of these things this month. If you are able to help with any or all it would be greatly appreciated.

Twin Mattress Needed

Thank you St. John Lutheran Church members!

Gently used or new twin mattress needed for a kindergartner. The family will very much appreciate the mattress alone, but if you also have a box spring that too would be very appreciated.

Student needs help

I am working with a student to find stable housing. She is pregnant due in April. She is working on emancipating from her guardians as it is a unsafe environment to bring a baby into. We have explored MANY options and we are looking for support for the best options
1) Financial contribution for the filing fee for emancipation of $252. This would help get her into a maternity home
2) If you know of someone willing to rent out to minor and child (she works and gets SSI as income). Preferably a room in a family home.

Any leads or financial support is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Family in Need

Family of 5 received 10 day notice for late fee and non-payment of utilities. Need $320.16. This family needs a Christmas Miracle in a hurry!

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  • 12-13-2016
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Single female needs a week's rent urgently

I'm still assisting the 57 year old female with lodging until there's an apartment/room found for rent. Client is at a motel and can stay another week if I can come up with the week's charge or client will be out on the street and is not in physical condition to be out there.

Thank you.

Young family in need of furniture

I have a low income family in need of 2 dressers and a sofa in good condition.

Mom needs help with rent

I have a single mom at Burton Elementary that is having a tough month. She lost her job and is short on rent. She has applied for other jobs and has a couple interviews set up but needs help to get through this month. Mom is 400.00 short. If you can help in any way please contact me.

Winter Coats Needed

Our office (for families experiencing homelessness) is short on coats. With this cold weather, we are in real need. We serve students from preschool all the way through high school so we need warm winter coats in any size from small children to extra large adult sizes. We would happily accept used coats as long as they are in good conditioner and the zippers work. We especially need adult sized coats as our current supply was depleted yesterday. Since you're digging through closets to get your Christmas decorations out anyway, why not grab those old coats no one wears and donate them to families who are struggling in this frigid weather? You can drop off coats in the front office of Evergreen High School and let the secretary know they're for Peggy Carlson. If you're not able to drop them off, email me and I'll arrange pick up. THANK YOU!!!

Female still needs temporary housing

Single female with small service dog still in need of short term housing until Section 8 voucher is approved. Can't afford to use December's SSI check for motels. Never been homeless.

Thank you to the community member who provided two nights stay which will be up tomorrow at 12noon.

Any help, leads would be welcome. Thank you!

Washer and Dryer Needed

Single mom in need of an electric washer and dryer. Please email Esmy at

Thank you!

pre-teen boy needing bicycle

12 year old boy is needing bicycle. Used okay.

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  • 11-29-2016
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Female needs immediate/temporary housing

Female with small service dog needs a place to stay until she finds Section 8 housing. Currently in a motel for one more night then on the street. Just needs a room to rent on a short-term basis. Thank you!

Single Mom in need of rental assistance

A single mom of 3 needs assistance for December rent. They have been able to make the rent since moving here over the summer, however this month her toddler had surgery. This put mom out of work for 4 days. Unfortunately, issues came up and he had to have a second surgery that put mom out of work for another week. All of this leave was unpaid. Mom has been able to come up with just under $800.00 leaving her short by $600.00. Mom has been in contact with Council For The Homeless and many other local resources to no avail. They moved here due to a homeless situation and are working very hard to stay housed. If you can help with even a small amount, please give me a call at 360-604-6879.

Family of 4 Starting Over After Relocation

A family of 4 had to relocate to our area unexpectedly from North Dakota. The family had to leave all of their belongings behind and has been staying in a local shelter. Fortunately, they just got into an apartment of their own but have no household items at all. Specifically, they are in need of 2 single beds and mattresses, table and chairs, living room furniture, dishes and pots and pans. If you have any of these items to help this family, please contact Lynn Samuels at (360) 604-6300 or

Mom of 2 young boys need your help!

Mom of 2 young boys who has been staying in and out of shelters and with family, has been struggling for two years to get on her feet. She came from a domestic violence situation and she has had many barriers, but i have watched her press into her circumstances and not give up. She has finally been approved for an apartment, but she has nothing to put it in it. She really needs living room furniture, kitchen items, and dressers. She will greatly appreciate anything donated. Thank you for your help in advance.

Mbr needs house hold items

Member currently in HEN program needing the following items - small dresser, towels & wash clothes, pots & pans, microwave, silverware.

Single Mother of 4 without running water

This single mom is currently working two jobs to stay afloat. The water was shut off on November 7th. The balance on the account 303.11. She is needing help coming up with this as she wont have it for some time. If you can help, her Family Service Worker is willing to take or pick up donations, or the Water Company can take payment over the phone with account number 0063025704-07. The water Company phone number is 360-487-7999 Her Family Service Worker is Shaunene and her direct number is 953-3379. This family is grateful for any help that can be offered.

Mom of 3 found out she is pregnant and the family was not prepared.

This mom was finally able to get rid of all of her baby furniture, clothes and more. She was ready to venture into potty training and having no young-ins in diapers, when she found out she is 8 weeks pregnant. This family does not have the financial capability to get all they will need for their new baby on the way. They had to move unexpectedly, using all of their savings to do so. This family would greatly appreciate a crib, crib mattress, and any other big item. If you have these items and are ready to de-clutter and would love to bless a family, please contact me. Thank you for any support in advance.

Family with Autistic child needs fencing

The family has three children under 9 years old. Two of the children are autistic, one of them severely autistic. The child is escaping the yard where a 7 foot fence has been patched together. The family is in need of fencing to build a new and adequate fence to keep the child safe. Even with constant supervision the child is able to construct means to escape the yard ( as witnessed by this social worker). Father is a disabled veteran and mother is a full time student. The family income is not sufficient to purchase the fencing required for a new fence. If you know of a resource, have time to help build, or have fencing to donate please let me know. Thank you in advance!

Single Dad of 4 Needs Bunk Beds

A single dad of 4 children is looking for a set of bunk beds with mattresses. This dad works works full time at an auto dealership and experiences ups and downs with his income each month. Currently, the dad and 2 of the children are sleeping on the floor of their apartment. If you have a bunk bed that you can donate to this family, please let me know. Thanks!


Thank you Corinne!

Family in need of working microwave

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  • 11-1-2016
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Homeless family moving into their own home

This family has had horrible luck finding a place to call their own, but have finally found a new home. They are in need of a bed for the parents, full size or bigger and dressers for the whole family. Also a lawnmower or any lawn tools because they now have a yard to take care of. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Bunk Beds and dresser for 2 boys

A single father with 2 boys at Fircrest is in need of a set of twin bunk beds and a dresser. After leaving the military, the father decided to stay in country for a few years. The family recently returned to the US and have been working hard, but the boys are getting too big to share a futon on the floor. Thank you so much!

Family Living In Car Needs Blankets

A family with children attending school in Vancouver School District is currently sleeping in their car. They are looking for blankets so they can stay warm. If you are able to donate, please email:

Household Items Needed

Hi there
Looking for any of the following items (pet-free homes for soft furnishings) for a mom setting up home from nothing:
twin mattress
twin bedding and pillows


EVENT IS FULL - Free Oil Change for Single Moms

Hello Everyone, At this point the event is full and there about 5 ladies on the waiting list for next weeks event. Thank you all for passing this along.

Hello, We have heard that Cascade Park Baptist Church is hosting an event called the AutoBond, providing free oil changes for single moms. They have been offering this valuable service for many years now and are doing it again on November 5th. Please pass the word to any single mom who you feel would benefit from this service. Appointments are limited, and they will need to call 360-892-6044 for an appointment time.

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  • 10-18-2016
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Tents, Tarps & Sleeping Bags needed

We have a single mom with 3 children who has lost housing and has nowhere to go. She is going to sleep outside with her children. We are in need of a tent (or 2) and sleeping bags as well as tarps (to keep out the rain). If you have any of these items, please email Peggy Carlson, Homeless Liaison for Evergreen Public Schools at Items do NOT need to be new as long as they're in good shape. If you can help this family, I would be most grateful! Thank you so much!

Family of 5 unable to come with full rent amount this month

A family of 5 is unable to pay their entire rent this month. This family has always been able to make the rent in the past but recently the mom lost her job and this has set them behind. The mom has found a new job and will be starting work again next Monday. The dad is disabled and is unable to work. The family has contacted the Council for the Homeless and other local resources to try to get assistance but was told that there are no resources available to help them right now. The family has come up with $600.00 but is still short $825.00. I have encouraged the family to talk to their landlord again about working with the family to have them make some additional small payments to get caught back up. However, the mom is not very hopeful that the landlord will work with them and will be in worse situation if they lose their current rental.
If you can help even with a small amount, please give me a call at 360 604-4928.

(2) Twin Bed boxsprings and frames. Vacuum cleaner

Students received mattresses now need box springs and frames. Also, parent looking for vacuum cleaner

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  • 10-3-2016
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Single mom of 5 needs sofa and small dining table

Thanks to the generosity of Cascades Presbyterian and East Park Church this need has been filled.

Hi there
I am relisting this need as the previous furniture was not able to be used.

Single mom has recently moved into housing with her 5 young kids and needs a sofa and dining table and chairs for 4-6 people (room only fits a small sized table). SOFA MUST BE CLEAN AND FROM A PET-FREE PLACE as children have allergies.

Family Needs 2 Twin Beds or Bunkbeds

This need has been filled thanks to word of mouth and a district teacher. Thank you to everyone who offered help.

We have a family whose three children (ages 9 and under) are sleeping in one bed together. They are in need of two twin beds of any kind.

Single Mom (bus driver for Evergreen PS) NEEDS YOUR HELP

This mom has found herself in a very difficult situation. As a bus driver she is off during the summer with no income, so she normally finds a part-time job to keep an income coming in during the off months. But this summer was challenging for this mom because she has an infant that has been experiencing health issues and concerns. She was fired from her summer job because she had to leave to take her daughter to the emergency room and because she needed a day off to take her son in for a sports physical. Being a single mom can be very challenging especially when the father is not involved at all to help her in situations such as these. She managed to cover her rent in August and September with her savings but she does not have rent for October and she is in a panic! She has no where to go if she gets evicted and no way to make up the difference. Her first check from bus driving doesn't come until OCT 30th as she only gets paid once a month. Anything Helps but she needs 900 dollars. It can be paid directly to her apartments. Thanks in advance

Help with Storage Bill-CRITICAL

Family of 4 in transition has all personal and household belongings left in storage in Chehalis, WA. They must have their $300.00 back balance paid by the end of September. Any help is greatly appreciated, and thank you for your consideration!

Single mom of 5 needs sofa and small dining table

Single mom with five kids moved into her home today and has no sofa or dining table. The rooms are small, so prefer a 4-6 person table. She has chairs already.

Full size bed

SIngle mom needs full size bed.

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  • 9-14-2016
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Radiator for '93 Toyota Camry V6 Needed

A family (mom & daughter) is living in their car outside of their aunt's house in Camas. The car has broken down so mom is unable to get around. Funds are being requested to help her with purchasing a radiator for her 1993 Toyota Camry V6. She may have someone to install it, but if there was someone who could provide in-kind service, she would greatly appreciate it. The car is not driveable, so repairs would need to take place in Camas or help with towing to car repair service center. If you are able to help, please contact Marrion School Counselor, Susan Rivera at 360-604-6825 or

Thank you so much,
Susan Rivera


Single mother of 5 looking for dresser's.

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  • 8-24-2016
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Bunk Bed Frame

Single Mother of 4 boys needs sturdy bunk bed frame (they have mattresses).

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  • 8-19-2016
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2 twin and 1 queen mattress available

Hello, a donor called today with 2 twin mattresses and 1 queen mattress to give away. Memory foam and smoke free. Call me if you need them.

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  • 7-11-2016
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Homeless High School Student In Need of Blankets

We have a high school student who is living in her car. She needs blankets to keep warm at night. Please email: Cindy Cooper at if you are able to help. Thank you.

Infant (Forward-facing) Car Seat Needed

Growing is good, and so is the help of a concerned community! Our Young Family is needing a new/like-new forward-facing car seat now that Baby is getting bigger! They welcome allergen-free wipes and diapers for her sensitive skin, also. They have a hard time finding allergen-free baby supply donations from the usual sources, so we're reaching out this way for help, just in time for school to break. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Family of 6 has found housing but is in need of furniture - dining table, chairs, beds, etc.

A Roosevelt family that was previously dealing with homelessness now has a permanent place to stay. They do not have any furniture except a bed right now. Single mother of 5... so any furniture or household items would be helpful to this family right now.

Mother of newborn in need of rocking chair

Mother of a newborn baby girl would love to have a rocking chair to use for breastfeeding at night.

Update: Grieving mother and her children NEEDING your help

THANK YOU for considering helping with a single mother who is trying to pay her JUNE rent, in full. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, as of today she only needs $300 now to satisfy the outstanding rent debt.
The Evergreen Public Schools Students in Transition Liaison, Peggy Carlson, has set up a fund for this family, so that donations collected can be sent in their honor. If anyone would like to make a donation on their behalf, please make checks payable to: ESDF - Students in Transition and on the memo line WRITE: KO Family. They'll collect all donations, take them to the bank and convert them to a money order that will go directly to the property management company.

Single mother of 5 in need of dining chairs

Thank you for responding to this need.

I have a single parent of five in need of dining chairs, as her current 15-year-old dining set is down to one chair. She has looked at various used options but cannot afford even the price at Goodwill or on Facebook. If you have some used chairs, she would be very grateful.

In need of Full size bed for a foster parent.

Family has decided to open their home for fostering and they are in need of a full size bed for the bedroom. They would like a bed that comes from a non-smoking home, that has a box spring. Gently used is ideal. This family appreciates any help offered as they venture into fostering. Thank You.

Furniture needed for a family.

Thank you so much for the quick response! The family now has a dining table and a twin bed!

Family of 5 just moved and really needs a twin bed and a dining table with chairs. Thank you!

Scholarship needed for summer school

I am looking for $225 scholarship for Summer School: Summer of Learning, June 27-July 15 (9-12pm) for a kindergarten student. The summer school program is offered by Evergreen Community Education. The class offers readiness skills for first grade in math, reading and writing in a classroom setting. This little guy needs social interactions with other children his age because he doesn't have young siblings. He has perfect attendance and a supportive family. His family lost their home and have been doubled up with family members this whole year. They spent part of the winter in a garage belonging to relatives. The father is on disability and cannot work and his wife is going to school so she can get a job that will support the family. This family wants to give back and rarely asks for help. The dad and high school sister volunteer every week at our school and help students with reading tutoring as a way to say thanks. This summer opportunity is crucial for this boy's academic success.
You can contribute a few dollars, half or whatever you can to reserve a spot in summer school.
Contact Lisa Poch:

Mother with serious Illness needs your HELP

Hello All,

I have a two-parent family who are in dire need of the last remaining amount for their May rent: ONLY $377.00 WILL SAVE THEM FROM EVICTION! Other community partners through Kaiser's Member Services raised over $1200 this week, gratefully bringing the amount down to where it is now. Any help is gratefully welcome, and thank you for your consideration and time.

Backstory: After enduring a mis-diagnoses for months, this mother has received a confirmed diagnoses that she has both liver and colon cancer, and is now actively engaged in chemotherapy. She was fired from her job last October due to months of chronic medical issues and subsequent mis-diagnoses. The father was fired in December due to missed work caring for his wife and their two-year-old daughter. Their available resources have been going towards gas to get her to-- and from the chemo-appointments. Father began a new job two weeks ago, and the couple believes they will be going into June able to sustain their residence.

Parents struggling to move forward, in need of living room furniture and bunk bed.

This family is working hard to bring stability to their girls lives and have been without living room furniture for their apartment since they moved in, and it has been many months now., They would also love to have beds for the girls and are looking for a bunk bed. Dad is currently looking for work and one income leaves no extra income for these things. Thank you in advance for any donations. Blessings!

Grandma needs a boy booster for 4 year old.

Grandma in need of a boy booster seat for her grandson that she has full custody of. Working condition is great, she is not concerned with the look as long as it is reasonable.
Thanks for any help offered.

Washer and Dryer needed for newly housed family of 8

A family has found a home after experiencing homelessness for months. They have 6 children and a lot of laundry! A washer and dryer would be greatly utilized and very much appreciated by this family. If you are upgrading your machines, please consider donating your old one to this family rather than having it hauled away as your new one is delivered.

Single Dad needs help with car repair

A single full time working dad needs a new radiator for his 1998 Chevrolet Astro. This dad had obtained a bid for the radiator and work from Peterson Automotive for $472.59. He has been able to save up approximately $100.00 but still needs some additional financial help to get the work done. If you can help with this in any way, please let me know.

Young mom with 3 children, recently relocated, need household furniture

Mom is needing furniture for the Living room, Dining Room, she also needs dressers and twin bunk beds with mattresses. She is grateful for any donations and thanks you in advance.

Homeless Family of 4 in need of camping gear

I have a family who was forced to move out of the apartments on 99, that put a large number of people out on the streets in order to renovate. They have been homeless since then. They were fortunate enough to live in a shelter for a period of time, but they are unable to find an apartment that will accept them due to an eviction over two years old. Mom works 50+ hours a week and dad is trying to find work. They have two children and they are living in their car. I have suggested to them that they stay at a camp ground, but they have no camping gear and no way to store or cook food. We are looking for coolers, camp stove/barbecue, propane for a camp stove, tent, sleeping bags, wood for a fire etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any donations.

Rental Assistance needed

Single mom of 2 needs $603 rental assistance this month only . Due to job change became behind last month and playing catch up.

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  • 5-4-2016
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A family in one of our programs has a need of weatherization of windows or replacement windows. They live in a mobile home and the windows are leaking rain and weather into the bedrooms.
Thanks any help offered.

Pregnant Mamma needing a booster seat for her 3 year old and gently used baby items

I have a family, where mom is a student and 20 weeks pregnant. Dad works full time to support the family, but at this time money is tight. They are in need of a booster seat for their 3 year old. They are needing one with a back to it as he is a little 3 year old. Mom is also looking for a Pack N Play with changing table to use as the crib because they live in a 1 bedroom and have little space for all 4 of them. She would also like to have a baby swing if anyone has one they would like to donate. Thank you for considering helping this family.


Hello Friends,
Another hardworking family with two students who attend our school has found a home with a very generous landlord!! The homeowner is only asking for $300 of the $1k for a security deposit--WOW!, but this is still more than they are able to raise on their own, so we're hoping that together we can make this happen. Time is very important, since they may lose the chance to rent this house unless they can satisfy this amount within the week.

Thank you for reading this alert, and for your consideration in this matter.

Family with 8 children needing financial assistance for PUD back balance

Hello Friends,
We have a family here at Mill Plain with 8 children living in their two-parent home, and they desperately need help with their Clark County PUD bill. This is a two-parent family who care for 4 of their own children and their 4 relative children who were placed in their home over two years ago, with no financial subsidies offered by the State for their care. They get by every month with FCRC support and that of other local agencies in town.

Although they have been on PUD's Guarantee of Service plan, their single income is not enough to cover their monthly expenses, and they have been chipping away at the balance with little gain. Earlier this month the caregivers were informed that their identity had been stolen and someone had already filed a 2015 tax return using their social security numbers. The return amount would have been used to satisfy this back balance, as they are in jeopardy of having their power turned off.

ANY AMOUNT will be greatly appreciated, as the total back balance exceeds $1500.

Thank you for any consideration!

Family needs a couch and other furniture

Working with a family in need of a couch, kitchen table and a twin bed.

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  • 4-28-2016
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Single Mom looking for a room to rent and an affordable car

Working with a smoke-free, drug-free single mom of a 10 year old daughter to help her get back on her feet, coming fresh out of a domestic violence situation (the shelters are full). She has a part-time job and able to pay rent ($200 to $300) to stay in a room or a trailer. The closer she is to Battleground the better. She is in a motel for another day, thanks to Council for the Homeless. If you know of anyone with a trailer or room, please let me know. Call me if you can help.

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  • 4-28-2016
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Single mom has to give back her rental furniture

I have a single mom of 5 children, who has unexpectedly become the sole provider and she does not have the means to pay for her furniture that she was renting. She is need of living room furniture, dining room furniture and bedroom furniture. Thank you in advance for any donations. Please contact me if you are able to help.

Table and chairs needed for family of 4

Thank you Angels of Hope for picking up this furniture and giving it away. You Rock!

From Dept of Children and Family Services. I'm working with a Mom and her three children who are currently eating at a bar with three stools. The mother stands up and the kids eat at the bar. The 16 year old told me that dinner time is the highlight of her day because they all get to talk about what is going on! Does anyone have a table and four chairs for this family?

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  • 4-27-2016
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Furniture available

We know of a family in Cascade Park who has a dresser, night stands, a headboard and a small sofa they are giving away. Please contact me if you know of a family who need these items.

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  • 4-26-2016
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Family in Need

Image family needs either queen or king size mattress and a bunk bed frame (they have twin mattresses)

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  • 4-25-2016
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Family with 10 kids needing sleeping bags

Thank you for the overwhelming response to this request for assistance! We now have enough sleeping bags for the entire family!

I'm working with a mom who is now homeless. She has 10 (ten) children ranging in age from newborn (2 weeks) to high school. The shelters are all full so this family's only option is to sleep in tents. I'm looking for sleeping bags for this family. Although we're enjoying sunny days, the nighttime temperatures are still dropping and I want to make sure they stay warm. If you have a sleeping bag you'd like to donate, please contact me via email at

I'm so grateful for this community and all of the help you provide to our vulnerable families. Thank you!

Sheetrock Help

Hi, I am Patrick Dixson from Child protective services, I am working with a family who is showing some great improvement and trying to get her life together. She has 4 children. The need is some plaster help to fill in about 4 or 5 holes in her wall also maybe a little help with some floor boards to make a section on her floor a little stronger (if possible) . Most important is the holes in walls. Thank you so much.

Single mom needs help with apartment move in deposits and application fee

One of our homeless families has just been approved for section 8 housing but needs help paying the apartment application fee of $40.00 and paying the move in deposits of $700.00. This family consists of a single mom with a young daughter who is in kindergarten at Endeavour Elementary. The family is hoping to move into the Springfield Meadows Apartments. Even though this mom will finally receive rental assistance through the Vancouver Housing Authority Housing Choice Voucher program, she still faces another barrier of coming up with a hefty deposit. Both the mom and I have checked into other community resources for help already but have not been successful. If you can help at all, please contact me at Endeavour Elementary. Thanks You!

Family in Transition needs car part

Family in transition needs $70.00 to repair broken car. That is a $30.00 discount from Cost Less.

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  • 4-12-2016
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Family needs one twin bunk bed and a single twin bed for children

Thanks to Flashlove and Tyson for helping this family!!!

An Endeavour family that has been homeless for several months just received a section 8 voucher and has found a home. The family is in need of a twin bunk bed and a single twin for three children. Please let me know if you are able to help with any of the beds. Thanks!

Help with gas

A mom is requesting gas cards to use to drive to WA Youth Academy in Bremerton, WA to visit her son.
She is a single mom with 5 children and cannot afford this expense. Her son, a junior, is attending this school for 5 months to earn extra credits to return to Heritage and graduate on time. She would like this opportunity to visit him. She will also need to pick him up for a home visit in May, and finally bring him home after his completion ceremony in June. She needs approximately $50 per trip (ideally $150 total).

Please contact Renee Foran Coyle, Counselor, Heritage HS at or 360-604-3461

Tent needed

I'm happy to say this need has been filled! We've got a tent! I feel so lucky to be a part of this wonderful, caring community! Thank you!

I'm working with a 19 yr. old homeless student who is currently sleeping outside. He needs a new tent as the one he's using is falling apart. Actually -- it doesn't have to be a NEW tent -- just one without holes that will hold up in the weather. So if your camping days are over and you have a tent in your garage that you'd like to donate, please contact me! Peggy Carlson, Liaison for Students in Transition, (360)604-3738 or


Furniture for family with 4 children

A family recently moved back into a home of their own after experiencing homelessness.

There are 2 parents and 4 children. The student and parents have been sleeping on the floor/carpet.

BEDS needed:
They are in need of a QUEEN size mattress for 2 of their children to share (if you have a bedframe/box spring that is helpful too!), and a QUEEN or KING size mattress for the parents (bedframe/box spring welcome).

SHEETS and pillows- for the donated mattresses

DRESSERS needed: 2 dressers - child size or adult

Thank you,

Family In Need Of Basic Household Items

I have a Family that I work with through ECEAP ( Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program) that just recently relocated to Vancouver and are in need of some basic items: kitchen table ( 4 members), a mattress for a 5 year old, and 2 dressers for mom and child. Any help that this family can receive is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Running Start Student NEEDS Textbook

A junior at Hudson's Bay is taking full time Clark College classes through Running Start, which offers college courses for free to high school students. She has maintained a high GPA and hopes to complete her Associates degree by the time she graduates high school. Unfortunately, her parents are unable to help her purchase required books for this quarter and has no other support.

Please consider supporting this student by providing a Clark Book Store gift card ($50 +) or purchasing the book directly.
"Pura Vida - custom text for Clark Spanish 121" by Lopez Burton


Work pants needed

Thanks to the very quick response from the community, this alert is in the process of being filled. Thank you so much!

Family in need of bunkbed and microwave

A Minnehaha family that consists of a single mom and 2 kids just moved into their own place and are in need of a bunk bed for the children. They also are looking for a microwave.

Family apartment broken into and needs a new front door

Thank you to Good Deeds with Beads and an individual donor that provided the funds to get this door repaired. This family's home is in the process of being secured this week.

A single mom with a nine year old son had their apartment broken into last week. Many personal items were stolen and a crow bar was used on the front door to break into the apartment. Now the front door no longer closes or locks and the family needs to place furniture in front of the door at night in an effort to try to secure their home. Until the door can be fixed, the family feels unsafe and is unable to properly secure their home at night and unable to leave their home during the day. According to the apartment management, it is the family's responsibility to pay the $500.00 to fix the door using the apartments vendors. This family does not have the funds to pay to have the door fixed. Any help with this, big or small, for this family would be greatly appreciated.

3 Toddler beds and mattresses

Thank you to all the wonderful people who offered beds to this family! This need has been met THANKS to you!

The 3 children of this family are currently sleeping on a sofa. The parents are working hard to meet basic needs, and are unable to purchase 3 toddler beds for the children ages <1, 2, and 3. Please contact me if you have a toddler bed, toddler bed sized mattress, (or 3) to donate. Thank you!

Student in Need of Support

This young musician has been sponsored! Thank you so much!

A student that attends Silver Star Elementary has been learning to play the clarinet this year thanks to our band having some donated instruments for students to borrow. Unfortunately, the clarinet has accidently gotten damaged and is now in need of repair. The family is not able to afford to repair the instrument. The band teacher has taken the instrument to be looked at. The estimate for repairs is approximately $120 plus tax. If you would like to help this young musician be able to stay in band class and have her instrument repaired, please contact Michelle at Silver Star Elementary. (360) 604-6782 or

Family in need of household items

A family that had been experiencing homelessness for quite a while are finally in their own place! The kids have beds and they have a couch and dining table. They are in need of some dining chairs, a full/queen bed for the parents and other various household items for moving in and making it their own. Please contact me if you are able to help out this family.
thank you!

Car Mechanic Help Needed

Need met by east Park Church - thanks!

I have a couple of families whose major obstacle is a car repair. Any assistance with free estimate or work would be appreciated!

Family of 6 (mom and 5 kids) on unemployment have one vehicle but the drivers window won't go up so they can't use it for fear the car gets stolen.

Family of 4 trying to catch up on bills. Dad is willing to help.

Rental Assistance Needed

A single mom with a child at Endeavour Elementary is in need of $101.00 in rental assistance . This mom does housecleaning for a living and had worked to earn this months rent but was not paid for this work. She is also interested in any home, office or apartment cleaning jobs that may be available.

Family of 8 in desperate need of parts to fix their car

Thank you for the responses to this request. The need was met. :)

I have a family in need of rotors and brakes for their 1998 ford expedition. IF the parts can be purchased the dad has a friend willing to put them on this evening. The estimated quote at Costless Auto was right at $100. Please let me know if you can help with this need. Thanks for your continued support and consideration of families in need at Orchards Elementary

Looking for a few boxes of Valentines for students to share at Orchards Elementary

Thank you SO much! I am so appreciative for the wonderful responses to this request!

Could you consider picking up a few boxes of Valentines to share with students who lack resources or parental support to purchase some for them? With over 60 students in transition (homeless) we are identifying several families who are not able to provide this "extra" for their kids. We fully accept this is a want, not a need, but hope some in the community may see a value in allowing kids to participate in this activity with their peers. We are looking for maybe 10 to 12 boxes of generic Valentines we can share with students. Thank you for your consideration of this wish and support for students and families at Orchards Elementary. We appreciate you! :)

Family in need of couch

A family of five is currently renting an apartment with another single dad. The family has no furniture and mom and dad sleep in the living room on the floor. If anyone has, or knows of someone that might be looking to get rid of a sleeper sofa (or even a regular couch) the family would be extremely grateful. Also, the family could use two dining room chairs.

Thank you for your help!

Childhood Cancer

We have a student in Kindergarten at Roosevelt who was just recently diagnosed with Cancer.
He will not be here for the rest of the school year so he can do chemo and stay away from germs. He will be getting home tutoring. Mom just quit her job so she can be 100% attentive to his needs. Mom doesn't have a car as it is broken down, she does not have health insurance and is a single mom trying to support her kids through this difficult time. I have a possible donation right now for a car for this family, but would like to share their Go Fund Me account.
Someone has set up a GoFundMe account which tells his story and asks for donations. I have attached the link below.

Thank you,

Floor Lamp, small kitchen table w/chairs and couch needed

A Fort Vancouver High School family has now obtained housing and needs the following furniture for their apartment:
Floor Lamp
Small Kitchen table w/chairs (for 4)
Small Couch
If you are able to donate and deliver to Fort Vancouver High School, please contact Cindy Cooper - Family Resource Coordinator. email:, ph# 360-313-4179

Thank you.

T shirts for Math Team

Orchards Elementary has an opportunity to have students participate in a math competition. This is very exciting for our students and they would love to unite as a team through uniform t-shirts. Being a school with 76% free and reduced lunch rate families, our families are unable to provide funds for such an expense. Could you consider supporting our students with a donation to help us fund matching t-shirts? The total cost is $110.00 for 11 students to get matching shirts. The event is Feb. 6. Thanks for your consideration of this small wish for 11 kids with big dreams.

Cookware Needed

Thanks to the staff at Illahee Elementary for helping fulfill the need for this family.

A young family that recently moved into their own apartment is in need of some basic cookware, possibly a sauté pan and small/medium sized pot.
Thank you for your support.

Rental Assistance

Image Parent/Family in accident last month, too small paycheck to pay complete rent. In need of $700 for rental assistance for January.

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  • 1-20-2016
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Family Starting Over

Needs, kitchen/dining table w/chairs, (3) dressars, microwave, queen bed, (2) twin beds.

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  • 1-14-2016
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Help needed to repair back window of car

This alert was announced at the Evergreen Faith-Based Coffee Breakfast this morning and a generous partner from our community met this need. Thank you so much.

Single mom of two recently had the back window of her car smashed in. A police report was filed and she called her insurance however, she only had liability insurance on the vehicle so insurance will not cover the cost to replace it. The car is her only means of transportation to work and to bring the kids to school. She has been driving the car with no back window, with the rain and cold it is not safe for her children to ride in the back seat. Superior Auto Glass is able to come to the home and replace the back window for $200. We are looking for any help to cover the cost to have the window fixed. Please contact Erica London at Marrion Elementary 360.604.6826 or email at

Back Windshield replacement

Single mom of two recently had the back window of her car smashed in. a police report was filed and she called her insurance however, she only had liability insurance on the vehicle so insurance will not cover the cost to replace it. The car is her only means of transportation to work and to bring the kids to school. She has been driving the car with no back window, with the rain and cold it is not safe for her children to ride in the back seat. Superior Auto Glass is able to come to the home and replace the back window for $200. We are looking for any help to cover the cost to have the window fixed. Please contact Erica London at Marrion Elementary 360.604.6826 or email at

Windshield replacement

Single mom of two recently had the back window of her car smashed in. a police report was filed and she called her insurance however, she only had liability insurance on the vehicle so insurance will not cover the cost to replace it. The car is her only means of transportation to work and to bring the kids to school. She has been driving the car with no back window, with the rain and cold it is not safe for her children to ride in the back seat. Superior Auto Glass is able to come to the home and replace the back window for $200. We are looking for any help to cover the cost to have the window fixed. Please contact Erica London at Marrion Elementary 360.604.6826 or email at

Roof and Window Repair for Family in Need

Vancouver family new to the area is in need of roof and window repair for their single-wide trailer that leaks. They have two children under the age of 8, and are on a very limited income. Please contact Shaunene Edwards at 360-952-3379 if you are able to help out with this need.

Roof and Window Repair for Family in Need

Vancouver family new to the area is in need of roof and window repair for their single-wide trailer that leaks. They have two children under the age of 8, and are on a very limited income. Please contact Shaunene Edwards at 360-952-3379 if you are able to help out with this need.

Utilities about to be disconnected

Family of 5 has two utility bills that are past due and need assistance to pay off to avoid shut off. Clark Public Utilities $73.84 and Minol (water) $110. Please contact Erica London the Resource coordinator at 360.604.6826 or email if you can help this family.

Homeless family needs gas money to go back to South Dakota

Thank you to those who donated to this family. She was so thankful and wanted me to express her gratitude!


A family from our school has been sleeping in their car the past 2 nights and needs about $200 in gas cards to be able to drive back to South Dakota to stay with family members. I am trying to gather it by the end of this week so that they can do this over Winter Break. Any help is much appreciated for this family.

Single mom in need of help with a couple bills

Single mom had her hours cut back at work for last couple of months and is struggling to get through the month. She is suppose to get her hours back after the new year but is in need of help this month. Current bills she needs help with is City of Vancouver (Water) in the amount of 139.21 and her Waste Connections (garbage) 89.23. Currently garbage is suspended. Any help would be appreciate to get this family back on their feet.

3 dressers still needed

Low-income family still in need of 3 dressers. Any help would be much appreciated! Please contact me @ 360-952-3380 or
Thanks so much!

Free Leather Couch

Free Brown Leather couch. Needs to be picked up ASAP. Comfortable, in good condition, has 2 electric recliners. Contact Donna 521-5501 for address.

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  • 12-7-2015
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A family in one of our programs has a need of weatherization of windows or replacement windows. They live in a mobile home and the windows are leaking rain and weather into the bedrooms. Please contact Shari Syron with any information at 360-952-3384 thank you!

Minnehaha Family in need of Bunkbed

I have a family of 5 expecting a baby in a month and is need of a bunk bed. They have two mattresses already just in need of the frame. kids are sharing small room and there is no room for two beds on the floor.

Family in need of firewood

Thank you for everyone who reached out to help this family. They are very grateful for all of the support they have received.

Family with five children are currently homeless and camping. They could desperately use some firewood for these colds nights. If you can help please contact me at 360-952-3360.
Thank You

Single mom needing help with water bill

I have a mom at Burton in desperate need of some help. She received a disconnect notice on her water bill and spoke with them this morning an they are giving her UNTILL Thursday to pay or they will shut off Friday morning. She doesn't qualify for the help through the water company. She is currently taking care of her two grandchildren as well as her son. Her bill is $211.36 an has no one to help. Anything at this point will be helpful. Thank you

3 dressers needed

Low-income family has recently moved into their own apartment and is in need of 3 dressers. Any help would be much appreciated! Please contact me @ (360) 952-3380 or if you can help.
Thanks so much!

Single mom of 2 school aged children needs $600 for rent

Single mother of a 3rd & 4th grade student in Evergreen District has just returned to work full-time and needs additional support for this months rent. She has been to all the community resources with no luck. Family/friends gave her part of it.
Please contact me if you can help in any way.

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  • 11-13-2015
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Microwave Needed

A low-income single-Mom is in need of a new or used microwave. Her microwave has stopped working and with three young children, she typically uses it frequently. She said since the microwave uses a lot less electricity, she prefers to cook and heat in it whenever it is possible. If you have one that you are willing to donate please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary.

Single Dad in need of some basic items

Thank you to everyone who responded to this alert. Thanks to some wonderful community members, this need is being filled. Thank you, Michelle Tribe

I'm working with a single Dad that is working hard at two part-time minimum wage jobs to provide for his two daughters. Dad is currently sleeping in his car at nights and the daughters stay with family or friends each night. Dad is in need of some personal items to allow him to stay warm at night in the car. He needs warm socks, a beanie hat, a couple medium size sweatshirts, size 8.5 men's shoes, warm winter gloves, thermal shirt and pants, plastic spoons (to eat canned food items with) and a gas voucher. All of the clothing items can be new or used in good condition. He is working very hard to provide for his daughters, so he doesn't use any of his money for his needs. If you are able to help, please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary. Thank you!

Single Parent Recovered from Illness and Needs to Catch Up on Rent

Single parent in the Vancouver School District became ill and was not able to work. She now is 6 weeks behind rent and having difficulty catching up. Any donations into the landlord's account is appreciated. For information how you can make a contribution, please contact Cindy Cooper, Family Resource Coordinator, Fort Vancouver High School email: or call 360-313-4179.

Single Mother Battling Cancer

This mother has exhausted her resources as she has been battling cancer and is scheduled for surgery early Nov. With at least a 6 week recovery time before being able to resume looking for work again, we are attempting to get her Dec and Jan rent assured - we've already covered Nov's rent. Other resources are being tapped for other needs, but the rent is crucial to keeping her and her son under roof and safe from the threat of homelessness. Many thanks for any help at all.

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  • 11-2-2015
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A Few Household Items Needed

A low-income family living on disability, has enough money for rent. Not leaving money for any other needed items. Their TV broke stopped working a couple months ago and they would really like a new or used one, as this is a source of family entertainment. They also need queen size sheets, one queen size blanket, two bed pillows, pot holders, a dust mop, a couple sets of towels, and a 9x13 pan. Any of these items would be greatly appreciated. Please call or email Michelle at Silver Star Elementary if you have any of these items and would like to help.

Needed: Ergo Baby Carrier

Mom of three young children (soon to be four), is in need of an Ergo baby carrier. Mom doesn't drive and often walks places. She currently has a stroller, but needs a baby carrier for the new baby.
Thank You!


A Vancouver Public School family is currently in need of a total of $500 to help pay for move -in deposit fees. They have exhausted all their resources and will lose the home if they cannot come up with the deposit this week. Any donation to help assist in this large fee will be appreciated. **PLEASE CONTACT THE VPS CHUUKESS INTERPRETER IF YOU ARE ABLE TO ASSIST THIS FAMILY. Contact: Juanita Yasu ph# 360-771-5343 email:

Dad with Kidney dialysis Need Financial Help

I have a family that dad is in need of a Kidney transplant, in order for him to get this done his insurance is covering 80% of his medical coverage and his need to put down $10.000 dollars. If you would like to donate to this family please contact me to give you information how can you be help this need. Family will appreciate any little help.

Family in need of a couch.

Thank you to Linda Wegner for helping this family. :)

Single mom trying to find a couch. She can make arrangements to pick up.

Thank You

Single Mom needs assistance

I have a family in my caseload that needs assistance moving out of their apartment by October 8th. She also is in need of her first rent and deposit to move in. Her total of money to move in is $1200. Please contact me or our school to volunteer helping this family move to their new apartment.

Blankets / Bedding needed for family living in garage

Thank you to Eric Holcomb. The family was thrilled last night to receive the blankets.

A family who has a student attending Fort Vancouver High School is currently living in a garage that is not insulated. They are in need of heavy blankets and/or bedding to help stay warm. Please email Cindy Cooper - Resource Coordinator at FVHS or email Cindy if you are able to deliver the needed items to the high school.

Free fridge, washer and dryer

Free black full-sized refrigerator and white washer and dryer (separate). Both in good working order. Pick up in Battleground or delivery is possible.

Urgent Need for Single Mom

I am working with a single mom who has recently returned to work after several months of unemployment. While unemployed she fell behind in her car payments. The bank is trying to work with her and give her some flexibility in catching up on her payments. In order to prevent her car from being repossessed she needs $400 to pay them on Tuesday September 29. Without her car she has no transportation to get to work and will lose her job. Her job is not in a location where she can use public transportation. To prevent losing her car and her only means to support herself and her two daughters we need four people to contribute $100 or eight people to contribute $50. Thank you so much for considering this need.

Hard working Family of 6 has unforseen temporary loss of income

I have a family of 6 who have found themselves behind in utilities and rent due to a temporary loss of wages. This family has a child with special needs, requiring a parent to care for this child and ensure that appointmes, therapy and support are met for the special needs child. The father is employed, but the company had a lull in assignable "jobs" and when you are not sent on a job your wage is dramatically reduced. During this lull the family found themselves getting behind in their utilities and rent. They have done a garage sale, and the mom does babysitting and odd jobs as she can to keep them a float. The family just learned that Grandpa, Mom's Dad, has been diagnosed with cancer, which, only adds to the stress this family is under. They have managed to scrape together the rent and partial electric bill payment. This family could use some one time assistance with their gas bill and Electric bill. Their gas bill is $60.60 which is due on the 5th and they need to be able to make another $50 electric bill payment on the first. If you could consider supporting this family, please contact me. Thank you for taking the time to participate in Connect Clark County and considering the need of this family.

Washer/Dryer needed

This need has been completed and the family now has a washer and dryer. A family is in need of a washer and dryer please contact Ileana Stover with any information.

Single Mom’s Motel Stay

This mom’s motel stay has now been covered. Currently, she has a place in shelter and is on her way to finding housing. Thank you for helping to bridge the gap by your generosity!

A working, single mom of three children who is homeless has found a place to rent and an agency to assist her with the associated costs. She is very active in volunteering in the community and being trained as a Community Health Worker to help others who need access to resources. We just need to bridge the gap to this new housing with money for nights at a motel which is $70.00 per night. 10 nights are needed. If ten people would be willing to give $70, we could help her bridge the gap without having to camp outside. Her kids are enrolled in school and this would be difficult, not to mention the weather getting worse. Please contact if you can help or donate online at Council For the Homeless Donate Link and please write Single Mom’s Motel Stay in the comments. Thank you for your help!!

Tarps Needed!

Thank you so much to all who replied to this need. We were able to provide the family with 4 big tarps to help keep them dry. Mom and kids were beyond grateful as they will be camping until the end of November when their apartment is ready.

I have a family that is currently living in a campground in tents. With the rainy weather, they've found that the tents are not completely waterproof. I'm looking for tarps to help keep this family dry. Thank you!!!

Family needs help with water bill

Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful community, the water bill has been paid in full. The family is so grateful and appreciative. Thank you so much.

A family of 7 is struggling and is need of assistance. The father just lost his job and will be receiving State assistance, but that doesn't kick in until October 1st. They need $383 to pay their current water bill or else the Utility company is threatening to shut off their water and this could result in them losting their assisted housing and be evicted. Any financial help would be so appreciated. They also have no phone line currently as their phone card ran out yesterday, so to be able to boost their phone minutes with a phone card would also be helpful. If you are able to help, please contact Kim Lawson at 425-306-2213 or Thank you.

Homeless family needs small fridge & mini water heater

Homeless family staying in a motor home needs small refrigerator and Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater. Right now they have no hot water and no way to keep perishable food. If you can help, please call Heritage counselor - Renee Coyle, who is working with the family.

Twin Bunk Beds Needed

Thank you to David Bilby for his generosity of a very nice bunk bed complete with mattresses. The student came today full of smiles and excitement to tell me how comfortable nights sleep she had.

A student at FVHS needs a twin bunk bed for a small room. Please call me or email. Thank you.
Cindy Cooper
Resource Coordinator

Bed Set Needed

Family in need of a king-sized mattress and box spring. Family is happy to come and pick it up.

Family in Need of Small Furniture

A family in one of our programs is living in a small space and is in need of a love seat, a small table and chairs, and an electric hand mixer. Any information would be appreciated! Please contact Otilia Archer at 360-952-3381 or

Sleeping bags needed for a homeless family of 5

Thank you everyone.

We have a family of 5 stuck with homelessness who could use 4 winter rated sleeping bags. Let me know if you know of any resources for this family.

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  • 9-2-2015
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Family in Need

A family in one of our programs is in need of a King size bed (frame, box spring, and mattress), a dresser, and a medium sized pot to cook with. If anyone has any information please contact Brenda Starr at 360-952-3360.

Furniture Needed

A family in one of our programs is in need of a couch and/or love seat as well a dining table large enough to fit 6 chairs. The family would benefit from any of this furniture, please contact Brenda Starr with any further information at 360-952-3360

Family in Need

A family in one of our programs is in need of a King size bed (frame, box spring, and mattress), a dresser, and a medium sized pot to cook with. If anyone has any information please contact Brenda Starr at 360-952-3360

Baby Gates

A family in one of our programs has moved into an apartment and is in need of 3 baby gates. Please contact Kim Sizer at 360-952-3380 with any information. Thank you!

No Longer Homeless, need some things

Mother and two young kids are transitioning from homelessness, and need help with a few household items. FOOD but no nut products, as one child has an allergy. A WINDOW FAN OR SMALL A/C UNIT their rented room only has one small window and it is hot upstairs! TOWELS (they share one). DIAPERS for both kids (he wears Pull-Ups size 5 and she wears Good Nights size 6). LAUNDRY DETERGENT of any kind. MOM requests fresh fruits of all kinds, along with coffee, sugar, creamer since she received a coffee maker. The family is grateful for any help- thank you!

Family in need of bunk bed & desk

We have a family in need that could really use bunk beds. The family could also benefit from a desk with drawers. Mom has space for a desk between 50-60 inches long.

If you have any information please contact Brenda Starr at or 360-952-3360.

Family in need of bunk bed & desk

We have a family in need that could really use bunk beds. The family could also benefit from a desk with drawers. Mom has space for a desk between 50-60 inches long.

If you have any information please contact Brenda Starr at or 360-952-3360.

Family in Need

A family in one of our programs is living in a small unfurnished apartment. The family is struggling and could use some assistance getting a few household items. They are living in a tight space so they are hoping for small furniture. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The family is in need of the following:
A small couch (love seat) easy to clean
A small dresser drawer
A small table and chairs
A hand electric mixer
Pots and pans
A toaster

Please contact Otilia Archer with any further information at or 360-952-3381

Needed - Toddler Bed

A family in one of our programs is in need of a toddler bed. Please contact Shaunene Edwards with any information at or 360-952-3379.

Thank you!

Refrigerator Needed

This year through the generosity of one of our Partners- we were able to expand our Food Pantry. We are now providing fresh baked bread, produce, and sometimes eggs, milk and meat to our families- and they have been LOVING it! Unfortunately, we do not have a refrigerator/freezer- so I am limited in what I am able to accept because certain foods can't sit out in the open for long.
So, we- her at King Elementary are looking for a refrigerator/freezer combo for our Family Community Resource Center, so that we can continue & expand feeding families in our school. Thank you in advance!

Carpet cleaner needed.

We have the following case: Mother J and her 5 children live in a two bedroom home. She works hard to provide for them without any child support from the fathers. She struggles on a monthly basis to pay her bills and put food on the table. Her children range from 5 months old to 16 years old, with a toddler and teenagers in between. They are a close-knit family and help care for each other. Due to such a large family living in a two bedroom apartment, the carpet is one of the biggest challenges to keep clean. She has a used vacuum that works on the basics; however there is in need of a carpet cleaner so she can get the bigger messes out. Her baby will be crawling soon and this is a big need for her to keep her home clean and safe for her children.

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Family in need of labor for roof replacement

We have a wonderful family of four that is really struggling and in need of help at this difficult time- family consists of dad, mom, an oldest son in 5th grade and daughter in 2nd grade. Mom has been fighting cancer for the past three years and is currently in round three of twelve cycles of chemotherapy and has been off work for several months and will not be able to return to work for some time. Dad works swing-shift and because of mom's inability to work, the family has significant financial challenges. The family is very proud and find it difficult to ask for help.

The family needs to replace their leaky roof. The wind storm several months ago took off shingles, they tried patching it but because of the heavy rain the following weekend, water started coming down through the ceiling in the garage, which means that they now have water in the attic. The wind took off more shingles the next day, they tried patching it again but are nervous that if it rains, or if we have more windstorms, it will cause more damage.​ The home is single-story, about 1,100 square feet.

The family has funds from an insurance claim to pay for materials to replace the roof, but the funds they have received will not cover the cost of labor. If there are any skilled craftsman that are able to help the family replace their roof, it would be such an amazing gift to this family, one less thing they would have to worry about at this time. If you are able to help, please contact York Elementary's School Counselor, Donna Goodwin, at 360-360-604-3975 or

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Pregnant Mom needs assistance

Thank you to everyone that reached out to help this Mom. The communities generosity is very inspiring!
Michelle Tribe

A working Mom that is pregnant has been put under medical restrictions. Her doctor has informed her that she is not allowed to work. She has a full time job, that is the families sole income. Unfortunately, she has not been able to work for a few weeks. The family is now near eviction if they do not pay their overdue May rent. I am helping Mom call agencies that sometimes have rent assistance available. I am also helping her apply for future assistance. In the meantime, they are in need of $940 to pay May's rent. The apartment complex has been working with her, but she is now close to facing eviction. If anyone is interested in helping this Mom and her two children, we will set up arrangements for you to pay directly to the apartment complex. Any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary


Mom and two young sons are being evicted from their home. The family needs help getting their belongings into a storage unit. Mom pleads for VOLUNTEERS with a TRUCK to help. Mom has no family nearby to help her, and the boys are not strong enough to move furniture.

Thank you!

Minnehaha Family Suffers Sudden Accident

The family of 5 of a kindergarten student at Minnehaha are recovering from a drastic life change after a tree fell on their father while working while out of town. He awoke in the hospital in Seattle to find both his legs amputated. They have support from family and friends, however the financial obstacles for them will be mountainous and climb. They have established a GoFundMe page that I would like to share:

Thank you so much.

Single mom of 4 needs help with electric bill

I have a single mom of 3 who is also guardian of her niece and expecting a baby in late June. She does not receive state money, and works full time through temporary jobs. She is now going to be off work for 6 to 8 weeks. This mom has been unable to keep up on her electricity/PUD bill. She has not received a shut off notice, yet, but is past due. She is behind $174.26 and also owes her current bill of $58.64, which makes her total $232.90. If she could get help with all or a portion of this bill she would be very grateful.

Housing Items Needed

Thanks to several wonderful community members, this Mom now has an apartment that has become their new home. She has graciously accepted all of the needed furniture items. With sincere appreciation, thank you!

I have been working with a Mom that has left an abusive relationship. The Mom is currently living in the Domestic Violence Shelter. They have assisted her in beginning to separate from the relationship. The YWCA has provided her with money towards her own place and she will be receiving the keys to her new apartment within the next few days. Mom is very optimistic about this transition and feeling good about moving forward with her life. She is in need of many household items; night stands, dressers, queen size sheets, one set of twin bunk beds with mattresses, twin sheets, kitchen utensils, lamps, a book shelf, entertainment center (or shelf to put a tv on), kitchen mixer, coffee maker, and a blender. If you have any of these items and would like to donate them to the family, please contact Michelle at Silver Star Elementary. Thank you, Michelle

In need of items for family, just got a home

Former homeless family just got an apartment of their own and family is currently sleeping on the floor. Grandparents caring for their 2 grand children are in need of beds and bedding and various furnishings (table/chairs) and cooking/eating utensils. They would appreciate 2 beds full or larger if possible, they are also in need of bedding and pillows.

Single mom needs help with transmission cost - $350 still needed

I have a hardworking single mother with a kindergarten student at Ellsworth Elementary that is trying to come up with funds to pay for her transmission that went out. Her car is vital to her livelihood as she uses it to get to work. The total cost is $1,000 and she has saved up for most of the money (and money is already tight) but is still about $350 short. She has very positive relationships with myself (school counselor) and the school, and really works hard to support her son. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you are able to help support the cost of her transmission, please contact Corinne Gannon, School Counselor at or 360-604-6950. Thank you so much.

Car Assistance

A Mom's van broke down several weeks ago. She has been relying on public transportation and friends. Being the head of household, having children with varying needs and needing to get to various medical and counseling appointments makes it imperative to get her car repaired. She qualifies for a reduced fee through the Carpenter's Garage. She had someone pull her van to the Carpenter's Garage to have a diagnostic done. The reduced fee for the diagnostic and initial work is $149. She unfortunately found out that the van needs the ECM/brain replaced. The labor will be provided at a reduced fee, but they are unable to reduce the cost of the parts. Additionally, they are telling her she will need a new water pump soon. Any financial help would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help, a payment would be made to the automotive shop. If she is unable to get help with having the work done, she will have someone pull the van back home for her. Thank you for reading this Alert. If you would like to help please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary.

Just housed but in need of bed, bed frame, Dresser, Side Table, Lamp, Hangers, Laundry and Cleaning supplies. All or in part ok!

Hello, my name is Ricki Anaya with Share Inc, I am the Alternative Housing Coordinator formerly known as "Roommate Match." I recently housed a client in a room in a lovely home near 205/and Mill Plain Rd. She needs BED, bed frame, Dresser, Side Table, Lamp, Hangers, Laundry and Cleaning supplies. She has no car so dropping it off after May 1st would be much appreciated. Call client directly (per her request) at 360-356-4934 to arrange delivery/details. Thank you in advance for your help.

The Alternative Housing Program is a free service that matches homeless, low-income individuals, couples or families with other home seeks in similar situations with home providers in Clark County. Thanks to a Community Block Grant, the Alternative Housing Program will meet the needs of low-income, homeless individuals and house-rich home providers in Clark County. It’s an affordable, mutually-beneficial housing program that fosters community, financial independence, security and self-sufficiency, all under one shared roof.

If you or someone you know is homeless, low-income and open to the idea of sharing a home, please call the Housing Solution Center at 360-695-9677 to complete a housing assessment and be referred to Share ASPIRE’s Alternative Housing Program. Or call Ricki Anaya, Alternative Housing Coordinator for more information at 360-952-8202.

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Aging Grandfather, in need of Furniture

The very elderly, non-English-speaking grandfather with dementia of a family at Minnehaha Elementary narrowly avoided homelessness after an eviction due to the relentless work of his granddaughter, a mother of 3 at Minnehaha. She also tirelessly cares of other members of her extended family as the only English-speaker and with very few resources.

This mother has asked me if anyone in the community might have an unused sitting chair (or rocking chair), and small couch that her grandfather might have for his new residence, which is largely empty. Until recently, her grandfather was sleeping on the his floor.

Please contact Brittany Anne Wade, the Minnehaha Family-Resources Coordinator, if you are able to help. 360.313.2513,

Twin bed for little girl

I am working with a family who is in need of a mattress for their youngest child who is transitioning from a crib to a big girl bed. The family has limited resources and four children in the home. Mom is currently pregnant with twin boys as well. I am looking for resources or any additional help for this family in assisting them in betting a mattress for their daughter.

Thank you for much for your help

Three-generation family lost everything in a house fire

A kitchen fire destroyed almost everything this family owned and left them homeless. The household consists of two parents, 2 grandparents and 3 small boys, ages 1, 4 and 8. They have a wonderful, supportive family network who have temporarily taken them in and they have received assistance from the Red Cross so their immediate needs for shelter and clothing have been met. The next step is to raise the funds to move them into another house, as the one they were in is a complete loss.

They have started a Go Fund Me page where anyone who wants to can safely donate any amount under the name of an organization, an individual, or anonymously. Click here to read their story and to donate:

Please read and share!

Single mom who rents a room in search of twin over full bunk bed

I have a single mom who rents a room for her and her son. She is in search of a twin over full bunk bed to allow them separate sleeping space. She has a full size mattress, but would be blessed if she could find a frame and twin mattress.

Urgent Need for 2 nights of emergency lodging due to a house fire

A single mom of one child experienced a fire in their rental home 4-13-15. Their emergency lodging provided by the Red Cross will run out Friday April 17, 2015 and she has not been able to secure a new place to rent. We are requesting 2 or 3 more nights at The Comfort Inn and Suites on Vancouver Mall Drive.

Since we are heading into the weekend, she will be unable to connect with myself or other area agencies.

Single Dad Needs a Washer and Dryer

Thank you! With much gratitude the family accepted a donated washer and dryer set this week. The generosity of the community and quick response warmed their hearts, as did the fact that THREE washing machines were offered to him in one week's time.

Single dad of 8 year old boy would be grateful for a washer and dryer. Dad often has to choose between rent and food; buying his own machines is not feasible. Mom is not involved with the family, so Dad works hard alone to make a good home, but is spending too much TIME and MONEY at coin-operated Laundromats. There is a hook-up ready in their apartment, waiting for a washing machine and dryer. Dad and son include their hopes for a washer and dryer in their nightly prayers. Dad has a work van and will even come pick up, if necessary.

Extra-Curricular Request

A child that attends Silver star would really like to attend the Mad Science after school program that begins next week. Every year he see's the flyer and every year he asks his Mom if he can attend. He is in 5th grade and this is his last year to possibly participate. This is a family that has been resilient through many of life's obstacles. At one point he was placed in foster care and Mom worked hard to get him back. The family has been working really hard to move past many hardships. Mom has been saving money trying to gather enough for him to be able to attend. Right now, Mom has $40 and she simply does not see herself being able to come up with the remaining $41 that is needed for him to participate. This opportunity would be so much more than an after school activity for him. It would help with social skills, his confidence, science education and so much more! If you would like to help, please contact Michelle Tribe at (360) 604-6782

Mom leaving domestic violence

One of our Roosevelt families is taking the necessary steps to leave a domestic violence situation in order to keep her family safe. She has a two year old and also a 5th grader who attends here at Roosevelt. Her husband is in jail for the time being and she quickly went out and found a job to support her family, but does not drive or speak English proficiently.

I have used all (one-time) funds available through the VPS Foundation to help this family stay in their place and have bus transportation but they may have to move at the end of the month because they are now a one-income family and cannot qualify for their current apartment.

I am asking for any donations that may be available from our faith partners and/or community members. Thank you for any help you may be able to offer this family.

Two lamps needed for a family at a local elementary school.

The family in need of lamps and a couch are in the process of receiving these items. Thank you to everyone who responded and supported this family. With great appreciation, Michelle Tribe. Silver Star is school number six this school year for this family. Last summer the family had a fire, which lead to multiple transitions for the family. They have been moving around Clark County trying to save up enough money to reestablish their housing. The family just got into a small apartment. Mom could really use a couple lamps because it is a very dark apartment with minimal lighting. if you happen to have a couple lamps to help the family please call Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary (360) 604-6782 or email

Single, pregnant mother of three needs help with electricity bill - currently has no power

Thank you everyone, This need has been met.

Single, pregnant mother of three children - 2 elementary, 1 middle school, and is due at the end of the month- currently has no electricity in her home and needs help paying her electricity bill. She has no way of cooking food or keeping food refrigerated. Her husband recently left her and she has no income at this time. Her total bill is $468.26, and the electric company told her if she makes a payment of $300 they will turn her electricity back on. She has contacted other agencies for support, and has not been successful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you are able to help this mother, please contact Carrie Urban, FCRC Outreach Coordinator at Burton Elementary, 604-4980 or Thank you for your consideration.

Preschool student with impaired sight in need of larger cane

Thanks to our wonderful community, this need has been meet! :)

Orchards Elementary has a special needs preschool attached to our campus. We have a student in the preschool program with impaired sight. He has outgrown his support cane and the family is unable to afford a new, larger one. The cane can be purchased and shipped for a total of $27.80. The purchase can be made online via credit/debit card with shipping to Orchards Elementary. Please contact me if you would have ability and interest in helping this child with the funds to get an appropriate cane. Thank you so much for supporting Orchards Elementary.

Family in need of one time rent assistance to avoid homelessness

I have a family that has faced some unforeseen medical expenses and then had a major car repair expense that left them in a cycle of late payment on their rent. They received notice to leave their apartment as a result, and must be out by 3/31/15. The family has found another apartment and secured most of the deposit and first/last month rent to get into the apartment. The family is $241 short on the deposit which must be paid by 3/27/15. They are also estimating to be $430 short on rent due by 4/1/15 as they are having to come up with so much additional money to secure housing. If you can consider supporting this family please contact me. Any financial contribution to support this family can be paid directly to the apartment management on their behalf. Thank you for your consideration of this need.

UPDATE: Single mom now has a battery for her car

This is all completed:
A single mom of 2 lives in a rural area of Clark County. She is unemployed and financially struggling to keep her home and family taken care of. She is desperately in need of a new battery for her vehicle. She is unable to keep in charged, and continually finds herself stranded and in need of assistance to get the battery jumped. The Vehicle is a Nissan Armada V8 and the battery is a Les Schwab Xtreme Power that is labeled part # 278 XT (best we could guess at trying to read it) and also states Cold crank 710 and crank amps at 32 degrees F- 880. If anyone see fits to bless this mom with some help, please contact me ASAP. Thanks for your consideration of her need.

Family of 8 in need of bunk beds

Family of 8 is in need of two sets of bunk beds. They live in a 3 bedroom duplex. Several of the kids have some mild physical disabilities, and the additional space for movement would beneficial for safety and accessibility.

Used couch and area rugs needed

Family of three with both parents are disabled and mom is medically fragile and it has impacted her ability to manage an older family cat that had incontinent issues before it passed away. Subsequently it left the carpets and furniture in the home soiled beyond repair but family has been unable to replace the carpeting due to it being a rental.

The family is unable to afford to replace the soiled couch, love seat, and recliner they currently have. Use of the furniture or sitting on floor to play leaves an odor of animal urine/smell on residents or guests clothing. Family has worked diligently to address the odor cleaning the carpets and furniture but the smell returns shortly after treatment. I am looking for possible assistance in gently used furniture pieces for the home as well as possible two large area rugs for the floors. The family is without transportation and relies on public transit to meet their needs. Any help in possible delivery is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration in helping this family. My contact and direct line is (360)993-7896 and my email address is

Beds Needed

This family lives in a very small duplex with very little extra space. Both parents are disabled and could use additional assistance in delivery and set up of resources available. They currently have two bedrooms occupied by their children without beds and an older toddler utilizing a playpen as a bed where they are unable to stretch out fully when sleeping. The parents currently sleep on the floor of their living room rolling out there bedding every day. The family is in need of a double or full size bed mattress box spring and frame, a small twin size bed with mattress box spring and frame, and a small toddler bed. Some gently used bedding for the beds would also be helpful. I would greatly appreciate any help that could be afforded this family in meeting their basic care needs.

Do you have material/fabric you can donate?

Our 5th grade classes will have a Colonial Williamsburg Family Night performance of music, dancing and storytelling, in costume, in May 2015.

We are looking for:
- fabric to make 40 white cotton aprons and bonnets for the girls (old sheets can be used).
- fabric that can be used to make other colonial costumes (i.e., citizens, slaves, gentry, girls dresses - gingham would be nice)
- thread - white or black
- elastic - 1/4 inch
- more volunteers to sew the costumes

These costumes will also be used for future 5th grade performances. If you are interested, please donate now through May, 1 2015.
Thank you!

UPDATE: Family of 4 has secured housing, needs furnishings

This family has received the household items and furnishings they needed. Thank you, for the many responses I received, what an awesome community we have for times such as this. Truly, thank you, Jennifer Beeks

A family of 4 has recently moved out of shelter into their own apartment. They are looking for household furnishings, bedding, etc.

Battery for scooter needed

Disabled mom living in shelter is in need of a battery for her scooter. It is a Rascal 550 fold and go. The cost of the battery is estimated at $65

Twin Frames needed for family.

Family of 6 is living in a doubled-up housing situation. They have mattresses but are on the floor. This family would be blessed if they could get 2 twin frames, 1 full and 1 queen bed frame if available.

Disabled mother of two needs utility help

Their utility bill has been paid by several individuals and organizations.

Disabled mother of two needs help with their electric bill. She got behind through the Christmas season and is now feeling it. She received a shut-off notice today, $360 is due by 2-18 to stop a disconnection. One son is blind and disabled, the other son is trying hard to find a job to care for his mom and brother. To help Nancy and her family, please give to the assistance fund here,

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Stove and fridge needed

One of the families that Council For the Homeless has recently re-housed from Courtyard Village just moved into a trailer on some donated property in Estacada. It is really great news that they now have a place! However, the trailer did not have a stove or a fridge. If you have one of these items or know someone who does or if you have a truck to assist with delivery, please contact

New Soccer Program at Washington

Washington Elementary School is in the process of implementing a brand new soccer program for their 4th and 5th grade students.

This program, already proven successful at King, Fruit Valley, Anderson, and Harney Elementary Schools, fights childhood obesity by engaging kids in physical activity. And, because participation is tied to positive behavior, academics, and attendance, it motivates outstanding participation at school.

Thirty 4th and 5th grade students, both boys and girls, are ready to participate in this program, but we desperately need volunteer coaches to make it a reality. Practices will start Friday 2/13 and will run through the end of the school year. Practices will be held Mondays and Fridays from 12-1 pm at Washington Elementary School.

Single mom moves from shelter to apartment

This is a huge success story. A mom with 1 young child is moving from a shelter to her own apartment. She was struggling for awhile, but now has a job and is looking forward to her own place for the first time in awhile. We are seeking all kinds of donations that will furnish a small apartment. Here is a small list: a couch, end tables, lamps, a double bed, a twin bed, dressers, small kitchen table. This is a full apartment set up. We appreciate everything this community has done to provide for people who are struggling. Contact me if you have any of these items.

Homeless family transitions to an apartment, short on move-in expenses

I have been working with a family of 3 who are homeless and living in their car with a child that has special health care needs and requires special medical attention. They have stayed at the Winter Hospitality Overflow Shelter at night and have connected with the Council for the Homeless.

We have found a special, low-income apartment for them that is ADA assessable for their child. It will be ready for move in at the beginning of February. The dad does have a part-time job and will be able to afford the rent once the family moves in. Unfortunately, what this family does not have and needs in order to move into this apartment is the money for first and last month’s rent which totals $1230.00. They will have on-going support and case management through Sea Mar’s Maternity Support Services.

If there is anyone that could help contribute to the move-in expenses, it would be much appreciated and help us get this family into stable housing so that this child’s medical needs can be met.

Homeless couple needs tent and two sleeping bags

Homeless member recently had surgery. While in the hospital their tent, sleeping bags, and personal belongings were stolen. Need is immediate.

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COMPLETED: Two tires needed for homeless family

I have a homeless family currently sleeping at the WHO shelter. Their car is in dire need of new front tires. The tires are so bald there's wire sticking out. (?) If anybody has any tire connections -- the car is a '93 Mazda MX-6 with 18 inch rims. They need the car in order to get back and forth to work. They have two small boys -- a 4 yr.old and a 2nd grader. Sweet family that has had a rough month. If anyone can help, please call or text Anthony @ (360)843-9041.

THANK YOU - Utility bill assistance needed for a family of 7

I want to extend gratitude from the family that requested assistance with their water bill. The faith community responded and their burden has been lightened.
Thank you for connecting all of us to get needs met in our community. I am so impressed and grateful.
Keep up the great work you are doing, and have a joyful day!

A family of six is in need of assistance in paying off a water bill. The family has exhausted all other avenues and is asking for help so their water is not shut off. The total bill that needs to be paid is $194. The counselor at Harmony has been working closely with this family and believes if this bill is paid off, they will be able to manage in the future. The family got behind with the bill, and then the bill got bigger and bigger. The father is working, but not at a wage that covers all the bills. The counselor reports: They are a very loving family focused unit. They have 5 children ranging in age. The baby girl is 8 months old, her sister is 20 months, 2 boys, ages 5 and 12, and an 11 year old girl. The family says anything is a blessing and they are Christians looking for a fresh start. They were living in their car after losing their home, but were fortunate to get placed into Open House Ministries. They have since moved into a home in the Harmony Elementary area. If you are able to provide support so this family can keep their water on, please contact the school counselor at Harmony Elementary, Lisa Poch at 360-604-6600 ext. 5770 or

Beds Needed for a Family

Family of 6 with 4 school age children elementary to high school and they are all sleeping on the floor as they have no beds. They've been on a wait list for mattresses from a local resource for a month and they are 8th on that list as of yesterday. They do have a vehicle but it wouldn't be able to haul beds. They have a table and chairs but no couch so usually sit on the floor. They have connected with St Vincent De Paul who was able to help with clothing and food and are connected with DSHS as much as they are able to. I am hoping that someone in the community might be able to help out with this need. They are in a 2 bedroom apartment and could use 3 queen size or larger and one twin would go in the living room. Please let me know if you can be of assistance. I can be reached by email or better yet by phone at 360-518-2214 or 903-4867 to help coordinate delivery.

UPDATE: Brothers in distress found a home

We recently placed two brothers from the Battle Ground school district who had been living with a relative who recently has been experiencing health issues. Thank you to this host family who have opened their home to both boys for the duration of their high school career.

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  • 12-29-2014
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Books needed for 2nd Grade Class

Mrs. Schubothe teaches 2nd grade at Ogden Elementary and is in need of reading books for her class. She has had three new students in the past three weeks, from all around the world! In order to make the transition smooth for these youngsters, she wants to make sure books are available that are culturally sensitive and appealing to her students. Many of these children are low income and in need of reading material at home. If anyone has books for her kiddos that would be wonderful!

We are willing to pick up any donations if needed. Please contact Lori Weedman for questions
At (360) 313-2546

Bedroom Dresser - DELIVERED

Thank you everyone who called regarding this need. The family now has a dresser. THANK YOU!
Does anyone know where we could find a dresser for a young family?

Bed Need for High Schooler

We have a client in the Evergreen School District who is in need of a bed for her 16 year old child.

Sports needs at Washington

If you love soccer and have a passion for helping kids, consider this opportunity! A new soccer program at Washington Elementary School aims to involve 3rd – 5th grade boys and girls in physical activity while providing motivation for attendance and achievement. We need soccer balls, practice pennies, cones, goalie gloves, shin guards, cleats, and mesh ball bags. We also need dependable volunteer co-coaches from 12 – 1 p.m., Mondays and Fridays beginning January 9 through the end of the school year. Practices will be held at Washington Elementary School, 2908 S Street, Vancouver. For questions or to donate time or equipment, please contact Hannah Busskohl at or 360-397-3000 ex. 7388

Day Shelter Needs Volunteers

The Giving Hope Day Shelter on 65th Ave is in its second year of operation and is having a crisis regarding a shortfall of volunteers. Tuesdays and Thursdays are hard shifts to fill and need volunteers who can simply hang out with guests as they stay dry. The shelter is open M-F from 8:30-4:00. Please send this need out to anyone who can help.

The physical address is:
The Giving Closet
2804 A NE 65th Avenue
Vancouver, Wa 98661

Family in desperate need of financial assistance to pay late fee charge for being late w/ rent

The family has 3 children, a newborn, an 11 year old with special needs, and a 14 year old; and are in desparate need of some financial assistance! They need $200 dollars to pay the late fee charge for being late with their rent. They were one day late with their rent, and now the property management company won't accept their rent payment without the additional late fee. The family has tried other avenues to get assistance, but have been unsuccessful. Family has a very limited income, they receive disability, and one of the parents is currently looking for work. The family has lived in the same house since 2005. They have already been served with an eviction notice for non-payment, if they are evicted they have nowhere to go.

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Family in need of firewood and assistance with Electric Bill

Family of 4 in need of firewood as main source of heat for their home. Family is also in need of a partial rent payment to get them caught up with their Landlord for 1/2 a month of rent and utilities which includes heat/electricity. The total need is $455. This family has employment and ability to maintain future payments. This family could also benefit from a size 5t warm coat for their youngest child.

Miracle Needed with Utility Bills

This request comes through the Evergreen School District regarding one of their families. They are in need of assistance. Clark public utilities has issued a disconnection notice for Monday 11/11/2014. They are requesting a 600$ payment to keep services active.

The situation has been quite difficult over the last several months. They are a one income family and the husband works very hard to provide for the family. In May of 2014, They brought in their niece and 2 nephews. The sister and husband were being incarcerated on burglary and theft charges. The children were very neglected when they came to live with the family. The children had been exposed to drugs and needles in the home, exposed homelessness and extreme poverty and have been victims of their parents poor life style choices. Clark public utilities is unwilling to allow them anymore time and they are not eligible for assistance programs because they do not have legal guardianship of the 3 children.

From Danielle, "We desperately need a miracle. Please feel free to share out information with other resources that may be able to aide us in keeping our electricity on. We thank you generously for your kindness and willingness to help in anyway you can."

Mobile Home Repair

A family is in need of mobile home repair. The foundation has slipped or come off slightly on one end of the home causing it to be unstable. It needs to be “propped” up. Let me know if I am going about this wrong.

Family of 8, 6 children and 2 adults desperate need for housing

Family of 8 in need of housing on or before 11/10/14. Parents work and have income to support rent and have assistance to help with deposit/first month rent.

Appliance Repair Needed

I have a family with a mother, a teenage daughter and a teenage son. The teenage son has a severe medical condition where a functioning washer and dryer would be SO helpful to them. They have a nice set of a Kitchenaid washer and dryer but neither are working and they can’t afford to fix them. They are wondering if someone can come to the home to fix the washer and dryer for them. The dryer spins stuff but doesn’t heat and they don’t know what’s going on with the washer.

Crib Needed

We have a single mom age 20 that lives on SSI and a small amount of welfare grant and some food stamps. She has a crib for her 13 month old child that is broken up and so the baby sleeps in a playpen. If you know of someone who could donate a crib, my phone number is 360 601-8416.

Sharon Duffy
FAR Social Worker

Work crew needed for a 9th graders family

We have a 9th grader currently in a pretty desperate living situation. The home where they are currently residing is in need of serious repairs so that the student may remain with his mother and not have to be put into foster care. Unfortunately, their family cannot afford to make these repairs, so as a Heritage family, we're trying to step up and help out one of our own. He is an awesome kid who has recently had to deal with a lot.

There several ways you can help if you feel so inclined.

1. Donate materials or funds to buy materials.

2. Donate your time. We're putting together a work party on Saturday, October 25th to repair the subfloor issues in the interior, replace the flooring, clean, paint, etc.

3. Reach out to your people/groups that might be able to help with donations of materials or labor.

Thank you for considering helping out in whatever way you're able. Contact Mrs. Shawn Perez at or 360-604-3400.

Disabled mother needs help with pest control

I have a case with a mother and her teen daughter. They are low-income and struggling financially. The mother is disabled and is unable to work. Their home in Hazel dell is currently infested with cockroaches which the mother has tried to manage on her own. However, the cockroaches are uncontrollable at this point. The family cannot afford to pay for an exterminator to come out to the home. The teenage daughter will not be able to stay with her mother unless this issue is resolved. The family is requesting assistance from someone to pay for the extermination for them.

Single mom in need of auto repair

Single mom of 3. Car recently broke down. This is impacting her ability to get to work and her children to school/daycare. Mom is struggling to come up with money to diagnose/repair her vehicle. She believes it is the catalytic converter and may cost a few hundred dollars to repair. Thank you for your consideration of help for this family.

A few items for a young family

This family struggles to maintain their small home. They are in need of a washing machine, vacuum, toy organizer, and a couch. Their daughter is 1 and a half years old. Please let me know if you are able to help. Thanks

T-mobile cell phone needed

I have a client who is in need of a T-Mobile phone. Her current phone keeps freezing up on her, not allowing it to be useful in an emergency. This client is in a domestic violence relationship and her husband in currently in jail. He will be released soon and she is worried about not having a reliable phone. Please let me know if someone has a phone available.

Car repair

Vehicle of single mother is in need of repair. Mother is participating in a Life Skills Program that will enable her to seek work through the PIC Program. Having her car working will make it possible for this mother to take her child to counseling and have transportation for future job interviews and work. This mother is currently living with her parents and family and she is hoping to become employed and acquire her own housing.

Single mother in need of home repair

Single mother of 3 children requested help with the porch on her mobile home. She is trying to make the porch safe for her 2 year old. The Department of Children and Family Services received a referral of alleged poor home conditions, but the situation is made more difficult because of family poverty. Please let me know if you can help.

THANK YOU ALL for providing 3 mattresses, box springs, and frames.

We want to say thank you for all the response to this alert. The mattresses have been delivered and this family will be sleeping in comfort tonight thanks to the generosity of this group.

This ex-homeless mother with three children in the FAR pathway has recently moved into her own apartment. She is doing what it takes to move forward in life and do the best things for her kids. One of her children is special needs and just recently they all were homeless. They are looking forward to the next chapter of life in a safe place. If you know of anywhere that has a few mattresses, that would be a huge help.

Bike Trailer Needed

We have an older client who is trying to find a bike trailer for her 3 year old to ride in. This would be their main mode of transportation. If you have or know of someone who is wanting to pass on their bike trailer please let me know. We have exhausted all other avenues and are reaching out here.

Family illness has this family down

We are working with a family who is struggling with health issues. They have a baby and an older son here at King. Juggling work for the father and the illness has been a big struggle. They are Spanish speaking. Because of these issues we are seeking help for them in the following areas:
-Diapers for the 8 month old infant. A little bigger would also help as they grow fast at this age;
-Financial Assistance to help cover immediate bills (rent, electric, phone, etc).
-Gift cards for the family for Food, clothes, gas, and other necessities (Winco, WalMart, Target, JC Penney, Ross, Chevron, Texaco, etc.) And flowers would be awesome.

Student in need of a place to stay

This student goes to Evergreen and is trying to reconcile with his parents but they are going through their own problems at this stage of life. He is 6 credits away from graduating and could use a place to stay.

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Two Prairie students need foster care.

The two boys were placed in a place over the weekend. Thank you everyone who participated -- David Bilby

These two great students have found themselves in a hard place. Their parents are out of the picture and they are living with their grandmother who can not care for them. If you are willing, we could set you up as a foster parent and they could be taken care of as they graduate high school.

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  • 8-26-2014
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