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Hard working Family of 6 has unforseen temporary loss of income

I have a family of 6 who have found themselves behind in utilities and rent due to a temporary loss of wages. This family has a child with special needs, requiring a parent to care for this child and ensure that appointmes, therapy and support are met for the special needs child. The father is employed, but the company had a lull in assignable "jobs" and when you are not sent on a job your wage is dramatically reduced. During this lull the family found themselves getting behind in their utilities and rent. They have done a garage sale, and the mom does babysitting and odd jobs as she can to keep them a float. The family just learned that Grandpa, Mom's Dad, has been diagnosed with cancer, which, only adds to the stress this family is under. They have managed to scrape together the rent and partial electric bill payment. This family could use some one time assistance with their gas bill and Electric bill. Their gas bill is $60.60 which is due on the 5th and they need to be able to make another $50 electric bill payment on the first. If you could consider supporting this family, please contact me. Thank you for taking the time to participate in Connect Clark County and considering the need of this family.

Contact Jennifer Beeks at 360-604-6978 or for more information regarding this need.

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