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T shirts for Math Team

Orchards Elementary has an opportunity to have students participate in a math competition. This is very exciting for our students and they would love to unite as a team through uniform t-shirts. Being a school with 76% free and reduced lunch rate families, our families are unable to provide funds for such an expense. Could you consider supporting our students with a donation to help us fund matching t-shirts? The total cost is $110.00 for 11 students to get matching shirts. The event is Feb. 6. Thanks for your consideration of this small wish for 11 kids with big dreams.

Contact Jennifer Beeks at 360-604-6978 or for more information regarding this need.

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Thank you for the wonderful and quick responses. Our request has been filled and our math team is thrilled. Thanks for having a heart for Orchards Elementary students, rapid responses and generous offers to help. We appreciate all of you. :)

Added by: Jennifer Beeks with Orchards Elementary
877 days ago

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