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Single Mom (bus driver for Evergreen PS) NEEDS YOUR HELP

This mom has found herself in a very difficult situation. As a bus driver she is off during the summer with no income, so she normally finds a part-time job to keep an income coming in during the off months. But this summer was challenging for this mom because she has an infant that has been experiencing health issues and concerns. She was fired from her summer job because she had to leave to take her daughter to the emergency room and because she needed a day off to take her son in for a sports physical. Being a single mom can be very challenging especially when the father is not involved at all to help her in situations such as these. She managed to cover her rent in August and September with her savings but she does not have rent for October and she is in a panic! She has no where to go if she gets evicted and no way to make up the difference. Her first check from bus driving doesn't come until OCT 30th as she only gets paid once a month. Anything Helps but she needs 900 dollars. It can be paid directly to her apartments. Thanks in advance

Contact Amber Hoggatt at 360-952-3602 or for more information regarding this need.

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Hi, Amber - Just wanted to see if you have tried connecting her with the Housing Solutions Center first - their # 695-9677. They may be able to assist her with this. In the meantime, I posted the alert on both the Vancouver and Evergreen Faith-Based Coffee Facebook pages.

Added by: Anne Johnston with Evergreen Faith-based Coffee
632 days ago

Mom did receive enough donation to pay her rent :) Big thank you to all supported her!

Added by: Amber Hoggatt with Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP)
601 days ago

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