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Support with three train tickets needed

This Alert has been completed. Thank you to everyone that helped support this family. They appreciate the communities support during this hard time.

This week, two young brothers Father was murdered. The boys live with their Mom here in Vancouver, Washington. The Father lived in California. Mom was notified by police that he was murdered and his body is currently being held. The two boys, the Fathers sons, are the only family that he had. The Mom would desperately like to take the boys to California to view his body and say good-bye to him. Mom does have some family in California, so they would be able to stay with family. The round trip tickets to California would cost around $425. If you would like to help these two boys say good bye to their Father, please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver star Elementary Resource center at (360) 604-6782.

Contact Michelle Tribe at (360) 604-6782 or for more information regarding this need.

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