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Unaccompanied teen mom needs bicycle to get to work

Oh my goodness! The generosity of our community never ceases to amaze me. Lifesavers Homeless Outreach has taken care of this need with not only a bicycle, but a helmet & light as well. Thank you to all of you who forwarded information about resources in the community!

Hi Everyone,
I'm working with a young teen mom who is on her own. She is a full time student who also works part time. She's been walking to work but it's a very long way, so I'd love to get a bicycle for her. I don't think it necessarily needs to be a new one, but I would like it to be safe, preferably with a light since she works at night. She would also need a helmet. If you have a bike that you're not using and would like to donate it to this hard-working young mom, please let me know!

Contact Peggy Carlson at for more information regarding this need.

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