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Pregnant mom fighting cancer

Thank you for your quick response to this request. At this time I am going to mark this immediate need as met. As noted in the comments, it is anticipated that this need will be on-going in nature, so if you are still interested in helping this family, I welcome your inquiries. Truly, thank you, Connect Clark County for being there for families in great need.

Orchards Elementary had a family is come to us in a great amount of crisis. The mom has a very rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, stage 3, and that circumstance is compounded due to her being 7 months pregnant. She will be living on site at OHSU due to the treatment she is undergoing and the severity of her condition. Dad will have to commute to see mom and she will be able to see the kids dependent on "germ counts" to keep her safe. She will have to deliver the baby and then wait 6-8 weeks to receive her surgery in hopes of stopping the invading cancer. Dad and the 3, soon to be 4 kids, will be living in a travel trailer owned by some friends and parked at the RV park in Vancouver. This family came from the southern tip of Oregon to get mom this treatment, and has some friends who live here and offered to help them in their time of great need. We are asking for support for this family in the form of gas cards to help with the extensive travel this family is having to undertake. Please contact me if you can contribute a gas card in any amount to help this family.

Contact Jennifer Beeks at 360-604-6978 or for more information regarding this need.

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Thank you to our generous community for your support of this family. We appreciate your rapid response. I am going to mark this request as complete, however, with the ongoing nature of this situation, we anticipate this need as on-going, and if you are still interested in supporting this family, I welcome your contact. Truly, thank you Connect Clark County participants for your desire to help many in our community. Much Appreciation, Jennifer Beeks - Orchards Elementary

Added by: Jennifer Beeks with Orchards Elementary
474 days ago

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