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Mom needs help with PUD bill

Thank you for your amazing and rapid response to this request. What a great blessing to this family that this need has been met. Truly, thank you all for seeing this alert and caring for this family.

I have a single mom supporting her household of 6 who could use some help. This mom has a teen daughter who has a baby in Randal children's hospital with life-threatening medical issues. This mom is the only adult in her household and provides for her family on very minimal income. She needs $125.78 paid toward her electric bill. If you can help this family please contact me for the account #. This bill can be paid directly to Clark PUD either over the phone or by dropping a check off at one of their two locations. Thank you so much for your continued support of Orchards Elementary School Families. We appreciate it very much.

Contact Jennifer Beeks at for more information regarding this need.

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