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Single Mom needs a new or used laptop or computer

Thank you once again to our wonderful community! We had one person donate a gently used computer and another person donate a laptop bag. Both donations were received this week and the Mom received it last night at a school family event. She expressed that she was getting behind on her school work because it was so hard for her to go places where she could access a computer. She has several assignments to work on and is eager to use the weekend to catch up on her assignments.

A single Mom that I am working with, lost her job and is currently on unemployment. She has been struggling to find a job because she does not have her high school diploma or GED. She has decided to go to Clark College and complete the GED program. She is also enrolling in a certification program, so that she will be more hirable. She would really benefit from having a laptop. She comes to our Resource Center during the day to use our computers, but she needs to be home with her children. For her to have a laptop to work on her school work, would really speed up her process of obtaining her GED and make her a more independent and successful student. She could also use a laptop carrying case that could hold the computer and her school work. If you are able to donate either of these items please contact Michelle at (360) 604-6782.

Contact Michelle Tribe at (360) 604-6782 or for more information regarding this need.

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