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Single Mom Needs Assistance to Stay Housed

Thank you so much to everyone who supported this cause! It was mom's birthday yesterday, and the only thing she wanted was to make rent!

Hello everyone,

I am working with a mom who is doing everything she can to provide for her family, but remains in a tough spot. Her family was in transition (homeless) for a while, but mom worked hard and found stable housing for herself and her two daughters. She just got a new full time job, and is working 40 hours a week (mostly nights) to provide for her family. However her rent is due this Friday and her first paycheck comes on Saturday. She cannot get an extension on the due date. She's already cut out all non-essential items out of her budget and she's tried reaching out to other community resources. She only needs $440 to remain in their apartment.

If you can help to keep this family housed, please Kelsey Condon, Outreach Coordinator at Sunset Elementary at 360-604-6903 or

Thank you so much!

Contact Kelsey Condon at 360-604-6903 or for more information regarding this need.

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