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One of the students on my homeless caseload recently lost her only parent to a violent crime. She is working to navigate probate, police reports, her mother's estate, etc. Currently, she is trying to get her mother's life insurance, so she can pay bills and be financially stable. She has been hitting road blocks with the insurance company. We connected her with a crime victim's advocate through Lutheran Community Services, who is telling her she needs to see an attorney. We contacted NW Justice Project through the CLEAR hotline (Clark County Volunteer Lawyers) but they are unable to assist with crime victims. This is a teenage girl trying to navigate complicated legal issues. We are concerned that she is vulnerable to being defrauded or overcharged if she just finds an attorney from the phone book. Is there anyone who knows an attorney that can help this student? If you have any ideas, please let me know! I'm so grateful for this amazing community and I'm sure someone out there can point us in the right direction.

Contact Peggy Carlson at for more information regarding this need.

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Hi, Peggy! You may want to check with Evan Hull. He is an attorney and if he cannot help, he might have some recommendations.

Added by: Carmella Bender with Endeavour Elementary
352 days ago

Ditto on Evan Hull law Offices (360) 693-7455- They stepped up recently to help a family in need. Big hearts over there!

Added by: Angella Shepard with Evergreen Public Schools
335 days ago

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