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Family with a disabled mother needs help with their water bill- recently turned off

Thank you Thank you to all who responded and the two that got them caught up and ahead a month. They are so grateful!

We have a student who's mother is disabled and suddenly found themselves in a situation where their water just got turned off today. There are 3 children in the household and the mom and stepfather are in a panic. They were told that The City of Vancouver already gave them an extension last April 2016 and they can only do that once every two years so they are stuck this time until their balance is paid. Their balance is $ 300.94 to restore their water and their monthly payment is usually $ about 300 every other month but will be decreasing by about $50 next month. Is there any possibility of assistance for this family who is really struggling right now? Their account # is 0121001220-09

Contact Angella Shepard at (360) 604-6210 X 736 or for more information regarding this need.

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Who is their water provider, Clark PUD?

Added by: Jennifer Rhoads
336 days ago

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