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Single mom with 1 little girl needs help to move a few belongings on Sunday 6/4/17

Thank you for the responses and support to help this family! Your kindness is appreciated! :)

Can a group, club or sports team spare an hour or so on Sunday???? A single mom with 1 little girl could really use help moving their personal belongings on Sunday, 6/4/17. She is hoping around 3 pm, but can be time flexible. This mom/daughter duo has very little personal items and she believes that two pick-up truck loads would be a maximum amount to be moved. A previous Neighbor link-up alert is how she got moved into her current living situation, and they have found a room to rent and would love help to get into their "own room" and have some space to call theirs. If you can help, please respond to this alert. Thank you so much for sharing some time, strength and resources to help this family establish a more stable living space.

Contact Jennifer Beeks at 360-604-6978 or for more information regarding this need.

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