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Rental Assistance Needed

Hello All,

We have a son and a father who are going to be homeless tomorrow if they cannot pay their rent. Dad had an accident at work and is unable to continue working. He has been receiving money through Labor and Industry since January. Due to no fault of his own, this month no check, notice or letter showed up. He went to the office and was told that he should have received a letter but it was delayed. The office people told him that he wouldn't be receiving money anymore because of a pre-existing condition.

I've talked with the apartment manager and she is giving an extension for the late fee and water/sewage.

The total that he needs left for rent is $406. If there is any possible way you can donate please contact me via email at or 360-604-3610 ext.1376 or Caroline Lopez at or 360-699-5106 ext 114

Any little bit can help. The checks should be made out to Nobl Park Apartments. I am at Cascade Middle School today.

Thank you for any help.

Laura Leadingham

Evergreen School District
7th Grade Cascade School Counselor
(360) 604-3610 ext. 1376

Contact Laura Leadingham at 360-604-3610 ext. 13 or for more information regarding this need.

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