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Christmas Help!

An Evergreen School District, head of household mom, recently had a huge downturn in income due to loss of job. Now working when she can but many medical conditions preventing steady income. Husband in the process of getting disabitly but won't help until after Christmas. Immediate needs are a battery and new windshield for Jeep so she can get to work OR fuel pump and passenger window for another car so she can get to work. Wifi is off so they can pay for food and high school student doesn't have Wifi - $200 to turn back on. Youngest daughter would like Barbie anythings for gifts and high school daughter would like Ulta, Hot Topic, or Walmart gift card. Please contact mom directly at (360) 721-0035 if you can donate any services or help or email

Contact Angella Shepard at for more information regarding this need.

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Presents taken care of for kiddos. Still need assistance with cars if possible

Added by: Angella Shepard with Evergreen Public Schools
129 days ago

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