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Single young mom in need of 167 dollars to maintain her working connections childcare subsidy

This young mama has faced some unfortunate circumstances and has come up against a rock and a hard place. After recently leaving a domestic violence situation she had to pull her 18 month old from her current childcare as the child was being treated negatively by family members. This resulted in retaliation and now her owing the state $167 dollars to keep her subsidy by the 11th of November. This is a mom who is barely surviving as is and is unable to come up with the money on such short notice but will be unable to work without her subsidy. Any little bit helps. If you are able to help this mom out please contact The director of Minnehaha. Heather 360-952-3410 to discuss details further. Thanks so much for any help in advance.

Contact Amber Hoggatt at 360-952-3602 or for more information regarding this need.

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