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Grandma raising 9 month old twins in need of diapers

I am working with a grandma who is raising 9 month old twins. She is in desperate need of a supply of diapers (size 3) and wipes. If you can help or know of an agency that offers these items, please let me know!

Thank you in advance for your help and Happy Holidays!

Contact Sarah Revord at for more information regarding this need.

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Hi! You are set up with NW Children’s Outreach? If not, this is a great resource and one that we often use to order diapers/wipes/clothing/etc. for clients. This page has their contact information: Basically social service agencies can set up an account and place on-line orders for needed items for families and then pick it up. If NWCO has the donations, then they will fulfill the order and then you can take it out to your client. There is also The Rebecca Foundation (free cloth diaper loans) – 1-855-687-3232 PDX Diaper might also be a resource:

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135 days ago

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