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Family in need of one time rent assistance to avoid homelessness

I have a family that has faced some unforeseen medical expenses and then had a major car repair expense that left them in a cycle of late payment on their rent. They received notice to leave their apartment as a result, and must be out by 3/31/15. The family has found another apartment and secured most of the deposit and first/last month rent to get into the apartment. The family is $241 short on the deposit which must be paid by 3/27/15. They are also estimating to be $430 short on rent due by 4/1/15 as they are having to come up with so much additional money to secure housing. If you can consider supporting this family please contact me. Any financial contribution to support this family can be paid directly to the apartment management on their behalf. Thank you for your consideration of this need.

Contact Jennifer Beeks at 360-604-6978 or for more information regarding this need.

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This need has been met by support from an amazing community partner. Thank you so much for supporting Orchards Elementary!

Added by: Jennifer Beeks with Orchards Elementary
1174 days ago

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