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Family in need of beds

I'm working with a family of 4 that have found housing but have been sleeping on the floor for the past 9 months. They are in need of a queen bed and 2 twin beds. Thank you

Mom of 6 needing microwave

I have a family who recently found permanent housing. I dropped off some food and essentials at their new apartment today, and mom let me know she did not have a microwave (most of the food I got for them was microwaveable). If you or someone you know have a working microwave to donate, please contact me! I will be willing to pick up and deliver to this mom. Thank you!

Family of 8 in need of a washer

I am working with a kinship family with a total of 8 people (6 kids and 2 adults). Their washer broke down about a month ago and the cost of using a laundromat each week is causing a major financial strain. If anyone has an extra washer lying around, they would love to take if off your hands! Please let me know and thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

Family newly housed in need of Lamps

Minnehaha Family that was recently housed is looking for lamps for their new place. The place they moved into unfortunately has no lights in the rooms. If anyone has a spare lamp or knows of anyone donating please let us know. Thank you so much!

Single mom of 5 lost car in car accident

This single mom has been working really hard to provide for her children. Two of her younger children have needed medical attention in the last few months and she has had to miss a lot of time off work to be able to make it to appointments. Her car was breaking down constantly, but had no money for repairs. Yesterday she got in a bad car accident and now has no means of transportation to get children to school and doctor appointments. She is also now forced to miss more time off work due to lack of transportation. The car needs at least $600 in repairs to start running again. Please email or call if you could help. (971)770-1564

Kinship family in need of a working refrigerator

I am working with a family in Goldendale, WA. The grandparents are raising four young grandkids and have been without a working fridge for several weeks.
If anybody has an extra fridge in good condition that they are looking for a new home for, please let me know.
Extra bonus if it can be delivered to them in Goldendale as they have no transportation.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Family finally housed

Single mother gets apartment for her and her 2 children. In need of microwave, plates, silverware and other kitchen gadgets. Also, coffee table and lamps.

Urgent Need! Family's car was broken into and all three car seats were stolen

This family is in desperate need to replace car seats that were stolen from their car last night. This family is low income and they do not have the finances to replace them so quickly. They need an infant car seat, high back booster, and booster. The family is ok with donated, clean, used items. If you can offer support of any kind please contact their Family Support Specialist, Carrie at 360-256-5795 or email her at Thank you and have a blessed day!

Aunt needs Double Stroller for niece and nephew she is raising

I am working with an aunt who is raising four nieces and nephews, two of which are age 1 and 8 months. She is looking for a double stroller to help haul them around when she is out.
If you have an extra one handy, please let me know! She would love to take it off your hands!
She is also in need of a queen size mattress. Preferably a new or one in very good shape due to a medical condition.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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