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Family needing King Size mattress

I have a family that just got into housing. They have been able to get everything they need but the King size mattress they had molded. If someone has a mattress they could have that would be very helpful for them.

Parent needing help with storage unit

I have a parent who is needing help with $290 for her storage unit. It is up for auction on the 16th. The storage unit contains her father's ashes as well as many other sentimental items that she does not want to lose. If you can help with the $290, please let me know and I will make sure to get an exact amount and let you know which storage unit complex the check needs to be made out to. Thank you!

Hardworking single mom needs car repair.

I have a hard working single mom who is in need of an expensive car repair. She uses her vehicle for her job, and spent all she could to repair the car only to have the transmission go out. I have negotiated with a transmission shop to get the parts and labor done at wholesale prices which is over a $1000 savings. That said, it is still a $2650.00 repair. I am asking for people to consider donating to help this mom out. If you can help out with any amount, please contact me a the email provided. I am hoping to collect funds to cover this expense. This mom has made amazing strides as a person, a mom, a volunteer, and as a hard working provider for her family. I know it is a big ask, but, I couldn't stand by and not turn over every stone I could to help this family. Thanks for reading my request and considering helping this family in need.

Disabled Couple Needs Help with Utility Bill

A disabled couple needs help with utility bill. $104 needs to be paid by May 3rd. Electricity was previously shut off and they lost all their food as a result. They are going to go to the Food Bank, but will still need help with the $104 for May's payment. Medical bills/medications have made it difficult to keep up utilities and they are $15 over for qualifying for Energy Assistance Grant.

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