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24 Alerts

Family in need of 2 dressers and one twin bed

This family has a new infant in the home. Parents have not been able to find consistent employment and are struggling to maintain basic needs in the home. If you can help it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Status: Completed
Total Views 681

Young family in need of furniture

I have a low income family in need of 2 dressers and a sofa in good condition.

Status: Completed
Total Views 625

Family with Autistic child needs fencing

The family has three children under 9 years old. Two of the children are autistic, one of them severely autistic. The child is escaping the yard where a 7 foot fence has been patched together. The family is in need of fencing to build a new and adequate fence to keep the child safe. Even with constant supervision the child is able to construct means to escape the yard ( as witnessed by this social worker). Father is a disabled veteran and mother is a full time student. The family income is not sufficient to purchase the fencing required for a new fence. If you know of a resource, have time to help build, or have fencing to donate please let me know. Thank you in advance!

Status: Completed
Total Views 806

Mother of newborn in need of rocking chair

Mother of a newborn baby girl would love to have a rocking chair to use for breastfeeding at night.

Status: Completed
Total Views 881

Sheetrock Help

Hi, I am Patrick Dixson from Child protective services, I am working with a family who is showing some great improvement and trying to get her life together. She has 4 children. The need is some plaster help to fill in about 4 or 5 holes in her wall also maybe a little help with some floor boards to make a section on her floor a little stronger (if possible) . Most important is the holes in walls. Thank you so much.

Status: Completed
Total Views 894

3 Toddler beds and mattresses

Thank you to all the wonderful people who offered beds to this family! This need has been met THANKS to you!

The 3 children of this family are currently sleeping on a sofa. The parents are working hard to meet basic needs, and are unable to purchase 3 toddler beds for the children ages <1, 2, and 3. Please contact me if you have a toddler bed, toddler bed sized mattress, (or 3) to donate. Thank you!

Status: Completed
Total Views 687

No Longer Homeless, need some things

Mother and two young kids are transitioning from homelessness, and need help with a few household items. FOOD but no nut products, as one child has an allergy. A WINDOW FAN OR SMALL A/C UNIT their rented room only has one small window and it is hot upstairs! TOWELS (they share one). DIAPERS for both kids (he wears Pull-Ups size 5 and she wears Good Nights size 6). LAUNDRY DETERGENT of any kind. MOM requests fresh fruits of all kinds, along with coffee, sugar, creamer since she received a coffee maker. The family is grateful for any help- thank you!

Status: Completed
Total Views 961


Mom and two young sons are being evicted from their home. The family needs help getting their belongings into a storage unit. Mom pleads for VOLUNTEERS with a TRUCK to help. Mom has no family nearby to help her, and the boys are not strong enough to move furniture. Thank you!

Status: Completed
Total Views 908

Twin bed for little girl

I am working with a family who is in need of a mattress for their youngest child who is transitioning from a crib to a big girl bed. The family has limited resources and four children in the home. Mom is currently pregnant with twin boys as well. I am looking for resources or any additional help for this family in assisting them in betting a mattress for their daughter. Thank you for much for your help

Status: Completed
Total Views 857

Single Dad Needs a Washer and Dryer

Thank you! With much gratitude the family accepted a donated washer and dryer set this week. The generosity of the community and quick response warmed their hearts, as did the fact that THREE washing machines were offered to him in one week's time.

Single dad of 8 year old boy would be grateful for a washer and dryer. Dad often has to choose between rent and food; buying his own machines is not feasible. Mom is not involved with the family, so Dad works hard alone to make a good home, but is spending too much TIME and MONEY at coin-operated Laundromats. There is a hook-up ready in their apartment, waiting for a washing machine and dryer. Dad and son include their hopes for a washer and dryer in their nightly prayers. Dad has a work van and will even come pick up, if necessary.

Status: Completed
Total Views 824

Used couch and area rugs needed

Family of three with both parents are disabled and mom is medically fragile and it has impacted her ability to manage an older family cat that had incontinent issues before it passed away. Subsequently it left the carpets and furniture in the home soiled beyond repair but family has been unable to replace the carpeting due to it being a rental. The family is unable to afford to replace the soiled couch, love seat, and recliner they currently have. Use of the furniture or sitting on floor to play leaves an odor of animal urine/smell on residents or guests clothing. Family has worked diligently to address the odor cleaning the carpets and furniture but the smell returns shortly after treatment. I am looking for possible assistance in gently used furniture pieces for the home as well as possible two large area rugs for the floors. The family is without transportation and relies on public transit to meet their needs. Any help in possible delivery is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration in helping this family. My contact and direct line is (360)993-7896 and my email address is

Status: Completed
Total Views 695

Beds Needed

This family lives in a very small duplex with very little extra space. Both parents are disabled and could use additional assistance in delivery and set up of resources available. They currently have two bedrooms occupied by their children without beds and an older toddler utilizing a playpen as a bed where they are unable to stretch out fully when sleeping. The parents currently sleep on the floor of their living room rolling out there bedding every day. The family is in need of a double or full size bed mattress box spring and frame, a small twin size bed with mattress box spring and frame, and a small toddler bed. Some gently used bedding for the beds would also be helpful. I would greatly appreciate any help that could be afforded this family in meeting their basic care needs.

Status: Completed
Total Views 817

Single mom moves from shelter to apartment

This is a huge success story. A mom with 1 young child is moving from a shelter to her own apartment. She was struggling for awhile, but now has a job and is looking forward to her own place for the first time in awhile. We are seeking all kinds of donations that will furnish a small apartment. Here is a small list: a couch, end tables, lamps, a double bed, a twin bed, dressers, small kitchen table. This is a full apartment set up. We appreciate everything this community has done to provide for people who are struggling. Contact me if you have any of these items.

Status: Completed
Total Views 1040

Bedroom Dresser - DELIVERED

Thank you everyone who called regarding this need. The family now has a dresser. THANK YOU! Does anyone know where we could find a dresser for a young family?

Status: Completed
Total Views 670

Bed Need for High Schooler

We have a client in the Evergreen School District who is in need of a bed for her 16 year old child.

Status: Completed
Total Views 641

Mobile Home Repair

A family is in need of mobile home repair. The foundation has slipped or come off slightly on one end of the home causing it to be unstable. It needs to be “propped” up. Let me know if I am going about this wrong.

Status: Completed
Total Views 682

Appliance Repair Needed

I have a family with a mother, a teenage daughter and a teenage son. The teenage son has a severe medical condition where a functioning washer and dryer would be SO helpful to them. They have a nice set of a Kitchenaid washer and dryer but neither are working and they can’t afford to fix them. They are wondering if someone can come to the home to fix the washer and dryer for them. The dryer spins stuff but doesn’t heat and they don’t know what’s going on with the washer.

Status: Completed
Total Views 626

Crib Needed

We have a single mom age 20 that lives on SSI and a small amount of welfare grant and some food stamps. She has a crib for her 13 month old child that is broken up and so the baby sleeps in a playpen. If you know of someone who could donate a crib, my phone number is 360 601-8416. Thanks! Sharon Duffy FAR Social Worker

Status: Completed
Total Views 671

Disabled mother needs help with pest control

I have a case with a mother and her teen daughter. They are low-income and struggling financially. The mother is disabled and is unable to work. Their home in Hazel dell is currently infested with cockroaches which the mother has tried to manage on her own. However, the cockroaches are uncontrollable at this point. The family cannot afford to pay for an exterminator to come out to the home. The teenage daughter will not be able to stay with her mother unless this issue is resolved. The family is requesting assistance from someone to pay for the extermination for them.

Status: Completed
Total Views 660

A few items for a young family

This family struggles to maintain their small home. They are in need of a washing machine, vacuum, toy organizer, and a couch. Their daughter is 1 and a half years old. Please let me know if you are able to help. Thanks

Status: Completed
Total Views 642

T-mobile cell phone needed

I have a client who is in need of a T-Mobile phone. Her current phone keeps freezing up on her, not allowing it to be useful in an emergency. This client is in a domestic violence relationship and her husband in currently in jail. He will be released soon and she is worried about not having a reliable phone. Please let me know if someone has a phone available.

Status: Completed
Total Views 642

Car repair

Vehicle of single mother is in need of repair. Mother is participating in a Life Skills Program that will enable her to seek work through the PIC Program. Having her car working will make it possible for this mother to take her child to counseling and have transportation for future job interviews and work. This mother is currently living with her parents and family and she is hoping to become employed and acquire her own housing.

Status: Completed
Total Views 682

Single mother in need of home repair

Single mother of 3 children requested help with the porch on her mobile home. She is trying to make the porch safe for her 2 year old. The Department of Children and Family Services received a referral of alleged poor home conditions, but the situation is made more difficult because of family poverty. Please let me know if you can help.

Status: Completed
Total Views 687

THANK YOU ALL for providing 3 mattresses, box springs, and frames.

We want to say thank you for all the response to this alert. The mattresses have been delivered and this family will be sleeping in comfort tonight thanks to the generosity of this group.

This ex-homeless mother with three children in the FAR pathway has recently moved into her own apartment. She is doing what it takes to move forward in life and do the best things for her kids. One of her children is special needs and just recently they all were homeless. They are looking forward to the next chapter of life in a safe place. If you know of anywhere that has a few mattresses, that would be a huge help.

Status: Completed
Total Views 688
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