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Single mother unable to pay rent due today

I have a friend, a hard-working single mother of 3 children-2 are students at EHS-currently unable to make this month’s rent payment ($1235) due by midnight tonight. Unfortunately, she has no money to put toward it and is unable to get a payroll advance from her employer. She is distraught. She lives paycheck to paycheck and struggles to make ends meet. If you are able to assist her with all or part of this, please reach out to me. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Sue Hoeffner, RN (Former Co-coordinator FBC) 360-852-7703

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Teen mom and extended family in need of household furniture items

I'm working with a teen mom who is due this month. She and her extended family were recently displaced from their previous residence but have secured a new apartment to live in. They are in need of the following household items: Dining Table and Chairs, Couches, Floor Lamps, 2 Beds (double or bigger), Bedside Tables, Toddler Bed, Bedding, Dressers, and Hangers. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated by this family. Thank you!

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Miracle Needed with Utility Bills

This request comes through the Evergreen School District regarding one of their families. They are in need of assistance. Clark public utilities has issued a disconnection notice for Monday 11/11/2014. They are requesting a 600$ payment to keep services active. The situation has been quite difficult over the last several months. They are a one income family and the husband works very hard to provide for the family. In May of 2014, They brought in their niece and 2 nephews. The sister and husband were being incarcerated on burglary and theft charges. The children were very neglected when they came to live with the family. The children had been exposed to drugs and needles in the home, exposed homelessness and extreme poverty and have been victims of their parents poor life style choices. Clark public utilities is unwilling to allow them anymore time and they are not eligible for assistance programs because they do not have legal guardianship of the 3 children. From Danielle, "We desperately need a miracle. Please feel free to share out information with other resources that may be able to aide us in keeping our electricity on. We thank you generously for your kindness and willingness to help in anyway you can."

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