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Mom and daughter really need moving help

I have a single mom and daughter who are able to move this sunday into an apartment. They really need help to move their personal belongings and a small sectional (this is all they own) into their place. They currently live in Hazel Dell in an RV park and will be moving to an apartment off 164th. I would really love to find them some help to get into their new place. This move is really just rubbermaid bins and boxes, the only furniture piece is the small sectional. 1 pickup should be enough. Please,if you can help, contact me and I can connect you. Thank you so much for reading and considering this need.

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Mom & daughter need help to move/transport personal belongings

I have a single mom with a 2nd grade daughter who are excited to have secured an apartment of their own. They need help to move storage totes and a small couch from their current residence (a travel trailer in hazel dell area) to their new apartment off 164th. They can move in the first of May. Please consider if you have a small truck or trailer and a little bit of man-power to spare for an couple hours. This family could really use the help and truly would be oh, so thankful! :)

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Looking for an exercise bike and indoor trampoline

Orchards Elementary school is setting up a sensory room to help our students calm down and regulate their bodies. We are looking for an exercise bike with adjustable seat and a small personal sized indoor trampoline to add to that space. If you have either of these items that you would consider donating to our room, please let me know. We appreciate your support of our students and families, as well as taking the time to read and consider our specific requests. Have a wonderful day! Jen Beeks

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Single Dad, just got a job and needs assistance to pay for kids to be in childcare over winter break

I have a single Dad who lives in a rented room with his sons. He has just secured employment and is in need of childcare for his kids during winter break. We have found and secured childcare but Dad lacks the money to pay for it. The total bill until school resumes in January will be $625 for both kids. If you can consider all or part of this expense it would be greatly appreciated, Please note that I only work M-W next week so this request is a little time sensitive. Thank you so much for reading and considering support for this family.

Status: Completed
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Family in need of support to pay car license renewal

Thank you for a quick response to this need! Truly, I am thankful and so deeply grateful for the support! :)

Family just out of shelter into home needs help with car registration. The vehicle needs to have the license transferred to WA. The fee is $135.25. The car also needs to pass emissions prior to licensing, which may take a few days. This family has 1 parent who works full time at minimum wage, which barely covers rent, and 4 small children at home, this is the families only vehicle. If you can help with the $135.25 please contact me. Thank you for your consideration of this need and continued interest in support for families at Orchards Elementary and our community.

Status: Completed
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URGENT NEED!!! Family of 3 received a 3 day pay or vacate notice.....only need $345

This family is working so hard to make ends meet, it is devastating to see them struggle and lose everything over $345. Can you help this family? This amount can be paid directly to their landlord. Please contact me if you can help with this URGENT need.

Status: Completed
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I have a family of 6 that has moved from shelter into a duplex. They have only 1 mattress for the entire household furnishings. I have a family willing to donate a couch, love seat, recliner and king sized bedroom set if someone can move it. If you have a truck or trucks and a few strong backs this could be a quick move. The family donating the furniture has to move for health reasons and is unable to assist in the move. The bedroom set is upstairs and the family receiving the furniture also live upstairs. It would be AMAZING if these items could be moved this Wednesday or soon after. Please let me know ASAP and thank you for consideration of this need.

Status: Completed
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$250 need to avoid eviction for single mom of 4

Thank you so much for helping this family! What an amazing gift. Truly, thank you so much!

This mom has been a stay-home mom while attending school online. Her husband left her and the kids without warning and without any money. This mom is frantically job searching, continuing school and scraping up all she has to stay her apartment. She is in need of $250 to pay be able to pay her Sept. rent. She is working to get a job as well as get her estranged-husband to help support the kids. If you can help support this partial rental payment please let me know. The check can be given directly to the apartment complex. Thank you so much for your interest in supporting this family.

Status: Completed
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Single mom with 1 little girl needs help to move a few belongings on Sunday 6/4/17

Thank you for the responses and support to help this family! Your kindness is appreciated! :)

Can a group, club or sports team spare an hour or so on Sunday???? A single mom with 1 little girl could really use help moving their personal belongings on Sunday, 6/4/17. She is hoping around 3 pm, but can be time flexible. This mom/daughter duo has very little personal items and she believes that two pick-up truck loads would be a maximum amount to be moved. A previous Neighbor link-up alert is how she got moved into her current living situation, and they have found a room to rent and would love help to get into their "own room" and have some space to call theirs. If you can help, please respond to this alert. Thank you so much for sharing some time, strength and resources to help this family establish a more stable living space.

Status: Completed
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Update** Mom with Cancer expecting a baby

I just wanted to share with the community a bright spot of good news. Mom delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl earlier this week. The family is wonderfully excited to have a new addition to love. Mom said that chemo took her beautiful hair, and baby must have gotten it all as she was born with a thick head full of hair. :) Mom's cancer is behaving very aggressively, so she is only getting a two week respite before she will go back to chemo, radiation, surgery, etc. Please keep this family close and I will let you know if/when other needs arise that we as a community may be able to help with.

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Single mom in desperate need of help to get their belongings into a storage unit

Thank you so much for answering this need. It is hard to express what it means to my families, and to the work we do to be supported by others. I am truly, beyond words to express what it means to know that this little family will not have to face the losing their belongings when they are already in such a tough spot. Again, you have made my day and truly touched this family in a meaningful way. :)

This mom and daughter are new to the area and can no longer live in the room she was staying at with friends. She has been able to secure a storage unit and is desperate to get her belongings into the storage unit by the weekend. She could really use a couple people and a truck to get her stuff moved and safely stored. Please, consider if you and friends, a church group from or even a boy scout troop or athletic team could spare a couple hours and help this little family out in their time of great need. I really appreciate your consideration of this request. Thank you for caring for our vulnerable families at Orchards Elementary

Status: Completed
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Mom needs help with PUD bill

Thank you for your amazing and rapid response to this request. What a great blessing to this family that this need has been met. Truly, thank you all for seeing this alert and caring for this family.

I have a single mom supporting her household of 6 who could use some help. This mom has a teen daughter who has a baby in Randal children's hospital with life-threatening medical issues. This mom is the only adult in her household and provides for her family on very minimal income. She needs $125.78 paid toward her electric bill. If you can help this family please contact me for the account #. This bill can be paid directly to Clark PUD either over the phone or by dropping a check off at one of their two locations. Thank you so much for your continued support of Orchards Elementary School Families. We appreciate it very much.

Status: Completed
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Pregnant mom fighting cancer

Thank you for your quick response to this request. At this time I am going to mark this immediate need as met. As noted in the comments, it is anticipated that this need will be on-going in nature, so if you are still interested in helping this family, I welcome your inquiries. Truly, thank you, Connect Clark County for being there for families in great need.

Orchards Elementary had a family is come to us in a great amount of crisis. The mom has a very rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, stage 3, and that circumstance is compounded due to her being 7 months pregnant. She will be living on site at OHSU due to the treatment she is undergoing and the severity of her condition. Dad will have to commute to see mom and she will be able to see the kids dependent on "germ counts" to keep her safe. She will have to deliver the baby and then wait 6-8 weeks to receive her surgery in hopes of stopping the invading cancer. Dad and the 3, soon to be 4 kids, will be living in a travel trailer owned by some friends and parked at the RV park in Vancouver. This family came from the southern tip of Oregon to get mom this treatment, and has some friends who live here and offered to help them in their time of great need. We are asking for support for this family in the form of gas cards to help with the extensive travel this family is having to undertake. Please contact me if you can contribute a gas card in any amount to help this family.

Status: Completed
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Family of 3 desperate need of rental assistance to avoid eviction

I have a family if 3 that is desperate need of $312.50 to avoid eviction. This couple works multiple part-time jobs and spends a lot of what little spare time they have in my resource center searching for more and better employment. Today they anticipate a 3 day pay or vacate notice to be posted as they are short on their rent. If you have a heart to help this family, please contact me asap to help them stay in their home.

Status: Completed
Total Views 421

Family of 8 in desperate need of parts to fix their car

Thank you for the responses to this request. The need was met. :)

I have a family in need of rotors and brakes for their 1998 ford expedition. IF the parts can be purchased the dad has a friend willing to put them on this evening. The estimated quote at Costless Auto was right at $100. Please let me know if you can help with this need. Thanks for your continued support and consideration of families in need at Orchards Elementary

Status: Completed
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Looking for a few boxes of Valentines for students to share at Orchards Elementary

Thank you SO much! I am so appreciative for the wonderful responses to this request!

Could you consider picking up a few boxes of Valentines to share with students who lack resources or parental support to purchase some for them? With over 60 students in transition (homeless) we are identifying several families who are not able to provide this "extra" for their kids. We fully accept this is a want, not a need, but hope some in the community may see a value in allowing kids to participate in this activity with their peers. We are looking for maybe 10 to 12 boxes of generic Valentines we can share with students. Thank you for your consideration of this wish and support for students and families at Orchards Elementary. We appreciate you! :)

Status: Completed
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T shirts for Math Team

Orchards Elementary has an opportunity to have students participate in a math competition. This is very exciting for our students and they would love to unite as a team through uniform t-shirts. Being a school with 76% free and reduced lunch rate families, our families are unable to provide funds for such an expense. Could you consider supporting our students with a donation to help us fund matching t-shirts? The total cost is $110.00 for 11 students to get matching shirts. The event is Feb. 6. Thanks for your consideration of this small wish for 11 kids with big dreams.

Status: Completed
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Hard working Family of 6 has unforseen temporary loss of income

I have a family of 6 who have found themselves behind in utilities and rent due to a temporary loss of wages. This family has a child with special needs, requiring a parent to care for this child and ensure that appointmes, therapy and support are met for the special needs child. The father is employed, but the company had a lull in assignable "jobs" and when you are not sent on a job your wage is dramatically reduced. During this lull the family found themselves getting behind in their utilities and rent. They have done a garage sale, and the mom does babysitting and odd jobs as she can to keep them a float. The family just learned that Grandpa, Mom's Dad, has been diagnosed with cancer, which, only adds to the stress this family is under. They have managed to scrape together the rent and partial electric bill payment. This family could use some one time assistance with their gas bill and Electric bill. Their gas bill is $60.60 which is due on the 5th and they need to be able to make another $50 electric bill payment on the first. If you could consider supporting this family, please contact me. Thank you for taking the time to participate in Connect Clark County and considering the need of this family.

Status: Completed
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Single mom of 4 needs help with electric bill

I have a single mom of 3 who is also guardian of her niece and expecting a baby in late June. She does not receive state money, and works full time through temporary jobs. She is now going to be off work for 6 to 8 weeks. This mom has been unable to keep up on her electricity/PUD bill. She has not received a shut off notice, yet, but is past due. She is behind $174.26 and also owes her current bill of $58.64, which makes her total $232.90. If she could get help with all or a portion of this bill she would be very grateful.

Status: Completed
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Single mom who rents a room in search of twin over full bunk bed

I have a single mom who rents a room for her and her son. She is in search of a twin over full bunk bed to allow them separate sleeping space. She has a full size mattress, but would be blessed if she could find a frame and twin mattress.

Status: Completed
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Preschool student with impaired sight in need of larger cane

Thanks to our wonderful community, this need has been meet! :) Orchards Elementary has a special needs preschool attached to our campus. We have a student in the preschool program with impaired sight. He has outgrown his support cane and the family is unable to afford a new, larger one. The cane can be purchased and shipped for a total of $27.80. The purchase can be made online via credit/debit card with shipping to Orchards Elementary. Please contact me if you would have ability and interest in helping this child with the funds to get an appropriate cane. Thank you so much for supporting Orchards Elementary.

Status: Completed
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Family in need of one time rent assistance to avoid homelessness

I have a family that has faced some unforeseen medical expenses and then had a major car repair expense that left them in a cycle of late payment on their rent. They received notice to leave their apartment as a result, and must be out by 3/31/15. The family has found another apartment and secured most of the deposit and first/last month rent to get into the apartment. The family is $241 short on the deposit which must be paid by 3/27/15. They are also estimating to be $430 short on rent due by 4/1/15 as they are having to come up with so much additional money to secure housing. If you can consider supporting this family please contact me. Any financial contribution to support this family can be paid directly to the apartment management on their behalf. Thank you for your consideration of this need.

Status: Completed
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UPDATE: Single mom now has a battery for her car

This is all completed: A single mom of 2 lives in a rural area of Clark County. She is unemployed and financially struggling to keep her home and family taken care of. She is desperately in need of a new battery for her vehicle. She is unable to keep in charged, and continually finds herself stranded and in need of assistance to get the battery jumped. The Vehicle is a Nissan Armada V8 and the battery is a Les Schwab Xtreme Power that is labeled part # 278 XT (best we could guess at trying to read it) and also states Cold crank 710 and crank amps at 32 degrees F- 880. If anyone see fits to bless this mom with some help, please contact me ASAP. Thanks for your consideration of her need.

Status: Completed
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Family of 8 in need of bunk beds

Family of 8 is in need of two sets of bunk beds. They live in a 3 bedroom duplex. Several of the kids have some mild physical disabilities, and the additional space for movement would beneficial for safety and accessibility.

Status: Completed
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UPDATE: Family of 4 has secured housing, needs furnishings

This family has received the household items and furnishings they needed. Thank you, for the many responses I received, what an awesome community we have for times such as this. Truly, thank you, Jennifer Beeks A family of 4 has recently moved out of shelter into their own apartment. They are looking for household furnishings, bedding, etc.

Status: Completed
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Battery for scooter needed

Disabled mom living in shelter is in need of a battery for her scooter. It is a Rascal 550 fold and go. The cost of the battery is estimated at $65

Status: Completed
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Twin Frames needed for family.

Family of 6 is living in a doubled-up housing situation. They have mattresses but are on the floor. This family would be blessed if they could get 2 twin frames, 1 full and 1 queen bed frame if available.

Status: Completed
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Family in need of firewood and assistance with Electric Bill

Family of 4 in need of firewood as main source of heat for their home. Family is also in need of a partial rent payment to get them caught up with their Landlord for 1/2 a month of rent and utilities which includes heat/electricity. The total need is $455. This family has employment and ability to maintain future payments. This family could also benefit from a size 5t warm coat for their youngest child.

Status: Completed
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Family of 8, 6 children and 2 adults desperate need for housing

Family of 8 in need of housing on or before 11/10/14. Parents work and have income to support rent and have assistance to help with deposit/first month rent.

Status: Expired
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Single mom in need of auto repair

Single mom of 3. Car recently broke down. This is impacting her ability to get to work and her children to school/daycare. Mom is struggling to come up with money to diagnose/repair her vehicle. She believes it is the catalytic converter and may cost a few hundred dollars to repair. Thank you for your consideration of help for this family.

Status: Completed
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