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Thank you for all your help

Family with 4 boys, one of which is a premature baby boy. Family has been in crisis for the last 5 months with baby in and out of hospital. Just needing a step up. 500.00 to get electricity turned back on. If you can help with any of it, that would be great. Account # is 7082057 name on account is Kelly Thomas. Thank you for considering helping this family.

Status: Completed
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Need help with electric bill

I have a family that is in need of help with their electric bill. They owe 377.67 and are scheduled to have it shut off tomorrow, 10/27. If you can help with any of this bill it would be greatly appreciated. Please email me for Clark PUD information. Thank you

Status: Completed
Total Views 383

Mom had her car broke into and wallet stollen

We have collected 200.00 but are still in need of 850.00 if she can't come up with the money her and her two kids will be evicted. Anything will help

Status: Completed
Total Views 443

Family in need of a washer and dryer

Thank you!

I have a family that is in need of washer and dryer. Transportation is a challenge and they are struggling to get to Laundromat each time they need to do laundry.

Status: Completed
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Single Dad need help covering electric bill

Thank you to everyone who responded to this alert. This family has been taken care of!

Single dad need help covering the remaining electric bill. He covered as much as he could from his check but still needs 185.00 to pay it off. He was able to pay enough to get electricity turned back on but it completely depleted his paycheck and will be in the same situation next month. He needs help getting himself back to zero balance and he can take over from there. Was out of a job for a few months and it accumulated more than he can cover now. If you can help him get back on his feet by paying the last 185.00 that would be very helpful. Thank you. Contact Burton FCRC to get account number

Status: Completed
Total Views 484

Mom needs help with rent

I have a single mom at Burton Elementary that is having a tough month. She lost her job and is short on rent. She has applied for other jobs and has a couple interviews set up but needs help to get through this month. Mom is 400.00 short. If you can help in any way please contact me.

Status: Completed
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Single mom in need of help with a couple bills

Single mom had her hours cut back at work for last couple of months and is struggling to get through the month. She is suppose to get her hours back after the new year but is in need of help this month. Current bills she needs help with is City of Vancouver (Water) in the amount of 139.21 and her Waste Connections (garbage) 89.23. Currently garbage is suspended. Any help would be appreciate to get this family back on their feet.

Status: Completed
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Single mom needing help with water bill

I have a mom at Burton in desperate need of some help. She received a disconnect notice on her water bill and spoke with them this morning an they are giving her UNTILL Thursday to pay or they will shut off Friday morning. She doesn't qualify for the help through the water company. She is currently taking care of her two grandchildren as well as her son. Her bill is $211.36 an has no one to help. Anything at this point will be helpful. Thank you

Status: Completed
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Single, pregnant mother of three needs help with electricity bill - currently has no power

Thank you everyone, This need has been met.

Single, pregnant mother of three children - 2 elementary, 1 middle school, and is due at the end of the month- currently has no electricity in her home and needs help paying her electricity bill. She has no way of cooking food or keeping food refrigerated. Her husband recently left her and she has no income at this time. Her total bill is $468.26, and the electric company told her if she makes a payment of $300 they will turn her electricity back on. She has contacted other agencies for support, and has not been successful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you are able to help this mother, please contact Carrie Urban, FCRC Outreach Coordinator at Burton Elementary, 604-4980 or carrie.urban@evergreenps.org. Thank you for your consideration.

Status: Completed
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