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Student would like to participate in band

A fifth grade student would like to participate in band. Unfortunately, the family has no money to buy or rent a trumpet. I would really like to be able to see this student be able to participate in band. The family is currently homeless and saving money to be able to secure housing down the road. In the meantime, band would be a wonderful activity for him to be able to participate in. If you have or would like to purchase and donate a used trumpet for this student, it would be greatly appreciated! Please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary if you would like to help. Thank you

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Family in need of car assistance

thank you to our generous community! This Mom has been able to get her car repaired.

I have a single Mom that is currently a full-time student working to obtain her LPN. She works part-time. Money covers the bills with no extra. Mom's car is in need of calibers, bearings and rotors. She has taken it to an auto shop and has been quoted $700 to have it repaired, she has shown me the quote. She really needs her car repaired so that she is able to get to work and school, to be able to provide for her family. If you would like to contribute any amount of funds to help this Mom get her car repaired, please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary.

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Single Mom needs a new or used laptop or computer

Thank you once again to our wonderful community! We had one person donate a gently used computer and another person donate a laptop bag. Both donations were received this week and the Mom received it last night at a school family event. She expressed that she was getting behind on her school work because it was so hard for her to go places where she could access a computer. She has several assignments to work on and is eager to use the weekend to catch up on her assignments.

A single Mom that I am working with, lost her job and is currently on unemployment. She has been struggling to find a job because she does not have her high school diploma or GED. She has decided to go to Clark College and complete the GED program. She is also enrolling in a certification program, so that she will be more hirable. She would really benefit from having a laptop. She comes to our Resource Center during the day to use our computers, but she needs to be home with her children. For her to have a laptop to work on her school work, would really speed up her process of obtaining her GED and make her a more independent and successful student. She could also use a laptop carrying case that could hold the computer and her school work. If you are able to donate either of these items please contact Michelle at (360) 604-6782.

Status: Completed
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Soccer Alert Update: Sponsor a 4th grade boy to participate in soccer

Both students have been sponsored. Thank you!

Our school has the opportunity to have after school soccer offered at no cost to students. While the soccer team is free to be a part of, the students do need some supplies. I have a student that would like to participate, but the family is financially unable to purchase the required items. The student is a fourth grade boy who needs shin guards, cleats, and soccer socks. He could also use a sports shirt and shorts (boys size XL) and soccer ball to practice with. If you would like to sponsor this student or donate any of these items please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary (360)604-6782. Soccer practice starts March 9th. Thank you for taking a moment to read this alert.

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Support with three train tickets needed

This Alert has been completed. Thank you to everyone that helped support this family. They appreciate the communities support during this hard time.

This week, two young brothers Father was murdered. The boys live with their Mom here in Vancouver, Washington. The Father lived in California. Mom was notified by police that he was murdered and his body is currently being held. The two boys, the Fathers sons, are the only family that he had. The Mom would desperately like to take the boys to California to view his body and say good-bye to him. Mom does have some family in California, so they would be able to stay with family. The round trip tickets to California would cost around $425. If you would like to help these two boys say good bye to their Father, please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver star Elementary Resource center at (360) 604-6782.

Status: Completed
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Work pants needed

Thanks to the very quick response from the community, this alert is in the process of being filled. Thank you so much!

Status: Completed
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Student in Need of Support

This young musician has been sponsored! Thank you so much!

A student that attends Silver Star Elementary has been learning to play the clarinet this year thanks to our band having some donated instruments for students to borrow. Unfortunately, the clarinet has accidently gotten damaged and is now in need of repair. The family is not able to afford to repair the instrument. The band teacher has taken the instrument to be looked at. The estimate for repairs is approximately $120 plus tax. If you would like to help this young musician be able to stay in band class and have her instrument repaired, please contact Michelle at Silver Star Elementary. (360) 604-6782 or

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Microwave Needed

A low-income single-Mom is in need of a new or used microwave. Her microwave has stopped working and with three young children, she typically uses it frequently. She said since the microwave uses a lot less electricity, she prefers to cook and heat in it whenever it is possible. If you have one that you are willing to donate please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary.

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Single Dad in need of some basic items

Thank you to everyone who responded to this alert. Thanks to some wonderful community members, this need is being filled. Thank you, Michelle Tribe

I'm working with a single Dad that is working hard at two part-time minimum wage jobs to provide for his two daughters. Dad is currently sleeping in his car at nights and the daughters stay with family or friends each night. Dad is in need of some personal items to allow him to stay warm at night in the car. He needs warm socks, a beanie hat, a couple medium size sweatshirts, size 8.5 men's shoes, warm winter gloves, thermal shirt and pants, plastic spoons (to eat canned food items with) and a gas voucher. All of the clothing items can be new or used in good condition. He is working very hard to provide for his daughters, so he doesn't use any of his money for his needs. If you are able to help, please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary. Thank you!

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A Few Household Items Needed

A low-income family living on disability, has enough money for rent. Not leaving money for any other needed items. Their TV broke stopped working a couple months ago and they would really like a new or used one, as this is a source of family entertainment. They also need queen size sheets, one queen size blanket, two bed pillows, pot holders, a dust mop, a couple sets of towels, and a 9x13 pan. Any of these items would be greatly appreciated. Please call or email Michelle at Silver Star Elementary if you have any of these items and would like to help.

Status: Completed
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Pregnant Mom needs assistance

Thank you to everyone that reached out to help this Mom. The communities generosity is very inspiring! Michelle Tribe

A working Mom that is pregnant has been put under medical restrictions. Her doctor has informed her that she is not allowed to work. She has a full time job, that is the families sole income. Unfortunately, she has not been able to work for a few weeks. The family is now near eviction if they do not pay their overdue May rent. I am helping Mom call agencies that sometimes have rent assistance available. I am also helping her apply for future assistance. In the meantime, they are in need of $940 to pay May's rent. The apartment complex has been working with her, but she is now close to facing eviction. If anyone is interested in helping this Mom and her two children, we will set up arrangements for you to pay directly to the apartment complex. Any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary

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Housing Items Needed

Thanks to several wonderful community members, this Mom now has an apartment that has become their new home. She has graciously accepted all of the needed furniture items. With sincere appreciation, thank you!

I have been working with a Mom that has left an abusive relationship. The Mom is currently living in the Domestic Violence Shelter. They have assisted her in beginning to separate from the relationship. The YWCA has provided her with money towards her own place and she will be receiving the keys to her new apartment within the next few days. Mom is very optimistic about this transition and feeling good about moving forward with her life. She is in need of many household items; night stands, dressers, queen size sheets, one set of twin bunk beds with mattresses, twin sheets, kitchen utensils, lamps, a book shelf, entertainment center (or shelf to put a tv on), kitchen mixer, coffee maker, and a blender. If you have any of these items and would like to donate them to the family, please contact Michelle at Silver Star Elementary. Thank you, Michelle

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Car Assistance

A Mom's van broke down several weeks ago. She has been relying on public transportation and friends. Being the head of household, having children with varying needs and needing to get to various medical and counseling appointments makes it imperative to get her car repaired. She qualifies for a reduced fee through the Carpenter's Garage. She had someone pull her van to the Carpenter's Garage to have a diagnostic done. The reduced fee for the diagnostic and initial work is $149. She unfortunately found out that the van needs the ECM/brain replaced. The labor will be provided at a reduced fee, but they are unable to reduce the cost of the parts. Additionally, they are telling her she will need a new water pump soon. Any financial help would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help, a payment would be made to the automotive shop. If she is unable to get help with having the work done, she will have someone pull the van back home for her. Thank you for reading this Alert. If you would like to help please contact Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary.

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Extra-Curricular Request

A child that attends Silver star would really like to attend the Mad Science after school program that begins next week. Every year he see's the flyer and every year he asks his Mom if he can attend. He is in 5th grade and this is his last year to possibly participate. This is a family that has been resilient through many of life's obstacles. At one point he was placed in foster care and Mom worked hard to get him back. The family has been working really hard to move past many hardships. Mom has been saving money trying to gather enough for him to be able to attend. Right now, Mom has $40 and she simply does not see herself being able to come up with the remaining $41 that is needed for him to participate. This opportunity would be so much more than an after school activity for him. It would help with social skills, his confidence, science education and so much more! If you would like to help, please contact Michelle Tribe at (360) 604-6782

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Two lamps needed for a family at a local elementary school.

The family in need of lamps and a couch are in the process of receiving these items. Thank you to everyone who responded and supported this family. With great appreciation, Michelle Tribe. Silver Star is school number six this school year for this family. Last summer the family had a fire, which lead to multiple transitions for the family. They have been moving around Clark County trying to save up enough money to reestablish their housing. The family just got into a small apartment. Mom could really use a couple lamps because it is a very dark apartment with minimal lighting. if you happen to have a couple lamps to help the family please call Michelle Tribe at Silver Star Elementary (360) 604-6782 or email

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