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Homeless Family in need of propane tank & battery for RV

Thank you to all who responded! This family is feeling very supported by our community and was able to get a new battery and both propane tank's filled!

I have a single Mom of 4 kids under the age of 8 years old. They are currently homeless and living in a travel trailer. They move the trailer each night from one place to another. Currently they do not have power because the battery for the trailer is no longer working and they are out of propane. They do not have any money to get a new battery or fill the propane tank. The Council for the Homeless is helping them get some resources but they have no way to cook food at this point. They need money to exchange the propane tank. They also need a new battery for the trailer. If you are able to help with either of these items please let me know. Thank you!

Status: Completed
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Single Mom of 3 little girls in need of gas money

Thank you to those of you who reached out in the last 24 hours there has been an amazing response to this family! They are feeling very cared for and supported by their community!

I am working with a Mother who has 3 daughters under the age of 5-years-old. This Mom is on disability and does not qualify for many State funded programs. She has an offer on a full-time job that will require her to drive from Longview to Portland. She does not have gas money to get her through her first paycheck. She is currently spending about $50 every 3 days on gas going back and forth in her minivan. She needs at least a week's worth of gas. She is set to start work on Thursday, 4/19/18. Please call or emails if you are able to provide any amount of money for gas. Thank you!

Status: Completed
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Emergency need of car seats - ASAP

A BIG Thank you to Kanessa Thompson with Safe Kids Clark County and Anne Johnston with Clark County Public Health!!

There is a family who needs 3 toddler and 1 infant car seats. Their car was repossessed with the car seats inside. One of the toddlers needs to go to the doctor and has access to a medical ride service but they do not provide a car seat for the child. Please let me know right away if you can help in any way!

Status: Completed
Total Views 97

Homeless family finally off the streets

I have a family of four, including a 3 month old and preschooler. They finally got into their own apartment after months of bouncing around between shelters, and are so excited to have a place to call home. They are in need of: Queen size mattress baby crib and mattress dressers couches coffee pot pots and pans, and would gladly accept lamps, coffee table and night stands. If anyone has any items they could donate, please reach out to Jen Jones 360-952-3403 or you can email her at jennifer.jones@childrennorthwest.org Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Status: Completed
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Family in need of a bunkbed

I have a family who is sharing one bed, but the mom would love to get the two children their own bunk-bed. Finances are limited and the mom is unable to purchase any bed for them right now. If available please email michelle.rodriguez@childrennorthwest.org. Thank you.

Status: Completed
Total Views 233

Mom having a new baby is looking for a dresser

This mom is hoping to find a dresser for her children. She has one young kiddo now, and a baby soon on it's way. Thanks so much.

Status: Completed
Total Views 230

Grandma needs a sleeper couch for her 5 year old grandson who recently came to stay.

I have a Grandma who recently had her young grandson come to stay with her in her one bedroom, little apartment. She has him sleeping on a love seat but its old and not very comfortable. She is hopeful to find him something more comfortable to sleep on that won't take up much more space. She is looking for a sleeper sofa. She is also in need of a dresser. She is not able to pick up, so it would need to be delivered. Thanks in advance.

Status: Completed
Total Views 235

EMERGENCY! Mom in need of some Help!

Mom of two young boys was in an accident recently which has set her behind. She has received a 3 day pay or vacate. She has just about enough to cover her rent, but she does not have enough for the extra fees they have tacked on. She is in desperate need of 380 dollars so that her and her two kiddos will not end up homeless. She appreciates the time taken to read this and she is so thankful for any help she receives. If you are able to help, any donation needs to be in the form of a money order or cashiers check, made out to G&G property management with the last name Hendrix as a note. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. You can deliver the donation to the Minnehaha Early Learning Center off of Saint Johns, or I can possibly meet you if needed. Thanks so much for your support.

Status: Completed
Total Views 423

Homeless Family Needs Assistance with Daycare Bill $362.69

Homeless family of 7 living in a shelter and in need of help paying their daycare bill. This family got behind on their copayments and has had a lot of late pick-ups. Both parents work and daycare bill has been outstanding for several months and they have not been able to get caught up. They are being discharged from the daycare December 1, 2017, if they do not pay the bill. The children will not be allowed to attend again until it is paid in full. The total amount owed is $362.69.

Status: Completed
Total Views 309

Family in need of a fridge

I have a family moving into a new home with no refrigerator. This family is expecting a baby in roughly two weeks, if the baby cooperates, and they have no extra funds due to the recent move and baby on the way . We are wondering if there is anyone who would like to donate a fridge to this family. If so please contact me, and we will make a way for this family to receive such an awesome blessing! Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Status: Completed
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Electricity & Heat Assistance Needed ASAP

Family in urgent need of assistance to prevent electricity and heat from being shut off. Mom and 2 young kiddos living with grandparents. Mom is unable to find employment and actively searching. Family has come across tough financial times and were issued a 48 hr shut off notice today for the Clark PUD bill in the amount $154.34. Mom is trying to apply for assistance through PUD but application won't be processed until after the shut-off date. Family is desperate to keep heat and power on. If you have the resources or ability to help them out please reach out and I can arrange to share the account # to pay directly to Clark PUD.

Status: Completed
Total Views 331

Single Mom of 3 needs $815 for rent ASAP

A single mother of 3 kids is in need of help with her rent as soon as possible. She was robbed and they took her rent money. Her landlord has agreed to give her through early next week to get the money to them. This is a hardworking mother who has held a full time job for over a year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Status: Completed
Total Views 308

Two children with special needs are in search of a full bottom-twin top bunk bed

I have a family with two special need kiddos, who have no extra income, in need of new sleeping arrangements. A bunk bed is something that will greatly bless this family. Good used condition please and delivery is needed. Thanks in advance for your support.

Status: Completed
Total Views 557

Single mom of two children, one with special needs in need of some items.

This single mom has been through so much, has been in transitional housing for 2 years, and after almost becoming homeless, has finally been able to get her own apartment. She is in need of household items of all sorts but especially a twin mattress and box spring, a queen box spring, towels, and pots and pans. She was keeping their belongings in a family's garage and the mice have destroyed most of it, which has been so frustrating for this mom as she has lost so much already. Financially mom lives very restricted so buying these items would be a challenge and delivery of any item would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for all support received.

Status: Completed
Total Views 628

Family of 4 needs support

Single Mother with 2 elementary school age kids and a preschooler, was recently injured while working. She is having major shoulder surgery and will be out of work for some months. This family needs help with gas, gorceries, toiletries, and birthday gifts for soon to be 8 year old daughter. This Mother works really hard to support her family and this injury has caused a set-back for them financially. This family is between paychecks and the workman's compensation fully kicking in which means they have not had a full paycheck in a month. In talking with this mother we identified they could use $400 to meet their needs this month. Please let me know if you are able to help at all. Thanks!

Status: Completed
Total Views 626

Couch surfing for years, but now in their own Home!

This family of 5 have been couch surfing for years, but recently got their own apartment and would appreciate a couch, a twin size mattress and small dresser if anyone has them to spare. Thank you in advance for your kindness.

Status: Completed
Total Views 816

Family lost job and needs $488 for PUD

Family with 4 year old son needs $488 to pay Clark PUD. They got 3 months behind on their bill when Dad was out on disability and Mom lost her accounting job after 10 years with the same company. They are getting a very small amount of Social Security income for Dad's disability and Mom has a couple of job interviews lined up. It will be a while before they can get caught up on their bills and are looking for whatever help they can get.

Status: Completed
Total Views 551

Eviction of Single Mother of 2

Thank you to all who responded to this family's need. There once again was an overwhelming response of support and financial help. It is wonderful to see our community come around a family in need. Thank you!!

This family has a 3 year old girl with Autism and a 4 year old boy. They must be out by February 28th. This family is not being given the option to renew their lease because of noise complains against the daughter. They were not planning on moving but are looking for a new place to live that will be a better fit for their family. They only have about $400 saved right now but need $3,000 for a deposit on a new place. If there is any assistance you can offer them would be greatly appreciated.

Status: Completed
Total Views 507

In need of car maintenance & help with daycare copay

Thank you for the overwhelming response to this family!

Single mother has a 2001 Mazda MPV that will not start. She is unable to get her daughter to preschool and childcare without her car. Her daughter is 3 and asking to go to school and will sadly lose her spot at school if she does not return soon. The mother believes the car needs 6 spark plugs that run about $8 each and a new battery. She cannot afford to buy the parts right now. She is also at risk of losing her childcare because she has a past due amount of $180. This family had some unexpected expenses that has left them without enough money to take care of these things this month. If you are able to help with any or all it would be greatly appreciated.

Status: Completed
Total Views 569

Mom of 2 young boys need your help!

Mom of 2 young boys who has been staying in and out of shelters and with family, has been struggling for two years to get on her feet. She came from a domestic violence situation and she has had many barriers, but i have watched her press into her circumstances and not give up. She has finally been approved for an apartment, but she has nothing to put it in it. She really needs living room furniture, kitchen items, and dressers. She will greatly appreciate anything donated. Thank you for your help in advance.

Status: Completed
Total Views 696

Single Mother of 4 without running water

This single mom is currently working two jobs to stay afloat. The water was shut off on November 7th. The balance on the account 303.11. She is needing help coming up with this as she wont have it for some time. If you can help, her Family Service Worker is willing to take or pick up donations, or the Water Company can take payment over the phone with account number 0063025704-07. The water Company phone number is 360-487-7999 Her Family Service Worker is Shaunene and her direct number is 953-3379. This family is grateful for any help that can be offered.

Status: Completed
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Mom of 3 found out she is pregnant and the family was not prepared.

This mom was finally able to get rid of all of her baby furniture, clothes and more. She was ready to venture into potty training and having no young-ins in diapers, when she found out she is 8 weeks pregnant. This family does not have the financial capability to get all they will need for their new baby on the way. They had to move unexpectedly, using all of their savings to do so. This family would greatly appreciate a crib, crib mattress, and any other big item. If you have these items and are ready to de-clutter and would love to bless a family, please contact me. Thank you for any support in advance.

Status: Completed
Total Views 640

Homeless family moving into their own home

This family has had horrible luck finding a place to call their own, but have finally found a new home. They are in need of a bed for the parents, full size or bigger and dressers for the whole family. Also a lawnmower or any lawn tools because they now have a yard to take care of. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Status: Completed
Total Views 665

Single Mom (bus driver for Evergreen PS) NEEDS YOUR HELP

This mom has found herself in a very difficult situation. As a bus driver she is off during the summer with no income, so she normally finds a part-time job to keep an income coming in during the off months. But this summer was challenging for this mom because she has an infant that has been experiencing health issues and concerns. She was fired from her summer job because she had to leave to take her daughter to the emergency room and because she needed a day off to take her son in for a sports physical. Being a single mom can be very challenging especially when the father is not involved at all to help her in situations such as these. She managed to cover her rent in August and September with her savings but she does not have rent for October and she is in a panic! She has no where to go if she gets evicted and no way to make up the difference. Her first check from bus driving doesn't come until OCT 30th as she only gets paid once a month. Anything Helps but she needs 900 dollars. It can be paid directly to her apartments. Thanks in advance

Status: Completed
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In need of Full size bed for a foster parent.

Family has decided to open their home for fostering and they are in need of a full size bed for the bedroom. They would like a bed that comes from a non-smoking home, that has a box spring. Gently used is ideal. This family appreciates any help offered as they venture into fostering. Thank You.

Status: Completed
Total Views 1091

Parents struggling to move forward, in need of living room furniture and bunk bed.

This family is working hard to bring stability to their girls lives and have been without living room furniture for their apartment since they moved in, and it has been many months now., They would also love to have beds for the girls and are looking for a bunk bed. Dad is currently looking for work and one income leaves no extra income for these things. Thank you in advance for any donations. Blessings!

Status: Completed
Total Views 781

Grandma needs a boy booster for 4 year old.

Grandma in need of a boy booster seat for her grandson that she has full custody of. Working condition is great, she is not concerned with the look as long as it is reasonable. Thanks for any help offered.

Status: Completed
Total Views 737

Young mom with 3 children, recently relocated, need household furniture

Mom is needing furniture for the Living room, Dining Room, she also needs dressers and twin bunk beds with mattresses. She is grateful for any donations and thanks you in advance.

Status: Completed
Total Views 799

Homeless Family of 4 in need of camping gear

I have a family who was forced to move out of the apartments on 99, that put a large number of people out on the streets in order to renovate. They have been homeless since then. They were fortunate enough to live in a shelter for a period of time, but they are unable to find an apartment that will accept them due to an eviction over two years old. Mom works 50+ hours a week and dad is trying to find work. They have two children and they are living in their car. I have suggested to them that they stay at a camp ground, but they have no camping gear and no way to store or cook food. We are looking for coolers, camp stove/barbecue, propane for a camp stove, tent, sleeping bags, wood for a fire etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any donations.

Status: Completed
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A family in one of our programs has a need of weatherization of windows or replacement windows. They live in a mobile home and the windows are leaking rain and weather into the bedrooms. Thanks any help offered.

Status: Completed
Total Views 932

Pregnant Mamma needing a booster seat for her 3 year old and gently used baby items

I have a family, where mom is a student and 20 weeks pregnant. Dad works full time to support the family, but at this time money is tight. They are in need of a booster seat for their 3 year old. They are needing one with a back to it as he is a little 3 year old. Mom is also looking for a Pack N Play with changing table to use as the crib because they live in a 1 bedroom and have little space for all 4 of them. She would also like to have a baby swing if anyone has one they would like to donate. Thank you for considering helping this family.

Status: Completed
Total Views 819

Single mom has to give back her rental furniture

I have a single mom of 5 children, who has unexpectedly become the sole provider and she does not have the means to pay for her furniture that she was renting. She is need of living room furniture, dining room furniture and bedroom furniture. Thank you in advance for any donations. Please contact me if you are able to help.

Status: Completed
Total Views 828

Family In Need Of Basic Household Items

I have a Family that I work with through ECEAP ( Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program) that just recently relocated to Vancouver and are in need of some basic items: kitchen table ( 4 members), a mattress for a 5 year old, and 2 dressers for mom and child. Any help that this family can receive is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Status: Completed
Total Views 773

In need of items for family, just got a home

Former homeless family just got an apartment of their own and family is currently sleeping on the floor. Grandparents caring for their 2 grand children are in need of beds and bedding and various furnishings (table/chairs) and cooking/eating utensils. They would appreciate 2 beds full or larger if possible, they are also in need of bedding and pillows.

Status: Completed
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