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25 Alerts

Family needing bed and microwave

Family who recently secured housing is needing a queen size bed, and a microwave. Please call or email Michelle at 360-604-4045 or michelle.mitchell1@evergreenps.org if you can help. Thank you!

Status: Active
Total Views 186

Single mom needs help with household items

Single mom in need of help with some household items. She works full-time but is struggling to make ends meet while taking care of her son with special needs. She is in need of towels, washcloths, sheets and bedding for a twin (9 year old boy) and queen bed (please only good condition items). They are also in desperate need of a vacuum. If you are able to help, please contact Jennifer Hoppis at jennifer.hoppis@evergreenps.org or 360-604-3350. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Status: Completed
Total Views 250

Christmas Help!

An Evergreen School District, head of household mom, recently had a huge downturn in income due to loss of job. Now working when she can but many medical conditions preventing steady income. Husband in the process of getting disabitly but won't help until after Christmas. Immediate needs are a battery and new windshield for Jeep so she can get to work OR fuel pump and passenger window for another car so she can get to work. Wifi is off so they can pay for food and high school student doesn't have Wifi - $200 to turn back on. Youngest daughter would like Barbie anythings for gifts and high school daughter would like Ulta, Hot Topic, or Walmart gift card. Please contact mom directly at (360) 721-0035 if you can donate any services or help or email keelie7997@msn.com

Status: Completed
Total Views 249

Homeless Family needs tent

I'm working with a young family of four - Mom, Dad, a 6 yr. old and a new baby. They have lost housing and are sleeping in their car. They are on the wait list for shelter but have been told there are many families ahead of them. They would like to camp at a local campground and are in need of a tent big enough for all four of them. If you have a tent that you'd like to donate, please email me @ peggy.carlson@evergreenps.org. Thank you!!!

Status: Completed
Total Views 243

Family with a disabled mother needs help with their water bill- recently turned off

Thank you Thank you to all who responded and the two that got them caught up and ahead a month. They are so grateful!

We have a student who's mother is disabled and suddenly found themselves in a situation where their water just got turned off today. There are 3 children in the household and the mom and stepfather are in a panic. They were told that The City of Vancouver already gave them an extension last April 2016 and they can only do that once every two years so they are stuck this time until their balance is paid. Their balance is $ 300.94 to restore their water and their monthly payment is usually $ about 300 every other month but will be decreasing by about $50 next month. Is there any possibility of assistance for this family who is really struggling right now? Their account # is 0121001220-09

Status: Completed
Total Views 281

Attorney recommendation?

One of the students on my homeless caseload recently lost her only parent to a violent crime. She is working to navigate probate, police reports, her mother's estate, etc. Currently, she is trying to get her mother's life insurance, so she can pay bills and be financially stable. She has been hitting road blocks with the insurance company. We connected her with a crime victim's advocate through Lutheran Community Services, who is telling her she needs to see an attorney. We contacted NW Justice Project through the CLEAR hotline (Clark County Volunteer Lawyers) but they are unable to assist with crime victims. This is a teenage girl trying to navigate complicated legal issues. We are concerned that she is vulnerable to being defrauded or overcharged if she just finds an attorney from the phone book. Is there anyone who knows an attorney that can help this student? If you have any ideas, please let me know! I'm so grateful for this amazing community and I'm sure someone out there can point us in the right direction.

Status: Completed
Total Views 531

Unaccompanied teen mom needs bicycle to get to work

Oh my goodness! The generosity of our community never ceases to amaze me. Lifesavers Homeless Outreach has taken care of this need with not only a bicycle, but a helmet & light as well. Thank you to all of you who forwarded information about resources in the community!

Hi Everyone, I'm working with a young teen mom who is on her own. She is a full time student who also works part time. She's been walking to work but it's a very long way, so I'd love to get a bicycle for her. I don't think it necessarily needs to be a new one, but I would like it to be safe, preferably with a light since she works at night. She would also need a helmet. If you have a bike that you're not using and would like to donate it to this hard-working young mom, please let me know!

Status: Completed
Total Views 467

Assistance with utility bill

Thank you to all of you who reached out to help this family! This has been taken care of and we no longer need donations. THANKS AGAIN!

I'm working with a family of five (mom, dad and 3 children) who has fallen behind in their utility bill. They need $500 to keep the power on. Both mom and dad work, however when we were hit with all of the snow and ice, both workplaces were closed. As a result, their paychecks were much smaller and they've fallen behind. If you can help in any way, please let me know and we can pay Clark PUD directly. Even if you can donate $5, every bit will help. This is a hardworking family and it would be great if we can keep the lights and heat on for them. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Status: Completed
Total Views 443

Winter Coats Needed

Our office (for families experiencing homelessness) is short on coats. With this cold weather, we are in real need. We serve students from preschool all the way through high school so we need warm winter coats in any size from small children to extra large adult sizes. We would happily accept used coats as long as they are in good conditioner and the zippers work. We especially need adult sized coats as our current supply was depleted yesterday. Since you're digging through closets to get your Christmas decorations out anyway, why not grab those old coats no one wears and donate them to families who are struggling in this frigid weather? You can drop off coats in the front office of Evergreen High School and let the secretary know they're for Peggy Carlson. If you're not able to drop them off, email me and I'll arrange pick up. THANK YOU!!!

Status: Completed
Total Views 1286

Single Mom in need of rental assistance

A single mom of 3 needs assistance for December rent. They have been able to make the rent since moving here over the summer, however this month her toddler had surgery. This put mom out of work for 4 days. Unfortunately, issues came up and he had to have a second surgery that put mom out of work for another week. All of this leave was unpaid. Mom has been able to come up with just under $800.00 leaving her short by $600.00. Mom has been in contact with Council For The Homeless and many other local resources to no avail. They moved here due to a homeless situation and are working very hard to stay housed. If you can help with even a small amount, please give me a call at 360-604-6879.

Status: Completed
Total Views 629

Bunk Beds and dresser for 2 boys

A single father with 2 boys at Fircrest is in need of a set of twin bunk beds and a dresser. After leaving the military, the father decided to stay in country for a few years. The family recently returned to the US and have been working hard, but the boys are getting too big to share a futon on the floor. Thank you so much!

Status: Completed
Total Views 752

Tents, Tarps & Sleeping Bags needed

We have a single mom with 3 children who has lost housing and has nowhere to go. She is going to sleep outside with her children. We are in need of a tent (or 2) and sleeping bags as well as tarps (to keep out the rain). If you have any of these items, please email Peggy Carlson, Homeless Liaison for Evergreen Public Schools at peggy.carlson@evergreenps.org. Items do NOT need to be new as long as they're in good shape. If you can help this family, I would be most grateful! Thank you so much!

Status: Completed
Total Views 868

Radiator for '93 Toyota Camry V6 Needed

A family (mom & daughter) is living in their car outside of their aunt's house in Camas. The car has broken down so mom is unable to get around. Funds are being requested to help her with purchasing a radiator for her 1993 Toyota Camry V6. She may have someone to install it, but if there was someone who could provide in-kind service, she would greatly appreciate it. The car is not driveable, so repairs would need to take place in Camas or help with towing to car repair service center. If you are able to help, please contact Marrion School Counselor, Susan Rivera at 360-604-6825 or susan.rivera@evergreenps.org Thank you so much, Susan Rivera

Status: Completed
Total Views 707

Scholarship needed for summer school

I am looking for $225 scholarship for Summer School: Summer of Learning, June 27-July 15 (9-12pm) for a kindergarten student. The summer school program is offered by Evergreen Community Education. The class offers readiness skills for first grade in math, reading and writing in a classroom setting. This little guy needs social interactions with other children his age because he doesn't have young siblings. He has perfect attendance and a supportive family. His family lost their home and have been doubled up with family members this whole year. They spent part of the winter in a garage belonging to relatives. The father is on disability and cannot work and his wife is going to school so she can get a job that will support the family. This family wants to give back and rarely asks for help. The dad and high school sister volunteer every week at our school and help students with reading tutoring as a way to say thanks. This summer opportunity is crucial for this boy's academic success. You can contribute a few dollars, half or whatever you can to reserve a spot in summer school. Contact Lisa Poch: lisa.poch@evergreenps.org

Status: Completed
Total Views 931

Family with 10 kids needing sleeping bags

Thank you for the overwhelming response to this request for assistance! We now have enough sleeping bags for the entire family!

I'm working with a mom who is now homeless. She has 10 (ten) children ranging in age from newborn (2 weeks) to high school. The shelters are all full so this family's only option is to sleep in tents. I'm looking for sleeping bags for this family. Although we're enjoying sunny days, the nighttime temperatures are still dropping and I want to make sure they stay warm. If you have a sleeping bag you'd like to donate, please contact me via email at peggy.carlson@evergreenps.org I'm so grateful for this community and all of the help you provide to our vulnerable families. Thank you!

Status: Completed
Total Views 942

Help with gas

A mom is requesting gas cards to use to drive to WA Youth Academy in Bremerton, WA to visit her son. She is a single mom with 5 children and cannot afford this expense. Her son, a junior, is attending this school for 5 months to earn extra credits to return to Heritage and graduate on time. She would like this opportunity to visit him. She will also need to pick him up for a home visit in May, and finally bring him home after his completion ceremony in June. She needs approximately $50 per trip (ideally $150 total). Please contact Renee Foran Coyle, Counselor, Heritage HS at renee.coyle@evergreenps.org or 360-604-3461

Status: Completed
Total Views 828

Tent needed

I'm happy to say this need has been filled! We've got a tent! I feel so lucky to be a part of this wonderful, caring community! Thank you!

I'm working with a 19 yr. old homeless student who is currently sleeping outside. He needs a new tent as the one he's using is falling apart. Actually -- it doesn't have to be a NEW tent -- just one without holes that will hold up in the weather. So if your camping days are over and you have a tent in your garage that you'd like to donate, please contact me! Peggy Carlson, Liaison for Students in Transition, (360)604-3738 or peggy.carlson@evergreenps.org Thanks!

Status: Completed
Total Views 603

Help needed to repair back window of car

This alert was announced at the Evergreen Faith-Based Coffee Breakfast this morning and a generous partner from our community met this need. Thank you so much.

Single mom of two recently had the back window of her car smashed in. A police report was filed and she called her insurance however, she only had liability insurance on the vehicle so insurance will not cover the cost to replace it. The car is her only means of transportation to work and to bring the kids to school. She has been driving the car with no back window, with the rain and cold it is not safe for her children to ride in the back seat. Superior Auto Glass is able to come to the home and replace the back window for $200. We are looking for any help to cover the cost to have the window fixed. Please contact Erica London at Marrion Elementary 360.604.6826 or email at erica.london@evergreenps.org

Status: Completed
Total Views 768

Tarps Needed!

Thank you so much to all who replied to this need. We were able to provide the family with 4 big tarps to help keep them dry. Mom and kids were beyond grateful as they will be camping until the end of November when their apartment is ready.

I have a family that is currently living in a campground in tents. With the rainy weather, they've found that the tents are not completely waterproof. I'm looking for tarps to help keep this family dry. Thank you!!!

Status: Completed
Total Views 709

Family needs help with water bill

Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful community, the water bill has been paid in full. The family is so grateful and appreciative. Thank you so much.

A family of 7 is struggling and is need of assistance. The father just lost his job and will be receiving State assistance, but that doesn't kick in until October 1st. They need $383 to pay their current water bill or else the Utility company is threatening to shut off their water and this could result in them losting their assisted housing and be evicted. Any financial help would be so appreciated. They also have no phone line currently as their phone card ran out yesterday, so to be able to boost their phone minutes with a phone card would also be helpful. If you are able to help, please contact Kim Lawson at 425-306-2213 or harmonyfrc@gmail.com. Thank you.

Status: Completed
Total Views 686

Homeless family needs small fridge & mini water heater

Homeless family staying in a motor home needs small refrigerator and Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater. Right now they have no hot water and no way to keep perishable food. If you can help, please call Heritage counselor - Renee Coyle, who is working with the family.

Status: Completed
Total Views 1057

Family in need of labor for roof replacement

We have a wonderful family of four that is really struggling and in need of help at this difficult time- family consists of dad, mom, an oldest son in 5th grade and daughter in 2nd grade. Mom has been fighting cancer for the past three years and is currently in round three of twelve cycles of chemotherapy and has been off work for several months and will not be able to return to work for some time. Dad works swing-shift and because of mom's inability to work, the family has significant financial challenges. The family is very proud and find it difficult to ask for help. The family needs to replace their leaky roof. The wind storm several months ago took off shingles, they tried patching it but because of the heavy rain the following weekend, water started coming down through the ceiling in the garage, which means that they now have water in the attic. The wind took off more shingles the next day, they tried patching it again but are nervous that if it rains, or if we have more windstorms, it will cause more damage.‚Äč The home is single-story, about 1,100 square feet. The family has funds from an insurance claim to pay for materials to replace the roof, but the funds they have received will not cover the cost of labor. If there are any skilled craftsman that are able to help the family replace their roof, it would be such an amazing gift to this family, one less thing they would have to worry about at this time. If you are able to help, please contact York Elementary's School Counselor, Donna Goodwin, at 360-360-604-3975 or donna.goodwin@evergreenps.org Thank you so much for your consideration.

Status: Completed
Total Views 899

Single mom needs help with transmission cost - $350 still needed

I have a hardworking single mother with a kindergarten student at Ellsworth Elementary that is trying to come up with funds to pay for her transmission that went out. Her car is vital to her livelihood as she uses it to get to work. The total cost is $1,000 and she has saved up for most of the money (and money is already tight) but is still about $350 short. She has very positive relationships with myself (school counselor) and the school, and really works hard to support her son. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you are able to help support the cost of her transmission, please contact Corinne Gannon, School Counselor at corinne.gannon@evergreenps.org or 360-604-6950. Thank you so much.

Status: Completed
Total Views 979

COMPLETED: Two tires needed for homeless family

I have a homeless family currently sleeping at the WHO shelter. Their car is in dire need of new front tires. The tires are so bald there's wire sticking out. (?) If anybody has any tire connections -- the car is a '93 Mazda MX-6 with 18 inch rims. They need the car in order to get back and forth to work. They have two small boys -- a 4 yr.old and a 2nd grader. Sweet family that has had a rough month. If anyone can help, please call or text Anthony @ (360)843-9041.

Status: Completed
Total Views 887

THANK YOU - Utility bill assistance needed for a family of 7

I want to extend gratitude from the family that requested assistance with their water bill. The faith community responded and their burden has been lightened. Thank you for connecting all of us to get needs met in our community. I am so impressed and grateful. Keep up the great work you are doing, and have a joyful day! A family of six is in need of assistance in paying off a water bill. The family has exhausted all other avenues and is asking for help so their water is not shut off. The total bill that needs to be paid is $194. The counselor at Harmony has been working closely with this family and believes if this bill is paid off, they will be able to manage in the future. The family got behind with the bill, and then the bill got bigger and bigger. The father is working, but not at a wage that covers all the bills. The counselor reports: They are a very loving family focused unit. They have 5 children ranging in age. The baby girl is 8 months old, her sister is 20 months, 2 boys, ages 5 and 12, and an 11 year old girl. The family says anything is a blessing and they are Christians looking for a fresh start. They were living in their car after losing their home, but were fortunate to get placed into Open House Ministries. They have since moved into a home in the Harmony Elementary area. If you are able to provide support so this family can keep their water on, please contact the school counselor at Harmony Elementary, Lisa Poch at 360-604-6600 ext. 5770 or lisa.poch@evergreenps.org

Status: Completed
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