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Parent needs a Stroller

A parent needs a safe and strong frame stroller for walking with her 2 yr old around the community. If you are able to donate this item please contact Cindy Cooper, Family Resource Coordinator FVHS, ph# 360-313-4179, or email:

Status: Completed
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Family struggling w/homeless in need of some financial support towards move in deposit.

A homeless family has been approved to move into an apartment for November. This family has worked very hard to come up with first/last months rent and is only $254 short for move in fees. My hope is even if several folks in the community are willing to help out this would help out so much. Please contact Cindy Cooper - Fort Vancouver High School ph# 360-313-4179 or email:

Status: Completed
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Twin Bunk Beds Needed

Family would appreciate a set of twin bunk beds w/ bed frame. Family would prefer delivery to home. Parent can borrow a truck for evening pick-up. Please contact: Cindy Cooper, FVHS Family Resource Coordinator

Status: Completed
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Parent with less than 6 months to live and needs housing

Thank you to everyone who has graciously sent out wonderful support to this family. Currently parent & student are able to stay with extended family. Mother is approved for a section 8 voucher and is anticipating finding long-term housing in the next 1-2 months.

A mother of a Senior student is needing much support. The mother has been told by her medical community she has less than 6 months to live. Her goal is to stay alive until her daughter moves into her dorm in Eastern WA. They are homeless, living in their car. The Council for the Homeless does not have any space available in a shelter. If anyone has resources for housing - even a trailer in a campsite would help. Please contact: Cindy Cooper Fort Vancouver High School Resource Coordinator email: ph# 360-313-4179

Status: Completed
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Assistance for rental deposit

A family with 3 children is in need of rental deposit. They have been homeless for the last few months and have finally just found an apartment that they could rent. They are now needing $650.00 to help with their rental deposit.

Status: Completed
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Family Living In Car Needs Blankets

A family with children attending school in Vancouver School District is currently sleeping in their car. They are looking for blankets so they can stay warm. If you are able to donate, please email:

Status: Completed
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Homeless High School Student In Need of Blankets

We have a high school student who is living in her car. She needs blankets to keep warm at night. Please email: Cindy Cooper at if you are able to help. Thank you.

Status: Completed
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Floor Lamp, small kitchen table w/chairs and couch needed

A Fort Vancouver High School family has now obtained housing and needs the following furniture for their apartment: Floor Lamp Small Kitchen table w/chairs (for 4) Small Couch If you are able to donate and deliver to Fort Vancouver High School, please contact Cindy Cooper - Family Resource Coordinator. email:, ph# 360-313-4179 Thank you.

Status: Completed
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Single Parent Recovered from Illness and Needs to Catch Up on Rent

Single parent in the Vancouver School District became ill and was not able to work. She now is 6 weeks behind rent and having difficulty catching up. Any donations into the landlord's account is appreciated. For information how you can make a contribution, please contact Cindy Cooper, Family Resource Coordinator, Fort Vancouver High School email: or call 360-313-4179.

Status: Completed
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A Vancouver Public School family is currently in need of a total of $500 to help pay for move -in deposit fees. They have exhausted all their resources and will lose the home if they cannot come up with the deposit this week. Any donation to help assist in this large fee will be appreciated. **PLEASE CONTACT THE VPS CHUUKESS INTERPRETER IF YOU ARE ABLE TO ASSIST THIS FAMILY. Contact: Juanita Yasu ph# 360-771-5343 email:

Status: Completed
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Blankets / Bedding needed for family living in garage

Thank you to Eric Holcomb. The family was thrilled last night to receive the blankets.

A family who has a student attending Fort Vancouver High School is currently living in a garage that is not insulated. They are in need of heavy blankets and/or bedding to help stay warm. Please email Cindy Cooper - Resource Coordinator at FVHS or email Cindy if you are able to deliver the needed items to the high school.

Status: Completed
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Twin Bunk Beds Needed

Thank you to David Bilby for his generosity of a very nice bunk bed complete with mattresses. The student came today full of smiles and excitement to tell me how comfortable nights sleep she had.

A student at FVHS needs a twin bunk bed for a small room. Please call me or email. Thank you. Cindy Cooper Resource Coordinator 360-313-4179

Status: Completed
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