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Student needs help

I am working with a student to find stable housing. She is pregnant due in April. She is working on emancipating from her guardians as it is a unsafe environment to bring a baby into. We have explored MANY options and we are looking for support for the best options 1) Financial contribution for the filing fee for emancipation of $252. This would help get her into a maternity home 2) If you know of someone willing to rent out to minor and child (she works and gets SSI as income). Preferably a room in a family home. Any leads or financial support is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Running Start Student NEEDS Textbook

A junior at Hudson's Bay is taking full time Clark College classes through Running Start, which offers college courses for free to high school students. She has maintained a high GPA and hopes to complete her Associates degree by the time she graduates high school. Unfortunately, her parents are unable to help her purchase required books for this quarter and has no other support. Please consider supporting this student by providing a Clark Book Store gift card ($50 +) or purchasing the book directly. "Pura Vida - custom text for Clark Spanish 121" by Lopez Burton THANK YOU!

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