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Single mom needs help with Rent

Single mom of 3 kids works hard at her full time job, but because of some extraordinary circumstances last month, she had to be available to take her child to appointments and missed work for 2 weeks. She did not get paid for those 80 hours. She has very understanding landlords who are working with her and allowing her to pay her rent in installments throughout the month. She has a plan to be able to pay $1019 of her $1519 rent. If you can help with the other $500 to keep this family housed, please let me know. Thank you so much!

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Violin and Viola for 2 5th grade students and a Cello for the month of October

Do you have a small Violin, Viola or 3/4 size Cello at your house that you might be willing to loan to students at Fircrest Elementary? We have 3 5th graders who want to try Orchestra, but are financially unable to rent the instruments. The instruments will be kept at Fircrest as the music teacher has kindly offered space for them to practice here. We need a violin and a viola for the entire school year. I have found a cello we can use starting at the end of October, but Orchestra started this week, so the student would really like to start playing as soon as possible. If you can help, please contact Becky Parker, Family Outreach Coordinator at 360.604.6932. Thank you so much!

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