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Family Recently Housed-Looking for Household Items

WOW! What an amazing community; this need has already been met! (Not even 2 hours later). Thanks!

Hello everyone. I am working with a family who was homeless, but recently moved into a new apartment! However, they are in search of household items such as cooking pans, plates and maybe silverware. If you can help please contact Kelsey Condon at or 360-604-6903. Thank you!

Status: Completed
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In Search of a Dresser!

This need has been met. I love this community! Thank you to those who assisted.

Hello everyone! I am working with a single mom who is in need of a dresser for her daughter. Money is very tight, and mom cannot afford one on her own. If you or someone you know has a dresser they're trying to get rid of, please let me know. 360-604-6903 or Take care, Kelsey Condon

Status: Completed
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Family Living in their Car, Needs Assistance with Gas

Hello everyone! I am working with a family who is currently living in their car. Mom is working incredibly hard to find housing for her family, however she keeps running into multiple barriers, one of them being lack of gas for her vehicle. Mom is using her vehicle to drive to apartment complexes to fill out applications, and to different appointments for herself or her son. This family is humbly asking for gas gift cards so they can keep up their hard work. The family's resilience is absolutely remarkable, and any help is sincerely appreciated. If you would like to help, please contact Kelsey Condon at or 360-604-6903

Status: Completed
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Single Mom Needs Assistance to Stay Housed

Thank you so much to everyone who supported this cause! It was mom's birthday yesterday, and the only thing she wanted was to make rent!

Hello everyone, I am working with a mom who is doing everything she can to provide for her family, but remains in a tough spot. Her family was in transition (homeless) for a while, but mom worked hard and found stable housing for herself and her two daughters. She just got a new full time job, and is working 40 hours a week (mostly nights) to provide for her family. However her rent is due this Friday and her first paycheck comes on Saturday. She cannot get an extension on the due date. She's already cut out all non-essential items out of her budget and she's tried reaching out to other community resources. She only needs $440 to remain in their apartment. If you can help to keep this family housed, please Kelsey Condon, Outreach Coordinator at Sunset Elementary at 360-604-6903 or Thank you so much!

Status: Completed
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Newly Single Mom in Desperate Need of Rental Assistance

Hello everyone, I am working with a mom who was recently involved in a very messy breakup from her long term significant other. Thankfully she was able to secure housing, but she had to spend her money on move in fees and deposits. She will not be able to pay rent for March. She is currently trying to sell many of her personal belongings including her car, but to no avail. She does have a job, but the hours are not guaranteed. She was working in my office earlier today for hours applying for new jobs so she will have a more stable income. This mom has been working very hard through this breakup to provide for her family, and she is devestated that she doesn't have enough money to make rent this month because of the charges associated with a move. If you can help please contact Kelsey Condon 360-604-6903

Status: Completed
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Family in need of twin size mattress/bed

Hello! I am currently working with a single mom who is searching for a twin size bed for her son. They moved here last month to help care for their relative who is dying. They drove here from Texas with just the clothes on their back, as many of their belongings that they could fit in their car, and very little money. This family is under a massive amount of stress and sorrow, if anyone can help it would be incredibly appreciated. Please contact Kelsey Condon 360-604-6903

Status: Completed
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