Program Detail: New Day Community Dental Clinic


1201 SE Tech Center Dr. Bldg 13
Vancouver, WA, 98683
Web Link: Click Here
Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 8-5


Affordable Dental Care in Vancouver, Washington We are a non-profit dental clinic that provides high quality, low cost dental services to our patients in Southwest Washington. The fees that our patients pay are reduced based on their income, which helps makes our procedures far more affordable, and our low overhead allows us to give personalized, excellent care to each of our patients in a worry-free environment. Sliding Scales Based on Your Income At New Day Community Dental Clinic we help make great oral health a realistic priority for your entire family. If you have struggled to afford ongoing dental care or to fix a problem tooth, you’re not alone. Many individuals, children and seniors in Southwest Washington go without dental care every year, and many ignore serious dental problems simply because they can’t afford the procedures. Don’t let this happen to you – take the time to visit us today for your dental needs.

Organization: New Day Community Dental Clinic

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