Program Detail: Day Shelter


1800 W 20th St
Vancouver, WA, 98665
Phone: 360-750-4752
Web Link: Click Here
Hours: 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday


Friends of the Carpenter is a faith-based Day Shelter that provides safety and a sense of purpose to members of our community. We are open 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday, for any and all who wish to spend time at our Friendship Center. Those who come through our doors are greeted with warm hospitality, offered coffee and perhaps a snack, and then invited to sit around a table with others and help with a woodworking or other various projects. The woodworking provides a tangible activity, a way to contribute to the community in a real and meaningful way. The wood products do provide some income for the ministry, but the sense of purpose and the relationships formed around that table are far more important. Friends of the Carpenter is a resource in the community for: - People with special needs and/or people living in poverty - Community service workers, including the development of job/life skills

Organization: Friends of the Carpenter

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