Program Detail: Immigrant Language Skills


3210 NE 52nd St.
Vancouver, WA, 98663
Phone: (360) 696-8417


Immigrants & Refugees coming to America for a better life benefit as does our community from PIC programs designed to improve immigrant language skills and secure placement in the workforce. Core to this program is the on-site location of Clark College language teachers. COMMUNITY IMPACT: Participants enter the workforce becoming contributing community members sometimes starting their own business and employing others. Low-income Clark County Seniors work up to 20 hours a week in subsidized employment at local non-profits. This program provides training and placement services to older workers. COMMUNITY IMPACT: Local non-profits receive free staffing from experienced workers in this program and seniors get a new career start.

Organization: Partners in Careers

Built on the Neighbor Linkup platform, building strong community connections. Supported by Go Connect.